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Free & Fun Arbor Day Coloring Pages for Kids-Updated for 2024

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These free Arbor Day coloring pages + mini-book will be a huge hit with your kids!

These simple printable activities are fabulous fun to use on or before Friday, April 26, 2024. Find out more and get your free printable pack today.

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Woman holding free printable example of Arbor Day coloring page with crayons in background.

These Arbor Day Coloring Pages Are Fun for Kids!

These free coloring pages and mini-book printables are awesome for enhancing your celebrations this year! With adorable graphics and easy-to-read text, these free printables will be perfect additions to help you rock this fun holiday with kids.

Arbor Day is celebrated on the last Friday in April. This practice started back on April 10, 1872. Find out more about this fun holiday at Arbor Day Foundation (which has a totally cool countdown clock to help you get ready!).

My boys and I love taking the time to recognize this special holiday. We have some beautiful books that we love to read and talk about to celebrate the importance of trees.

We also use these 20 fun ways to celebrate Arbor Day to add to our studies and conversation about taking care of our planet.

The mini-book included in this free printable pack is a fabulous activity for your kids to decorate and build. After the book is done, sit down and read with your kids. Or invite them to make more mini-books to share with family and friends!

Woman holding example of Arbor Day coloring pages and mini-book cover with crayons and scissors.

Get Your Free Arbor Day Coloring Pages + Mini-Book - Updated for 2024!

These special coloring pages and mini-book are fabulous for:

This free printable pack includes two full-sheet coloring pages and a mini-book with four half-sheets that contain text with some fun facts about Arbor Day, its history, and why this special day is celebrated.

Woman holding example of free printable Arbor Day mini-book with crayons and scissors.

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⭐ Get your free printable Arbor Day coloring pages and mini-book!

Free printable pages of Arbor Day coloring pages and mini-book.


How will you celebrate this special day with your kids? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Wow, The variety of engaging designs is not only entertaining but also educational, teaching kids about the importance of trees and nature conservation. The fact that they're free makes it even better – a perfect resource for parents and teachers alike. The pages strike a great balance between fun and learning, making Arbor Day an exciting and meaningful experience for the little ones. Kudos to the creators for making such a valuable and enjoyable contribution to kids' environmental awareness! 🌳🎨

  2. Hi there! I stumbled upon your website while searching for Arbor Day resources, and I must say, I'm really impressed! Your collection of Arbor Day coloring pages is fantastic. Not only are they beautifully designed, but they also make learning about trees and the environment incredibly fun for kids. I appreciate the attention to detail and the variety of options available. It's truly a valuable resource for parents and educators alike. Keep up the great work! Thanks for making Arbor Day celebrations even more enjoyable for everyone. Best regards, Becky Gomez.

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