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Christmas Coloring Activities with These Fun Color by Shape Pages (Free)

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These Christmas Coloring Activities are simple ways to make this holiday absolutely amazing for your kids.

Your kids will enjoy the special challenge of these Christmas Color By Shape activities.

Check out this set and get your free printable set today!

These 2 free Christmas Color By Shape Activities are fantastic for special holiday fun for kids.

Super Cool Coloring Fun for Kids This Holiday Season

The magic of the holiday season can be so powerful.

The air seems to crackle with all the excitement and enthusiasm for Christmas. There's a certain energy to it all that's hard to contain.

And, of course, kids are the most excited of all!

If your kids are like my boys, that excitement makes the season so special. And at times a bit chaotic 😉

As Christmas approaches, my boys act like those little rubber bouncy balls, just zing-zing-zinging all over the place.

Oh, and it only gets worse as we get closer to the "big day"!

I absolutely adore my boys' joy and love of the Christmas season. But, if I'm going to get anything done and maintain my sanity, I've learned that I MUST go into this season with a plan and a bit of preparation.

Those plans and prep are as simple and frugal as possible. Let's face it - you need to be as smart as possible with how you spend your energy, time, and money during the holidays!

So, I start my fun holiday activities prep work as early as August. Yup, I make a list (and even check it twice) of resources to have at-the-ready to help our Christmas season flow.

Also, I look for new ways to add some easy holiday fun activities for our celebration. The more, the merrier 😉

This year, I've added some super cute and cool Christmas-themed printable activities to our collection of holiday fun. These Christmas coloring activities are definitely going to be a hit with my younger boys - and I hope with your kids, too 🙂

Christmas coloring activities featuring Christmas tree, ornament, and gift to show how this free printable set will help your kids enjoy amazing holiday fun

Creative Ways to Enjoy These Free Christmas Coloring Activities for Kids

These Christmas coloring sheets include 2 pages of holiday fun. These printables, featuring a variety of shapes and colors, are great for even younger kids.

If you're using these holiday coloring activities with younger kids, I suggest you chat about the different shapes (teach or review names and how to identify) and colors. You could even pre-color the shapes to get your young ones started. It's a great thing to do to help little hands get started on these Christmas activities.

Older kids can independently work and add a bit of a challenge. Encourage your older kids to count and record each shape and color. Then, use the back of these printable pages to make a graph of their records.

Or your young artists can use the back of the paper to draw other Christmas themes, like:

Let your kids pick out what type of coloring tools they'd like to use for these Christmas coloring activities, like:

  • crayons
  • markers
  • color pencils
  • watercolor paints
  • paints
  • Kwik Stix

My favorite tip for any type of holiday fun is to play Christmas music in the background. My boys and I get so pumped up when our favorite holiday tunes are playing.

These free coloring pages with Christmas color by shape themes are a great way to boost your:

  • Christmas party
  • Get in the holiday spirit
  • Spread holiday cheer
  • Enjoy throughout the month of December
Christmas color by shape activities featuring Christmas tree, ornament, and present to show how your kids can enjoy this free printable set for special holiday fun

Get Your Free Set of Christmas Coloring Activities for Holiday Fun

WooHoo! Let's have some awesome holiday coloring fun!

This free printable (PDF) set includes 4 pages (2 to color + 2 answer keys). These simple coloring pages include:

  • 1 page of a colorful Christmas tree scene
  • 1 page of colorful ornaments and present

Print as many copies of this set as you need to enjoy for personal use as you get in the Christmas spirit with your homeschool, classroom, or co-op. If you have co-workers or friends who may like to use these free printables, please share this postThanks so much for your cooperation and sharing!

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Plus, you’ll get emails with ideas, resources, and encouragement to make life and learning fun 🙂

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Get your FREE Christmas Coloring Activities (with Color By Shape) by tapping HERE or on the image below.

These 2 free Christmas color by shape activities are fantastic for special holiday fun for your kids.

Wishing you and kids of all ages a very Merry Christmas! Hope your festive season is so much fun 🎄

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Happy Holidays color by shape printables for fantastic Christmas fun for kids

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