Free Winter Playdough Mats for Creative Fun Activities


These 10 free winter playdough mats provide your kids with creative, hands-on activities to celebrate the season.

Add these free printable playdough mats to your winter fun for kids collection. These activities are perfect ways to boost winter learning fun, especially when you need something simple to keep kids busy when the weather is yucky 😉

These 10 free Winter Playdough Mats are excellent activities for creative fun & more.


Easy Ways to Add Creativity & Color to Winter Fun Activities

Depending on where you live, the winter months can be rough.

Blustery and freezing conditions can make it nearly impossible to go outside for play or nature study.

Ice and large amounts of snow can make it dangerous to walk or drive anywhere.

If you have kids and live in this type of area where winter can be brutal, you know how important it is to have a variety of fun indoor activities to enjoy 🙂

Here in western Pennsylvania, the nasty weather doesn’t usually start until mid-January. February is often miserable.

So, I plan and prepare simple activities to keep my boys busy. Over the years, this step saved my sanity with my older boys. And, of course, I continue to gather and make fun activities to keep my boys engaged (without getting on screens).

My younger boys have thoroughly enjoyed our playdough mats with holiday themes. I decided to make a set with seasonal themes to celebrate winter (and keep them busy when the cold weather hits!).


Winter hat & hot chocolate playdough mats to feature the amazing creative fun your kids will have with these 10 free winter playdough mats


Fantastic Ideas for Using These Winter Playdough Mats

These 10 free Winter Playdough Mats are super simple and in black & white (to make printing more cost-effective).

I recommend printing these playdough mats on white cardstock to improve durability.

If you plan on using these playdough mats over and over again (like my boys do!), I suggest laminating or placing the playdough mats into dry erase sleeves.

Print out multiple copies of each winter playdough mat. Your kids can also use these printable pages for fun coloring activities. You can also use these printable sheets for painting or tracing templates.

For our winter playdough mats, I bought a set of Play-Doh (this set is awesome).

You can also make your own playdough (which is another great activity to get your kids involved in during the cold winter months).

Add some cool extras like:

  • buttons
  • pompoms
  • glitter
  • pipe cleaners
  • sequins
  • yarn
  • woodcraft sticks
  • cotton balls


Hot chocolate playdough mat & mittens playdough mat to feature the outstanding creative fun your kids will have with these 10 free Winter Playdough Mats


Get Your Free Winter Playdough Mats for Creative Fun

WooHoo! These special playdough mats will be wonderful fun for your kids.

This free PDF (printable) pack includes 10 black & white pages of winter-themed playdough mats, including:

  • hot chocolate
  • snowperson
  • winter hat
  • earmuffs
  • scarves
  • mittens
  • snowbird
  • polar bears
  • penguin
  • W-I-N-T-E-R F-U-N letters with a prompt to make a scene

These winter playdough mats have prompts that your kids can choose to use to boost creativity (or just do their own thing).


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Get your FREE Winter Playdough Mats by clicking HERE or on the image below.

These 10 free winter playdough mats are fantastic ways to boost creativity & enjoy seasonal fun.



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