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Geography Board Games: Top Picks for Learning Fun with Kids

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Geography board games are great ways to make learning fun for your kids.

My boys and I have discovered super cool facts and been able to practice geography skills in a fun way with these games.

Get tips and ideas for making the most of your geography games and our top picks so you can join the fun, too!

Why Board Games Make Geography Fun

Geography board games can provide an entertaining and educational experience for all ages.

These games combine the fun of friendly competition with the invaluable opportunity to learn more about our world, its countries, and the diverse cultures that inhabit it.

Plus, these types of activities help players acquire geographical knowledge in an engaging way that traditional methods like memorization might struggle to match.

Gameschooling has become a big part of our homeschool fun. It's been an awesome way to take our learning to the next level in a variety of subjects - like math, science, and geography.

My boys and I have had a blast adding geography board games to our learning fun adventures. We've been able to apply so much that we've learned from our geography curriculum and lessons. (And it's helped me add to my tips and tools for teaching geography!)

World map focused on Australia with toy boats and flags to feature these geography board games.

Tips for Picking Great Geography Board Games

Selecting the right geography board game can depend on several factors.

  • Consider the age and cognitive abilities of the players. Some games may be more suited to younger or older audiences.
  • The game should have clear instructions and be easy to learn. Players will be better able to focus on enjoying the educational aspects rather than struggling with confusing rules.
  • Look for a game with accurate, up-to-date information to ensure that it is both educational and accurate.
  • Chat with your kids about what types of geography board games that they's like to play. Create a list of ideas and topics.
Compass rose on colorful world map to feature our top picks of geography board games.

Geography Board Game That You'll Love

1. Trekking The World - The Award-Winning Board Game

We recommend Trekking The World as a fun and educational family board game for kids and adults alike.

Our experience with Trekking The World was enjoyable from the start. As we opened it, we were impressed by the high-quality materials used and the attractive design of the game board and cards. The gameplay focuses on exploring various destinations across the globe, which helped us learn and appreciate different cultures during our family game night.

The game might have a steep learning curve at first, with many pieces and rules to get used to. But after a few plays, we quickly grew comfortable with the game and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Overall, we found Trekking The World to be an entertaining and educational board game that introduces players to new cultures and destinations while challenging their strategic skills. Its quality design and engaging gameplay make it a worthwhile addition to any family's game collection.


  • Engaging gameplay for all ages
  • Beautiful artwork and design
  • Educational and informative


  • Initial setup may seem intimidating
  • Might lose excitement after a few plays
  • May be confusing to some players at first

2. The World Game - Geography Card Game

If you love learning about countries, this geography board game is a must-have for all ages.

We had the pleasure of playing The World Game, a fun and educational geography card game suitable for kids, family, and adults. There are a variety of learning possibilities - from recognizing flags to locating countries on the map, or even naming capital cities.

One thing we appreciated about this game was its versatility. While it can be played in a traditional game format, the cards can also be used as flashcards or trivia, making it great for parties or travel. The game covers all countries and is updated regularly, ensuring the information is always accurate.


  • Covers all countries with updated information
  • Engaging gameplay for kids and adults
  • Can double as memory flashcards or trivia


  • Might not be engaging enough for very young children
  • Some may struggle to understand the rules

3. The World Game - Fun Geography Board Game

The World Game is an excellent purchase for those wanting to learn geography while enjoying a challenging board game experience.

We thought The World Game was cool. The game is designed for players aged 9 and up, which means it is suitable for kids as well as adults. The objective is to race around the world, passing famous landmarks and collecting country facts.

During gameplay, we discovered that the game helps build memory skills and enhances knowledge about world geography. The cards contain over 1500 facts about countries, their flags, capitals, and locations.

The game might be challenging for younger children who have not yet been introduced to such detailed information about world geography.

However, The World Game's up-to-date content and engaging play make it a fantastic choice for those looking to learn while having fun. It's a smart gift idea for teenagers or anyone interested in learning more about geography through an entertaining board game.


