6 Incredibly Fun Ways to Learn with Life of Fred Butterflies Ch. 5

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Check out these 6 incredibly fun ways to learn with Life of Fred Butterflies Chapter 5 lesson extensions.

We continue with Life of Fred Butterflies -Chapter 5, At the Food Court. This chapter is full of interesting facts-and we had such fun learning with Fred!

Math (and other super cool!) concepts covered in this chapter include:

  • protein and calcium
  • history of the straw
  • half pound=8 ounces
  • ordinal numbers
  • skip counting
  • time


There were so many fun ways too look closer at Life of Fred Butterflies Ch. 5! 6 of these fun ways are highlighted here in these Life of Fred lesson extensions.

life of fred

1. Snack Burgers:  These snack burgers were yummy! While we were creating them, I reviewed ordinal numbers-what comes first? Second ingredient is what?
Can you guess what the ingredients are? Sign Up! to access the planner and find out!

2. Plastic Cap Clock Match:  After scrounging through our recycling bins (yes, we have 2! lots to recycle with 5 boys!), I was able to find 12 plastic caps. I found this cool idea on Sugar Aunts but slightly modified it. You could use other materials-felt, foam, construction paper...

3. Skip Counting with Straws:  This math activity was easy to put together and lots of fun! To help "organize" the bundles a bit, I simply drew lines on paper of the color straw to play a type of matching game.

4.  Burger Stack!:  This idea kind of evolved as I explained it (as many of our homeschool ideas do!). We prepared our burger pieces out of felt. The boys thought it would be fun to turn Burger Stack! into a game of Minute to Win It. I gave them instructions of what color felt needed to go first, second, etc. (practice those ordinal numbers!) and paired them into teams. I gave the teams time to form their plans (cooperation!) and the build-off began!

Life of Fred Butterflies Chapter 5 Minute to Win It Burger Stack game


5. Playdough Ordinal Burgers:  The boys (& Mommy!) had fun making these playdough mini-burgers. I included our homemade playdough recipe given to me by my mom, a retired Kindergarten teacher. (Trust me on this-she made this recipe over and over again to use in her classroom-it never fails!)  I shall call it "Nani's Playdough" (my boys call her Nani)-and let me tell you, it makes a huge batch that can last for over 6 months when stored in airtight container!


6.  Food Plate Coloring Page and/or Collage:  Chapter 5 begins with a discussion on Fred's unhealthy eating habits. Protein and calcium are discussed. I thought this would be a good opportunity to talk to the boys about healthy eating choices. We talked about My Food Plate and the different types of foods that go into each section.

life of fred




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