Growth Mindset Decoder Set: Fun & Free Way to Boost Learning

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This growth mindset decoder set is such a fun way to boost learning!

You can use these free printable activities to help your kids enjoy a cool challenge and learn growth mindset quotes.

Find out more about this free printable growth mindset kit of activities and get your set today!

This free growth mindset decoder set is such a simple way to make it fun to learn about these important life skills.

Get Your Kids Excited for Learning About Growth Mindset

Have you heard about growth mindset and want to help your kids learn these amazing skills?

High five! That's awesome!

Growth mindset skills empower you to embrace challenges, be resilient, think outside the box, and much more. These skills are tools that boost learning and life.

And the more that your kids can learn about and practice these skills, the better!

I'm sharing these free growth mindset activities so your kids have more opportunities to master these positive concepts.

free growth mindset decoder ring with printable page of decoder quote with rainbow stripe pencil on wood background

What You'll Find in This Growth Mindset Decoder Set

This free printable set of growth mindset activities includes:

  • 1 page with Growth Mindset Decoder ring parts plus instructions for making and using
  • 5 pages of Growth Mindset Fun - Decoding activities featuring quotes from:
    • Carol Dweck (American psychologist and theorist who first wrote about growth mindset)
    • Nelson Mandela
    • Albert Einstein
    • Winston Churchill
    • Theodore Roosevelt

These free growth mindset printables are in color (although you can print in black-and-white if you prefer printer-friendly!).

free printable growth mindset decoder ring and printable page with quote and rainbow striped pencil on wood background

Creative Ideas for Enjoying These Activities for Kids

The simplest way to use this set is to print and go.

I suggest that you encourage your children to use the back of each page. Your kids can create their own growth mindset challenges using the decoder ring.

Or suggest that your students write or draw about what the quote means to them on the back of the page.

To fully enjoy this growth mindset activities set, you'll need:

  • printer
  • white cardstock (at least to print the decoder ring page)
  • scissors
  • brad
  • pencils or erasable pens

I've included these instructions on the printable page to make the decoder ring:

Cut out both circles along outside lines. Poke a small hole through each center. Place "GROWTH MINDSET DECODER" with colors on top of ring with letters and numbers. Use brad to connect.

These type of activities can be excellent ways to extend the learning fun with our other FREE printables with growth mindset quotes for kids, like:

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Growth Mindset Copywork Pages

These growth mindset copywork pages are wonderful ways to promote positive thinking & living skills for all ages.

Growth Mindset Copywork Quotes

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Get Your Free Growth Mindset Decoder Set

WooHoo! You're on your way to easily boosting growth mindset fun for kids!

This free Growth Mindset Decoder Set includes 7 pages with decoder ring, 5 growth mindset quotes to solve, and terms of use page.

You may certainly print as many of these growth mindset activities as you need to enjoy with your kids, classroom, homeschool co-op, or community event. If you have a friend or co-worker would might like to use these free printables, please share the link to this post. Thanks!

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Get your FREE Growth Mindset Decoder Set by tapping HERE or on the image below.

Get this free growth mindset decoder set is an fun way to help your kids learn about and practice these important skills.

More Fun (& Free) Growth Mindset Activities for Kids

free printable growth mindset decoder ring and printable page with quote and rainbow striped pencil on wood background

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