  • Entertaining and educational for both kids and adults
  • Over 1500 country facts to explore
  • Suitable for 2-5 players and updated regularly


  • Might be difficult for players with memory issues
  • Can be challenging for younger children
  • Requires multiple plays for deeper learning

4. Scholastic Race Across the USA Game

The Scholastic Race Across the USA Game is worth considering for parents and educators looking to make learning geography engaging and fun for kids.

We recently tried the Scholastic Race Across the USA Game and found it to be an enjoyable way to teach geography to kids aged 8 and up. As players race across the states to be the first to visit six states, answer questions, and return to their home states, they learn about US geography in an engaging manner.

This game is adaptable for different age groups. As the questions are tailored to each player's grade level, it allows children from different grades to play together on an even field.


  • Entertaining way to learn geography
  • Allows children of various ages to play together
  • Questions tailored to each player's grade level


  • Some errors found in the questions
  • Might not suit those seeking advanced geography knowledge

5. Game Zone Great States - Fun and Educational Geography Game

This geography board game is perfect for those looking to learn about the 50 states while having fun with friends and family.

We recently played the Game Zone Great States board game and found it to be a fun and educational experience.

The vibrant illustrations and colors on the board caught our attention and made us eager to play. We did find, however, that the materials were somewhat flimsy and the game's difficulty level might be challenging for younger children.

One issue we encountered while playing was that the included timer didn't work properly, so we had to use our own separate timer. Despite these minor drawbacks, the game still offered an exciting and educational experience, helping us learn more about each state's landmarks, birds, flowers, and other interesting facts.

If you're on the lookout for a fascinating game that also teaches you about the 50 states, Game Zone Great States is worth considering. Just bear in mind the small setbacks before you make the purchase 😉


  • Suitable for classrooms
  • Excellent illustration and design


  • Flimsy materials
  • Challenging for younger kids
  • Timer issues

6. Skillmatics Scout It Out Countries of The World

The Skillmatics Scout It Out board game is perfect for families who want to learn geography while having fun.

We recently played Skillmatics Scout It Out during our family game night and found it to be a great way to learn geography in an interactive manner. The game consists of guessing countries based on clues such as maps, facts, and flags. The first player to collect five Game Cards wins the game. It's suitable for ages 7 and up, though younger kids might find it a bit challenging.

While playing, we had a blast learning about different countries and their unique traits. The game materials, such as the world map, country cards, and bonus tokens, are all of high quality.

One drawback is that the game requires at least three players, which might not be ideal for smaller families or one-on-one gaming sessions. Additionally, the average playtime is just 30 minutes, which may be too short for those who enjoy longer games.

Overall, the Skillmatics Scout It Out board game is an excellent choice for families who enjoy learning together. The educational and engaging gameplay makes it an ideal gift for birthdays, holidays, or any day you want to bring your family closer.


  • Engaging and educational gameplay
  • Suitable for ages 7 and up
  • High-quality materials used


  • Can be difficult for younger players
  • Requires at least 3 players to play
  • Playtime might be too short for some

7. The 50 States Game - US Geography Board Game

We played The 50 States Game and found it to be an enjoyable experience for both kids and adults. This game encompasses all 50 US states, making it an excellent tool for learning about geography, flags, capitals, and various facts related to each state. The cards contain more than 500 bits of information, which keeps the game engaging and challenging.

Overall, The 50 States Game is a fantastic gift idea for those with an interest in geography or educational games. With its engaging gameplay and vast amount of information on US states, this game is a hit for families and individuals alike.


  • Comprehensive US geography content
  • Suitable for kids and adults
  • Enhances memory and learning


  • Potential difficulty for younger children
  • May not be challenging for geography experts

8. Sweep the World Card Game

Sweep the World is a captivating geography card game suitable for all ages.

We had a game night with Sweep the World and found it to be a wonderful way to learn about different countries. The gameplay encourages competitive spirit, as players race to make matches with their opponents' cards. The informative cards feature population, geographic location, and flag colors of countries, helping players learn while having fun.

