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The 10 Best Homeschool Geography Curriculum Parents and Kids Love

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Find homeschool geography curriculum that you can feel good about and enjoy.

Geography can be a fun subject that helps your kids (and you) learn more about where you live and other countries.

These geography curriculum options make it easy to boost learning fun at home. Check it all out so you can make a smart decision about what homeschool geography curriculum will work best for your family.

Trying to decide what to use for a geography program? Check out this list of the 10 best homeschool geography curriculum options.

Homeschool Geography Can Be Fun!

Geography tends to be a subject that parents forego until later, but it's a great idea to introduce it as early as kindergarten.

When you use one of the best homeschool geography curriculums, kids learn about the continents, countries, mapping skills, and directions. 

Oh, and geography doesn’t have to be boring!

Many curriculums involve crafts, mapping, and fun activities for families to work on together while learning about the world and countries.

This year, my younger boys and I are using our Flags of the World Activities and looking to boost that learning fun. So, we started looking at different curriculum!

We picked out a few top-rated geography curriculums based on what homeschool families say their kids love the most. 

Girl using magnifying glass to study globe, compass on map, magnifying glass & compass on older map, and globe to feature how you can use this list of the 10 best homeschool geography curriculum options to make a smart decision for your family

The 10 Best Homeschool Geography Curriculums  

  1. Beautiful Feet Books Geography Through Literature

Beautiful Feet Books put together a homeschool geography curriculum that uses four books by Holling C. Holling.

In this homeschool geography curriculum, children study the Great Lakes and the eastern seaboard. They learn about 30 states, capitals, national landmarks, rivers, lakes, continents, and oceans. 

Geography Through Literature focuses on geography, but at the same time, kids study history, natural science, industry, and animals.

Kids also learn mapping skills and get to express their artistic talents. It’s one of the best homeschool geography curriculums for kids in grades 4-6, but can be enjoyable for a wider age range. 

My friend, Shawna, shares her brilliant review HERE.

**Beautiful Feet Books now has this NEW Geography Through Literature K-3 Pack! My youngest boy and I are using it and having a blast.

  1. Beautiful Feet Books Around the World with Picture Books

Beautiful Feet Books made another fantastic geography curriculum designed for grades K-3. This curriculum has two parts, each with dozens of books for your kids to enjoy. 

The idea is simple: you travel the world with your kids through picture books.

Part one covers Asia, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica. You explore countries like China, Japan, Egypt, Tanzania, and India by reading folktales, poetry, and history from each region. 

Part two covers South America and Europe. You’ll explore countries such as Spain, France, Italy, Sweden, Chile, Peru, and Brazil with your children. The set includes 23 books for your family to enjoy. My friend, Dianna, shares her amazing review HERE.

Around the World with Picture Books uses discussion questions, geographic elements, and journaling to gently introduce geography to your young student.

Extra book suggestions are included that you can read along with recipes from each region. This homeschool geography curriculum can be enjoyed by the entire family!

  1. Trail Guide to Geography 

Trail Guide to Geography works for grades 3-12 in a family-friendly, multi-grade curriculum. You can use each book for more than one school year and with several students working together. 

When you buy Trail Guide to Geography, you receive an atlas and student notebooking sheets.

Kids learn basic geography skills through daily and weekly activities.

Then, to go deeper with their learning, students work on research and reports, memorization, maps, chart, games, and puzzles

There are three different options for families to select: U.S. Geography, World Geography, and Bible Geography. Each option includes a 36-week lesson plan and everything you need to teach your kids. 

Check out this review by my friends at The Curriculum Choice!

  1. Let’s Go Geography

Here's one of the best homeschool geography curriculum!

It’s an active, hands-on curriculum with lessons that include maps, flags, videos, crafts, and coloring pages.

Let’s Go Geography is excellent if you have multiple grades that you'd like to simultaneously teach. Families need to only purchase the curriculum once and adjust the activities. 

Every year, Let’s Go Geography explores 30 countries.

It’s broken down into three years, and each year explores different countries.

It works for grades K-5 with 35 pages of lessons for each country. Altogether, your family receives 32 weeks of lessons. 

Honestly, for the price, you can't beat Let’s Go Geography. 

My friend, Jennifer (The Organized Homeschooler), shares this helpful review.

  1. Around the World in 180 Days 

Around the World in 180 Days teaches students geography and world cultures to your kids, primarily written for grades 4-12.

Suggestions are included for families to adapt the curriculum for younger kids, down to kindergarten.

This homeschool geography curriculum is designed to take 180 days to go through, (a typical school year), but it might take longer if you go through more activities and reading books. 

Around the World in 180 Days is similar to a unit study. It works through all seven continents, using activities that also tie in science, composition, art, literature, and geography. 

