Free Homeschool Fun Calendar For January 2017

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Does your homeschool need a daily dose of fun? Use this FREE printable Homeschool Fun Calendar for January 2017 (more coming every month!) to help you give a jump start to your homeschool day. Using household materials, these activities will help you connect with your kids and create lasting memories. Includes weekly supplies checklist to help you prepare for homeschool fun success.

Homeschool mama, have you and your kids been sitting there in your homeschooling area and staring at each other with little dribbles of drool rolling down your chins? Do you feel like that drab dude in the old Dunkin' Donuts commercial who mutters, "Time to make the donuts"? Has your homeschool day been starting with "Time to start the homeschool" in a weak and pathetic moan?

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Kick boring to the curb and pump up your homeschool jam with this FREE printable Homeschool Fun Calendar!  Homeschool does not have to be dry and monotonous. Turn up the homeschool fun dial with these simple and affordable daily activities.

Why YOU Need To Add Fun To Your Homeschool

If your homeschool has been feeling stiff and forced, you need to add fun. Kids whining and dragging their feet to get work done? Add a zest of fun to your homeschooling!

Don't get sucked up into the homeschool vortex of guilt and shame! Your kids are not robots and neither are you. You are living, breathing, passionate creatures who deserve a little oomph in your lives!

Homeschool fun does not have to take up a lot of time. It doesn't require a lot of prep work or supplies. It doesn't even have to cost any money.

The benefits of homeschool fun are ginormous! You will relax, smile, and connect in new ways. Homeschool fun provides you with a wonderful opportunity to connect with your kids.

FREE Printable Homeschool Fun Calendar

To help you get started with this homeschool fun party, here is a FREE Printable Homeschool Fun Calendar for January 2017. You can expect a new homeschool fun calendar for every month of 2017 here at Rock Your Homeschool. Subscribers will receive free access to all Rock Your Homeschool printables (including monthly homeschool fun calendars).

Daily prompts are based on commonly recognized National Days. If a day does not have an appropriate celebration for kids, you will find a kid-friendly prompt by yours truly.

Each month will also have a weekly supplies checklist to help you prepare for successful Homeschool Fun days.

Here is a Facebook Live Video to give some more information about this calendar:


One of the homeschool fun activities is to celebrate Kazoo Day with a DIY kazoo. A few other days include activities for Bobblehead Day, Rubber Ducky Day, and Static Electricity Day. If you need a great DIY Playdough recipe for week 4, here is the one our family loves.

Printing tip:  Print the calendar in landscape and the supplies checklist in portrait.

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get your FREE Homeschool Fun Calendar for January 2017.

Get your FREE printable homeschool fun calendar for January 2017. With daily activities using household materials, you will find it easy to use and add a boost to your homeschool day.


To help you pump up the jam in your homeschool, here's a little video to get your grooving:

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Hope this FREE Printable Homeschool Fun Calendar blesses your homeschooling adventures.

How do you like to add fun to your homeschool day?

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