Have some easy homeschool fun with January Conversation Starters! Great ways to work on communication skills as you build relationships.

Get some chitter-chatter started with your kids with January Conversation Starters! These winter-themed topics are great ways to break the ice (pun intended!) for easy homeschool fun. Find out how my boys and I are using in our family and homeschool life plus how you can join the fun.

Why We Love Conversation Starters

With five boys (ages preschool through high school), there’s usually a lot of noise in our home. A lot. Like, rock concert level.

Within that noise, there’s a lot of talking. Discussions. Debates. Bit of screaming.

You might ask yourself: “Why in the world would this woman want to invite more conversation into her family?”

Well, my friend, I’ll tell ya. I love talking with my boys. What I love even more is teaching my kids how to have a proper conversation with an actual topic. A civilized conversation that involves full sentences, descriptions, and indoor voice control.

Because boys. Or kids, for that matter.

When my boys get excited (or angry or tired), their conversation level goes down the toilet. (Apologies! Again, life with boys!)

My husband and I often stare at each other (over, in, and around the din) wondering what in the world they are talking about.

I noticed that there was a lack of positive communication skills in our homeschool and family life. Conversation starters seemed like a good place to start to address these issues.

We have found that conversation starters help our family have a more structured approach to talking in a group setting. I’m able to guide my boys in taking turns, expressing their thoughts, and being respectful.

If you have quiet kids, these conversation starters might be just the sparkle you need to get them chatting about January fun!

Have fun with your kids as you build communication skills with January Conversation Starters.

January Conversation Starters for Homeschool Fun & Learning

I created these January Conversation Starters for use in our homeschool. My boys and I will use during our morning time and brain breaks. We will also use these winter-themed conversation starters during dinner and family fun.

These January Conversation Starters can be printed (4 pages) and used as is or cut into strips. Some conversation starters do coincide with homeschool fun days. You can adapt the conversation starters to best fit the ages and stages of your homeschool.

There are 7 conversation starters per page. Each page is divided into 4 weeks. You can mix it up or follow the order in which they are presented. Customize for your homeschool!

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Get your free printable January Conversation Starters for great ways to connect with kids.