Parents need to be selective when they decide which activities to work through with their students. The number of activities and questions will be a lot for younger kids.

brother and sister with books, pencils, and globe to feature the best homeschool geography curriculum
  1. Cooking Through Geography

Cooking Through Geography is a small curriculum that’s perfect for kids who love to cook, but it’s not ideal for teaching full geography skills.

It helps your students make geography and cultural connections along with writing skills. Students work through one or two recipes for 43 countries

Not all countries are included in this curriculum, but you can work through the curriculum in any order that you like. That makes it easy to tie this into other studies that you might be working on at the same time 😉 

Students complete a map of each country and pick a recipe or two to work on for that country. One thing that we like about Cooking Through Geography is that the recipes seem to be more authentic than other curriculums. 

Cooking Through Geography isn’t a fancy curriculum, nor does it include mapping and other necessary geography skills, but kids love it. If you have a child who loves to cook, this affordable add-on is a great resource for parents. 

  1. Geography Through Art 

Geography Through Art was first used for art instruction, but with 100 lessons and projects throughout the curriculum, it’s easy to see how your kids will learn so much.

You start by introducing the “World” and eventually progress through continents and countries. All lessons are grouped under the continent where the country is located.

Activities are identified with different stars to let you know the difficulty level. One star is perfect for primary levels, while two and three stars indicate intermediate and secondary levels. 

Each lesson includes a section that discusses the physical geography, historical information, and cultural facts about each country. Kids also have maps to work on for all of the nations.

If you have a child who loves working on artistic skills, this option might be the best homeschool geography curriculum for your family. Kids get to work on paintings, watercolor drawings, fabric dyes, sketching, and more. 

  1. States and Capitals by Memoria Press 

If you’re looking for a geography curriculum to help your students learn U.S. states and capitals, Memoria Press has you covered.

This 64-page curriculum covers all 50 states with maps of each, data points, and state facts that your kids should know. 

Each kid receives a workbook that has a page for each state and a map. Students fill in the names of the neighboring states to make it easy to learn their location. The workbook also has review pages and tests to give your kids. 

This homeschool geography curriculum is best for kids who are up to 4th or 5th grade. Older students won’t receive enough out of this, but if you have young kids who are just learning all of the states, this curriculum is the perfect choice. 

  1. Galloping the Globe and Cantering the Country 

Two popular choices for homeschool geography curriculums are Galloping the Globe and Cantering the Country, ideal for elementary school students.

Galloping the Globe is best for kids in grades K-4, while Cantering the Country is better for grades 1-5. 

These resources cover all subjects except math, but the history coverage isn’t comprehensive or chronological, so it's not suggested for a history curriculum. Consider this an additional history resource rather than a full curriculum. 

Each curriculum offers families suggested extra readings and plenty of activities to go with each lesson.

The books have activity pages like puzzles, maps, and data recording forms. Families will also find a CD included with activities that you can print from your computer. 

Galloping the Globe focuses on introducing students to the seven continents and selected countries from each one. They learn about each country’s geography, but this curriculum also introduces famous people, holidays, and animals from each region

Cantering the Country focuses on journeying through the United States and the District of Columbia. It teaches geography and historical figures, and related science topics for each state like ecosystems, weather, and local flora. 

  1. Expedition Earth

Created by Confessions of a Homeschooler, Expedition Earth covers 31 countries worldwide for grades K-5.

Kids learn about continents, oceans, cultures, climates, animals, and more. The curriculum is full of hands-on activities, crafts, and activities to enjoy. 

Expedition Earth includes 32 weeks of lesson plans.. The included teacher’s manual outlines a daily plan for parents and a craft shopping list for each country. 

For the price, Expedition Earth is a great choice. There are recipes, prayers, country songs, review games, and even quizzes prepared for parents to give to their homeschool kids.

It’s an excellent homeschool geography curriculum that makes learning the world fascinating and fun.

What Homeschool Geography Curriculum Will You Use?

Geography can and should be exciting. There's no reason that learning geography should be boring!

When you use the right homeschool geography curriculum for your family, your kids will find learning fun.

From mapping to learning about different cultures, geography is one subject you don’t want to skip as a homeschool family. 

Have you tried any of these homeschool geography options? Or do you have one that you think should be added to this list? Let us know in the comments area below!

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  1. Several months ago I came across a program that has several volumes (4 I think) that studies the US states in the order that they joined the union. I lost track of it! Are you familiar with such a program.

  2. Rather than a full geography curriculum, we did a loose “state of the week” approach where we’d learn about a new US state each week. Also, I bought a simple intro geography/maps workbook off Amazon that’s been simple and fun. And we LOVE Letters from Afar and the learning opportunities it presents! I learn in advance where fictional Isabelle will be traveling then I check out books from our library about that destination and we watch YouTube videos about those places. Sometimes we even are able to enjoy foods and activities from those places as well! It’s so fun.

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