Although the rules may appear vague at first, we were able to adapt them to create our own "house rules", which worked well and made the game more enjoyable. Despite this minor drawback, the high-quality cards and box make this a great addition to your board game collection.

Sweep the World can be enjoyed by family members of all ages and provides a unique, educational, and entertaining experience. Overall, it's an excellent geography card game that fosters both learning and entertainment, making it worth your investment.


  • Entertaining and competitive gameplay
  • Educational and informative cards
  • Suitable for the whole family


  • Rules may be somewhat vague
  • May require adapting "house rules"

9. Byron's Continent Race Game

Byron's Continent Race is a great educational game for families looking for a fun way to teach their children about geography.

The Continent Race Geography Learning Educational Game is a fast-paced game designed for children aged 7 years and older.

We found the game to be easy to learn, with color-coded cards and simple instructions. It actively encourages children to learn about continents, countries, and flags while they race against one another to collect the most countries from each continent. The game is a fantastic way to spend quality time with the family while also helping kids develop problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication skills.

It's worth noting that some reviewers have mentioned the game doesn’t focus on country locations as much, and a few countries may be missing or misrepresented. Also, some customers have commented that the game may be overpriced for what it offers.

Overall, Byron's Continent Race Game is an excellent choice for families who want a unique educational game that will engage their children in learning about geography.


  • Created by a child for children
  • Easy to learn and educational
  • Interactive and engaging gameplay


  • Lacks precise attention to country locations
  • Some countries missing or misrepresented
  • Could be seen as overpriced by some

10. Election Night! Board Game

A cool way to learn math, geography, and civics while strategizing your way to the White House.

We played the Election Night! Board Game and were pleasantly surprised by its ability to make learning engaging and fun. The game challenges kids to think big and master addition, multiplication, and U.S. state geography. The mechanics of the Electoral College are also incorporated into the gameplay, providing a solid understanding of the election process.

The double-sided game board offers both addition and multiplication versions, ensuring that the game stays fresh and caters to players of varying skill levels. We particularly liked the PlaySmart Dice system, which aids easier retention of math facts through uniquely numbered 12-sided dice. These dice added an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay and promoted strategic thinking.

The game comes with two dry erase markers, but they may wear out over time. We'd recommend keeping extra markers handy to avoid any disruption during the game. While Election Night! is a great learning tool and perfect for family game nights, keep in mind that it may not be suitable for large groups or very young children due to its complexity.

Overall, we found Election Night! to be a valuable and enjoyable addition to our board game collection that encourages learning through play.


  • Teaches essential math, geography, and civics in an entertaining way
  • Double-sided game board for varying levels of complexity
  • Patent pending PlaySmart Dice system for easy math fact retention


  • Might be confusing for younger kids
  • Not suitable for large groups
  • Dry erase markers could wear out

11. Gamewright The Scrambled States of America Game

The Scrambled States of America Game by Gamewright is an awesome way to learn about US geography for ages 8 and up.

Playing the Scrambled States of America Game is a great way to remember the names, capitals, nicknames, shapes, and positions of the states. The game incorporates visual teasers, language riddles, and geography challenges, making it more than just a basic geography lesson.

Though it's fun to play, we've noticed it may not become everyone's favorite game, as some may find it repetitive after a while. The educational aspect is relatively basic, which may not satisfy those seeking a deeper understanding of geography. Additionally, an international version would be a welcome addition for those interested in learning about countries outside the US.

Despite these drawbacks, the Scrambled States of America Game remains a useful tool for boosting knowledge about US geography.


  • Engaging gameplay for various ages
  • Boosts knowledge about US geography
  • Encourages friendly competition


  • May not hold attention as a favorite game
  • Limited learning depth
  • No international version available

12. Who Knows Where? Geography Board Game

This game challenges and entertains players with a variety of geography-related questions.

After playing Who Knows Where?, we found it to be a fantastic geography board game for both kids and adults. The game is easy to pick up and understand, making it accessible to a wide range of ages and abilities. With more than 1000 questions, the game manages to keep players engaged and constantly learning new facts about the world.

