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Gingerbread Crafts for Kids: 15 Creative Ideas for Holiday Fun

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These gingerbread crafts for kids are great ways to enjoy creative holiday activities and more.

And these gingerbread activities are perfect for when you need mess-free, stress-free ways to keep kids busy during Christmas time!

5 gingerbread crafts for kids including ornaments, pop-up cards, and gingerbread houses.

12 Cute Gingerbread Crafts for Kids

Gingerbread is one of those things that just goes with the holidays. Gingerbread houses, gingerbread men, and yummy gingerbread cookies!

And while gingerbread is loads of fun to make, it also can be really messy. Non-edible gingerbread crafts for kids are the solution! I had to share these 15 gingerbread-themed crafts that are perfect for kids, allowing them to get creative without leaving a mess behind.

Variety of gingerbread crafts for kids for mess-free holiday fun.

1. 3D Gingerbread House Coloring Fun by Rock Your Homeschool

This free printable set makes its so easy to create a mess-free gingerbread house. You can color and customize in so many ways!

This free printable gingerbread house coloring page is a fantastic 3D Christmas craft that's perfect for parties, decor, and more.

2. Popsicle Stick Gingerbread House Craft by The Printables Fairy

Create a festive and fun popsicle stick gingerbread house with this easy DIY tutorial. This non-edible gingerbread craft is a great Christmas activity for kids.

3. Gingerbread Bookmarks by Rock Your Homeschool

This free printable set includes both color and black-and-white bookmarks featuring gingerbread characters for reading fun.

These free Gingerbread Man bookmarks are wonderful ways to have easy holiday fun with kids. Includes coloring bookmarks & ready-to-go!

4. Gingerbread Man Mason Jar Lid Ornament by Ann’s Entitled Life

Learn how to craft a charming gingerbread man mason jar lid ornament in this detailed tutorial. Perfect for adding a delightful touch to presents too!

5. Build Your Own Paper Gingerbread House by Rock Your Homeschool

This free printable set includes both color and black-and-white gingerbread house parts. You'll have a blast creating custom gingerbread houses without all the mess!

free set of gingerbread house printables in color and black-and-white

6. Easy Mickey Gingerbread Man Craft by Marcie in Motherhood

Make an adorable Mickey gingerbread man decoration for your tree or mantle with this easy craft. Just grab some paper, glue, scissors, and tape, and follow the step-by-step instructions.

7. Cardboard Gingerbread Man Craft by Messy Little Monster

Make adorable cardboard gingerbread man ornaments with the printable template. Easy and perfect craft activity for kids.

8. Pop Up Gingerbread Man Card by Red Ted Art

Kids can make homemade Christmas cards with this next gingerbread craft. These pop-up gingerbread man cards are easy and fun to create.

9. Gingerbread Play Dough Mats by Two Pink Peonies

Get creative indoors with these gingerbread play dough mats. Perfect for chilly days, these easy-to-set-up mats let kids design their own gingerbread creations.

10. Paper Gingerbread House Craft by Two Kids and a Coupon

Make a gingerbread house without the mess of baking or frosting. Follow the easy steps to create this paper gingerbread house.

11. How to Make Edible Gingerbread Slime by Mombrite

Kids love slime, and they love gingerbread. Combine the two with this DIY edible gingerbread slime. No need to worry about them putting it in their mouths and cleanup is a breeze.

4 gingerbread craft for kids featuring cardboard ornaments, popsicle stick gingerbread house, paper gingerbread house, and gingerbread men paper crafts.

12. Easy Gingerbread Christmas Ornaments by The Inspiration Edit

Here's another DIY Christmas ornament that will look adorable on the tree. These gingerbread Christmas ornaments are made with wooden slices.

13. DIY Gingerbread Bakery Dramatic Play Center by Barley & Birch

Create a cute DIY gingerbread play bakery with felt or cardboard! A cozy and fun pretend play for kids, enhancing their fine motor skills.

14. Birdhouse Gingerbread House by Crafts by Amanda

Real gingerbread houses can be time-consuming and a mess. Create a birdhouse gingerbread house that you can store and cherish for years to come. Get the kids involved with the decorating.

15. Making Magnets with Christmas Printables by Sustain My Craft Habit

Make festive magnets with Christmas printables for a fun and interactive holiday decoration that doubles as a safe game for kids. Kids will love getting creative with gingerbread magnets.

4 gingerbread crafts featuring gingerbread men paper crafts, ornaments, gingerbread man cardboard ornaments, and gingerbread house.

Which of These Gingerbread Crafts for Kids Will You Try First?

WooHoo! These crafts with gingerbread themes are amazing!

I'd love to know which of these gingerbread crafts you'll be making with your kids. Please share in the comment area at the bottom of this post 😊

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a bunch of holiday fun!

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