Let's Chat About Homeschool History

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Let\'s chat about homeschool history is part of a series dedicated for homeschoolers helping homeschoolers with curriculum choices. Find excellent recommendations and share your own!

Homeschool history is one of our favorite subjects to study! We love using our history studies to include a variety of subject areas like writing and reading. Most of all, we enjoy learning about our past and how we can apply that knowledge in our modern world.

Let's Chat About Homeschool History is part of a Periscope & blog series for homeschoolers helping homeschoolers. Once a week, a homeschool subject area will be discussed with curricula resources and recommendations given. You can learn more details and subjects by scrolling down.

I couldn't wait to hear what other homeschoolers had to share for their homeschool history studies. We have a hard time keeping our Professor (11) challenged with history. The boys constantly has his nose in a history text-fiction or nonfiction.

We were very fortunate to find All American History from Bright Ideas Press this year. I have shared our review plus different ways we have used this outstanding homeschool history curriculum. It was so thorough that I fear we may have a hard time finding another homeschool history to match.

I am in the process of researching our homeschool history options for next year. I am strongly leaning towards a world history/cultures/geography type of curriculum. I have yet to find one that I feel will best fit our family. If you have any recommendations, let me know!

Well, my friends on Periscope and over at Rock Your Homeschool Facebook group have come to the rescue again! They shared their homeschool history resources and recommendations-and now I want to share with you! Please leave your recommendations in a comment below or email me at busyboysbrigade@gmail.com. I love reading about and adding your suggestions!

Let's Chat About Homeschool History

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Here are the recommendations from homeschoolers:

Story of the World

Mystery of History (aff)

Build Your Library 

History Revealed

All American History Jr. (aff)

Magic Tree House Books

Beautiful Feet

American Girl Books

Road Trip USA (Confessions of a Homeschooler)

Moving Beyond The Page 

Light and the Glory series

Liberty Kids DVDs

Simply Charlotte Mason

Carmen San Diego

Bookshark (this is a link to their K-8 reading with history page)

My Father's World


Tapestry of Grace

Drive Through History

Heart of Wisdom

Homeschoool Share

Adam and His Kin (Genesis history novel)



Homeschool In The Woods

Monarch Online 

Truth Quest History



Professor Noggin's Trivia Cards: Ancient Civilizations    Wonders of the World    Countries of the World     Countries of the World II    History of the United States     American Revolution     Presidents of the United States



Catan Histories:  Settlers of America

I would love for you to submit your homeschool history recommendations if you have one not listed! Also, comment with any questions you have about homeschool history-
or other curriculum-for others to help!

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