Homeschool Enrichment with All American History Maps

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All American History maps

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All American History has been a tremendous benefit to our homeschool. Our history studies have been raised to a new level. One of the best parts of this homeschool history curriculum that has pumped us all up is their activities with maps!

Although I think that map work is important to learning about history, I found that it was an area that we were often skipping over in our previous history lessons. If we could get through our reading and any associated assignments, I felt like we had accomplished a lot. I had never found map work that sparked my boys' or my attention.

When we received our order, we were all eager (and I feel like that word doesn't begin to describe our exxcitement!) to comb through its pages. Of course, the historical images within the text book were interesting and inspiring. The layout of the text and workbook was intuitive for our homeschool. But, we all gasped with glee when we saw that map work coordinating with the time period of each lesson was included. WooHoo! We were finally going to learn with maps!

All American History maps
Captain working on a map using All American History as a resource

How Busy Boys Brigade is using All American History Maps to Rock Our Homeschool!

After I took a closer look at the Teacher's Guide/Answer Key included in the All American History Vol. II set, the boys and I got to work on Lesson 1 (pre-Civil War period). My older two boys and I took turns reading aloud for our homeschool. As we read, Captain and Professor switched off working in the Student's Activity book.

When the first page was completed and turned to the next, I looked up to see both boys grabbing at the workbook. Surprised, I asked what was going on. Captain and Professor both wanted to do the map work on the next page. Jaw dropped to floor!

All American History maps
Professor working diligently on an All American History map


2 boys using history book to help them do map work
Professor pointing our a Civil War site to Captain using All American History as resource

They handed the book over to me for further inspection. I could see why they would find this activity fun. The map was laid out with major battle sites of the Civil War. The boys labelled each site with relative ease after reading the chapter. (Professor, our history buff, knew them all and worked with Captain on this activity.) They got out our U.S. atlas and continued labeling states, major waterways, and Union/Confederate states. So much learning and discussion took place all over a single map!

I was so happy to know that a map is included for each lesson (chapter).  This visual component really helps solidify the concepts covered in each chapter.  The workbook map match the maps in the Student Reader for ease of learning and finding answers.

The boys' work with All American History maps sparked their idea to create salt dough maps as one of their projects. We shared their experiences in All American History Projects For Homeschool Enrichment.

All American History map
Start of boys' salt dough map replica of one of All American History's maps

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All American History books with map of United States of America


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