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Mardi Gras Coloring Pages: Simple and Fun Ways to Celebrate with Kids (4 Free)

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Free Mardi Gras coloring pages are such simple yet fun ways to boost your holiday celebration with kids.

With just a few coloring tools (and some creative ideas), you can easily add these free printable coloring pages for kids to your list of fun activities.

Get your free set today and get ready for some outstanding holiday fun with kids!

These 4 free Mardi Gras coloring pages are fantastic print-and-go ways to enjoy your celebration with kids.

Easy Ways to Celebrate Mardi Gras with Kids

Need some simple, print-and-go activities to help you celebrate Mardi Gras (also known as Fat Tuesday which is the day before Ash Wednesday) with kids? These coloring pages are perfect ways to take your holiday fun to the next level!

Mardi Gras is such a cool time and fantastic opportunity to teach your kids about this holiday. With my boys, I love to use simple printable activities, like a word search or coloring pages, to kick off new learning adventures.

Last year, I created and shared these Mardi Gras color by number pages. My boys had so much fun working on activities so I decided that we needed more easy ways to boost our celebration.

That's why I've added these free printable Mardi Gras coloring pages to our holiday fun collection!

4 free printable Mardi Gras coloring pages with rainbow of markers and crayons and woman holding example on black clipboard

Learn More About These Mardi Gras Coloring Pages

This free set includes 4 pages (plus terms of use page) of simple Mardi Gras objects and themes. All pages are in black-and-white (cheaper to print!).

There are 4 Mardi Gras items per coloring page - for a total of 16 ways to enjoy creative fun 🥳️

  • Page 1:
    • Decorative mask with feathers
    • Doubloon (large coin used as a throw in a Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans)
    • King's crown
    • Decorative mask
  • Page 2:
    • Cupcake with fleur de lis topper
    • Lollipop with fleur de lis
    • Donut
    • Cupcake with fleur de lis wrapper
  • Page 3:
    • Balloons
    • Jester mask (sad)
    • Jester mask (happy)
    • Mask with handle
  • Page 4:
    • Crown
    • Decorative mask with feathers and ribbons
    • Mardi Gras beads with fleur de lis
    • Jester hat
4 free printable Mardi Gras coloring pages on purple glitter background

Creative Ideas for Taking These Coloring Pages to the Next Level

Make the most of your learning fun with these free printable Mardi Gras coloring pages for kids of all ages with these ideas.

Have a variety of coloring tools (especially with Mardi Gras colors) for your kids to choose from as they customize these printable pages. Crayons, color pencils, and fine-tip markers are fantastic materials to have available.

You could print these coloring pages on white cardstock. Color and cut out the objects and make a Mardi Gras Day poster.

Oh, and you can also pair these coloring pages with the free printable Mardi Gras word search. Use the word list to identify and label the Mardi Gras objects.

Flip the pages over to extend the learning fun. Younger kids can draw their own versions of the Mardi Gras items (or trace the outlines of the objects). Older students can write sentences and add more facts.

woman holding black clipboard with example of free Mardi Gras coloring page with 3 other printables in background with rainbow of markers and crayons

Learn All About Mardi Gras with These Great Resources for Kids

A great way to take your Mardi Gras learning fun to the next level is with books and videos. These types of resources are wonderful ways to spark curiosity and get your kids excited about the holiday.

I recommend reading the books and watching the videos prior to working on these free printable Mardi Gras coloring sheets. This step helps your students become more familiar with these items. Plus, it's so much fun watching their faces light up as they recognize and name an object!

Here are a few books that are amazing for learning about Mardi Gras with kids:

The Little Purple Mardi Gras BeadThe Little Purple Mardi Gras BeadMardi Gras in New OrleansMardi Gras in New Orleans12 Days of Mardi Gras12 Days of Mardi GrasDinosaur Mardi GrasDinosaur Mardi GrasBeignets for BreakfastBeignets for BreakfastDelphine Denise and the Mardi Gras PrizeDelphine Denise and the Mardi Gras Prize


And here are a few age-appropriate videos that you can watch to learn more about Mardi Gras, too:

YouTube video
YouTube video
YouTube video

Get Your Free Printable Mardi Gras Coloring Pages

WooHoo! You're on your way to boosting holiday learning fun with your kids with these unique coloring pages!

This free pack of Mardi Gras Coloring Pages has 5 printable (PDF) pages.

You may print as many of these coloring pages as you need for your personal use, family, class, homeschool co-op, or community event. If you have a friend or co-worker who'd enjoy to have this type of Mardi Gras fun with kids, I ask that you please share this post with them. Thanks so much for your cooperation!

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Get your FREE Mardi Gras Coloring Pages by tapping HERE or on the image below.

4 free printable Mardi Gras coloring pages for coloring fun with kids

Wishing you a very Happy Mardi Gras and fun holiday with your kids!

example of Mardi Gras coloring page on black clipboard held by a woman with other free printables in background with rainbow of markers and crayons

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