Free Growth Mindset Coloring Activities Kids Will Love

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These free Growth Mindset Coloring Activities are amazing, hands-on fun ways to learn and practice these positive skills! 

These printables make it easy for your kids to discover the power of growth mindset skills. Plus, your students are encouraged to think of ways to apply these abilities to their thinking, acting, and doing.

Learn how I'm using these printable coloring pages and mini-book with growth mindset themes with my boys and how to get your free set today.

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Two boys working on growth mindset coloring activities.

Growth mindset has become such a buzzword, hasn't it?

Adults have discovered the benefits of embracing these positive thinking principles and are excited to share these joys with their kids.

Make the process of teaching your kids about a growth mindset as enjoyable as possible through the use of fun activities!

Woman holding growth mindset mini-book page with examples and crayons in background.

How These Growth Mindset Coloring Activities Can Engage & Inspire

You want to help your kids be able to confidently navigate life. You'd love to provide your kids with the skills to thrive as they overcome obstacles and discover their true self-worth.

If you have these types of goals as a parent, then you've started on a solid path to giving your kids the gift of a growth mindset (vs. fixed mindset).

And while the ideas that make up growth mindset practices are not hard, these concepts can be challenging to teach your kids. Often abstract, growth mindset principles can be those types of things that you think your kids are grasping, only to find out that they're not sure how to put these practices into use.

Plus, your kids might balk at sitting down to learn about a growth mindset. With homeschool (or classroom) work plus extracurricular activities, your kids might be tired or just need a break. The last thing your kids want to do is read another lesson or do more work!

Fortunately, you can have some awesome growth mindset resources at your fingertips. Big Life Journal is my #1 recommendation for working with kids to develop a growth mindset. This resource contains engaging stories and beautiful illustrations that get your kids' attention.

To make the most out of your BLJ time with your kids, pair your lessons with hands-on interactive fun, like these free Growth Mindset Coloring Pages. Coloring has been shown to have numerous benefits for kids and is an excellent way to boost learning fun.

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Six examples of growth mindset coloring pages with crayons.

Ideas for Using These Growth Mindset Coloring Activities

Here are my tips and tricks for making the most out of using these Growth Mindset Coloring Activities:

  • Print out several copies. Yes, you can use these in your homeschool, homeschool co-op, classroom, and family!
  • Have all coloring supplies (like crayons, colored pencils, markers, Kwik Stix) ready to go.
  • For the mini-book, you can pre-cut the pages (or give your kids extra cutting practice). Also, have a stapler close by to create the book.
  • Remind your kids to do their best work but it doesn't have to be perfect. You can do some gentle writing/coloring warm-ups by stretching out hands and fingers, even upper body.
  • Encourage your kids to take a deep breath before starting the activity, even when switching crayons. These deep breaths will help your kids calm down, deal with perfectionistic tendencies, or slow down their bodies for better self-control.
  • After your kids are done coloring and creating, invite them to talk about their work. Ask about their color selection. Be curious about their responses.
  • Select a special place to display your Growth Mindset Coloring Activities work (with your kids' permission). A bulletin board or refrigerator would be great places!

Get your older kids involved in all of this growth mindset fun, too. Our free printable activities make it easy to help upper elementary, tween, and teens learn and practice these powerful skills:

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Get Your Free Growth Mindset Coloring Activities for Kids

I created these growth mindset coloring activities to use with my younger boys. Over the years, I've discovered that my younger boys learn and process best when they have a hands-on activity to do while listening to a story. Whenever possible, I have that hands-on activity complement what we're reading.

This free printable pack includes two different types of coloring activities:

  • Growth Mindset Coloring Mini-Book:  10 half-sheet pages (5 full pages to print) with growth mindset themes and open-ended questions to encourage your kids to write and/or draw about what a growth mindset means to them
  • Growth Mindset Coloring Activities: 4 pages with growth mindset themes with open-ended questions and prompts to inspire your kids to share their growth mindset ideas, goals, dreams, and strengths

You may print out as many copies of this set of coloring pages with growth mindset themes as you need to enjoy these activities with your kids, for personal use, class, homeschool co-op, and library. If you have a friend or co-worker who you think might enjoy these activities, I ask that you share this post. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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⭐ Get your free Growth Mindset Coloring Activities for kids! ⭐

These free Growth Mindset Coloring Activities are fantastic ways to boost your growth mindset lessons & discussions.

What struggles do you have with teaching your kids about a growth mindset?
How can these free printable coloring pages help?

Speaking of growth mindset, have you tried affirmations for kids?

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