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10 Reasons Busy Families Will Love This Online Homeschool Planner

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Wonder if an online homeschool planner is right for you? Discover the benefits of online homeschool planning and why this approach might be best for your busy homeschool family life.


Busy families love this online homeschool planner. Find out why Homeschool Planet can help you get your homeschool life organized & well-planned.



Disclosure:  I received this product for review and was compensated for my time. All opinions are honest. I was not required to post a positive review.

Come learn how this paper planner gal is intrigued by using this online homeschool planner! Discover why Homeschool Planet has helped me love the freedom online organization has given our family!


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Reasons Why I've Considered An Online Homeschool Planner

As a busy homeschool soccer mom to 5 boys, I must have effective ways to maximize the use of our time. With my two older boys in competitive soccer that goes year-round, our schedule is tight. Plus, I have grades preschool through high school to plan for in our homeschool.

I've always been a planner girl. Checklists and organized to-do lists easy my anxiety and allow me to focus on what's important, not get distracted or waste time worrying if I paid the electric bill or scheduled the orthodontist appointment.

I recall getting a small notebook as a child and turning it into a type of planner. In my teen years, I carried a paper planner everywhere I went to keep track of activities like school assignments, soccer practices, and volunteer schedules. My planners have always been like good friends.

When I became a mom, I recognized just how important an organized planner was in my life. Keeping track of another living being's schedule was exhausting! With five busy boys in our life, I now cling to my planner to make sure I'm doing what I need to do and when I need to do it.

The need for effective planning increased when we began our homeschool adventures began a little over seven years ago. I tried a lot of homeschool planning systems. Nothing seemed to fit our family and homeschool needs.


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An Online Homeschool Planner That Works

When I had the opportunity to review Homeschool Planet, I was intrigued by the description "a control panel for your life!" I wondered if it could help sort our busy homeschool lives.

I'll admit that I was hesitant to start using an online homeschool planner. I'm not very tech savvy and felt overwhelmed. I stalled using Homeschool Planet for fear it would be too hard.

After a particularly busy homeschool day that left me feeling scatterbrained and discombobulated, I watched the Homeschool Planet tutorials. I was shocked to discover that even I, Ms. Tech-Challenged, could easily set up and use Homeschool Planet.


Try the World’s Best Homeschool Planner for FREE!

10 Reasons I Love This Online Homeschool Planner

1. Easy to Set Up

Once I watched the tutorials, Homeschool Planet was a breeze to set up! I easily entered classes and resources. And I quickly formed a list of all of our homeschool resources-priceless!


2. Customizable

I love how I can enter each family member's name and picture. It is so much nicer to look at one of my boys' faces than an avatar! Also, users may select one of eighteen themes (backgrounds) to add reflect your personal style.


3. Central Organization

After I had entered names, classes, and resources, I felt motivated to continue adding chores, appointments, and extracurricular activities. All of this information in one place is so much simpler to navigate.


4. For Individual, Group, & Family

The ability to schedule homeschool assignments per individual, group, or as a family is awesome. In the past, I felt like I was juggling 9 different schedules-one for each boy, others for small groups, and then as a family. With Homeschool Planet, I don't have to sift through all those schedules any more!


5. Extracurricular Activities

An awesome feature of Homeschool Planet is the option to add homeschool work, special events (like birthdays), and extracurricular activities. This feature has been a fabulous way to help my boys and I better manage our time during our day. We are able to complete what is necessary and make it to soccer practice on time.


6. Widgets

These super cool areas on sidebar or footer allow the user to choose seven different options. I love using the weather widget during our Homeschool Morning Gathering.


7. Separate To-Do Lists

This feature is a part of the widget options. It's been so handy to assign tasks and chores to each boy and myself this way.


8. Flexible

Homeschool Planet automatically moves incomplete assignments forward. I almost cried with joy when I first read about this feature. No more dragging out the eraser and wasting time fixing our homeschool assignments! Also, Homeschool Planet can be added as an app, making it super easy to use when you're homeschooling on-the-go.


9. Printable

If I had to select only one favorite feature, the ability to easily print our daily, weekly, or monthly schedules would be it. I still love to have our schedule in front of us in paper format. A backup paper version on this online homeschool planner has been helpful when we're homeschooling on-the-go as well.


10. Clear Communication & Expectations

Now that I am better organized, I find my homeschool prep work has decreased. Lessons and assignments are easier to discuss without having to flip through pages to find where we left off. In the notes section of daily assignments, I add reminders of what problems need to be done, the focus of the lesson, and what materials are needed.


Could your homeschool benefit from an online planner? With these awesome features and more, you might be surprised to find out that it can! To find out more information about Homeschool Planet, please visit their site!

Try the World’s Best Homeschool Planner for FREE!

What's your #1 struggle with homeschool planning? How could an online homeschool planner help?
Let me know if the comments area so we can trade notes 😉

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