The double-sided board adds an extra layer of challenge for those who are experts in geography, while still offering an easier side for those who are novices. We particularly enjoyed that the game encourages constant participation since all players guess on each turn.

One drawback we encountered was the limit of 4 players, which may be an issue for larger groups. Additionally, some of the questions were quite obscure, which could be off-putting for some. 


  • Fun and educational with flexible rules for different ages and abilities
  • Over 1000 questions in various categories to test your geography knowledge
  • Double-sided board with two different world maps for varying difficulty levels


  • Maximum of only 4 players
  • Some questions can be quite obscure
  • Might not appeal to those without an interest in geography

13. EeBoo United States Geography Bingo Game

We recently played the EeBoo United States Geography Bingo Game and had a blast. It's perfect for families with kids aged five and up and involves learning about state names, capitals, and resources through an entertaining bingo format.

The game's components are made using 90% recycled materials and printed with vegetable-based inks so we felt good about using a sustainably sourced product. As we got further into the game, we did notice some image duplication on the cards, which caused confusion when playing with younger players. However, after some explanation, things went smoothly.

While the game is a fantastic way to learn about the United States, we received our package with a damaged box. Nonetheless, the contents were still in great condition, and we were able to enjoy the game fully. Overall, the EeBoo United States Geography Bingo Game is an excellent investment for screen-free, educational fun for the entire family.


  • Great for ages 5 and up
  • High-quality, eco-friendly materials
  • Teaches state names, capitals, and resources


  • Some image duplication on cards
  • Confusing for very young children

14. GeoToys GeoWorld Bingo

GeoBingo World is a riveting and instructional board game that brilliantly instills knowledge of world geography in children and adults alike.

The game includes 50 country cards, representing a broad spectrum of the globe's most populated nations. Each card showcases the country's capital, land area, population, and geographic location. The game materials, from the wooden bingo chips to the eight robust bingo boards, are all of high quality, ensuring longevity through countless game nights.

GeoBingo World boasts durable materials, including sturdy country cards, wooden bingo chips, and robust bingo boards, ensuring it can withstand repeated use. It offers immersive gameplay that keeps players of all ages both engaged and informed.

It isn't without its limitations. The game only includes 50 countries, which means several nations around the globe are left out. And there are some inconsistencies in continent categorizations, notably the treatment of the Americas as a single continent instead of separating it into North and South America.

Despite these minor flaws, augmenting the game with a world map can fill the gaps and provide a more comprehensive geographical understanding. Plus, using memory aids like associating countries' shapes with familiar objects can improve recall.


  • Blends entertainment with education.
  • Features durable game materials.
  • Offers engaging and informative gameplay.


  • Doesn't cover all nations.
  • Contains discrepancies in continent categorizations.

15. Globe Runner – Educational Family Board Game

Globe Runner offers an engaging and educational gaming experience for all ages interested in geography.

Playing Globe Runner has been an excellent way to learn geography with the entire family. The game takes us through all countries of the world, answering questions about countries, capital cities, flags, and other trivia, making it a great journey around the world.

The adjustable difficulty is a thoughtful feature, allowing players with varying levels of geography knowledge to play together.

While the game isn't particularly fast-paced or action-driven, it provides ample opportunities to learn fascinating world facts. Some of the game mechanics can be a bit complex for younger children, so it may be beneficial to play in teams or provide them with support.


  • Entertaining and educational for all ages
  • Adjustable difficulty level for varied knowledge
  • Beautiful world map board and engaging trivia


  • Not the most fast-paced game
  • Some more complex mechanics for younger children

Make Learning Fun with Geography Board Games

I really hope that our top picks of geography board games helps you boost learning fun and spending time together.

These 15 geography board games are a great start but I'd love to hear if you have any that you'd add to this list. Please share your favorite geography board games in the comments area at the bottom of this post!

Colorful doodle drawings of geography themes to feature our top picks for geography board games.

More Ways to Make Geography Fun with Your Kids

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