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9 Fabulous Ways to Make Homeschool Physical Education Fun

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Want to make homeschool physical education fun?

This subject is often viewed as an extra but is actually an essential component. Homeschool PE gives your kids the opportunity to learn the value of fitness, improve self-awareness, and have fun.

Check out these 9 creative ways to enjoy homeschool physical education with your kids.

You can easily make homeschool physical education fun with these 9 creative ideas & tips.

To help us make the most of homeschool physical education experiences, I've invited an expert in this area. Adam, from Justifying Fun, shares his incredible ideas and tips on how to rock homeschool PE.

The Perks of Homeschool Physical Education

Homeschooling PE offers you a special chance to step away from the standard school curriculum and create a fun home education plan that will inspire your kids to love exercise even more and learn new skills they never would have had the chance to learn in traditional school physical education classes.

Don't worry about trying to copy team sport-based school lessons at home. Homeschool physical education offers the chance for your kids to learn a bunch of new individual sports, exercise-based skills, improved coordination, and all-round fitness.

When I was in school, physical education meant playing rugby or netball in the cold and long-distance running. There was no choice but to join in. I kept hoping that one day they might decide to play my favorite sports, football (soccer) and tennis.

If you're teaching your children at home, you have the opportunity to make homeschool physical education fun.

Let your kids try out different exercises and sports. Experiencing new movements and activities can help children learn and understand what their bodies can do with the bonus of staying healthy.

You might find that your son has the flexibility and composure of a gymnast or your daughter is a master frisbee thrower.

Girl working on abdominal exercises to feature how you can make homeschool physical education fun with these creative ideas & tips

Awesome Activities for Homeschool PE

Here are some fun fitness ideas for homeschool physical education activities that offer unique and exciting exercise opportunities for your children.

These activities allow you to introduce some equipment that will make homeschool PE lessons even more fun and educational.

To make sure your kids really benefit from homeschool physical education lessons, it's a good idea to set goals to stay motivated and track progress.

The Importance of Setting Goals for Homeschool Physical Education Lessons

I believe that having a goal is important for keeping children motivated and inspiring them to get physically fit and learn new physical education-based skills.

Homeschool PE lessons should cover a wide range of exercises, as well as include some sports that help kids improve hand-eye coordination.

When learning a new skill, it's a good idea to set a target for your kids to work towards.

For example, maybe your kids are learning to throw a frisbee straight and want to be able to judge the distance. Children could work towards trying to throw the frisbee over a small pole or into a small net. As the children learn how to accurately throw, you can test how many times they hit the target out of a certain number of attempts.

With cardiovascular skills, you could set the goal of being able to run a certain distance or sprint for a certain length of time. Improving physical fitness takes time, so be sure to gradually increase the level of difficulty for your children. This approach allows your kids to continue to make progress and makes it more realistic to achieve goals.

Red sneakers, purple ball, and water bottle in backyard setting to feature how you can easily make homeschool physical education fun with these 9 creative ideas & tips


Homeschool Gymnastics Activities

Whenever I thought of gymnastics as a child, I always pictured my sister wearing a pink leotard and doing cartwheels around the house. For a football (soccer) lover, this vision was about as far away from an activity I thought I’d enjoy.

Now that I'm older, I have a better understanding of gymnastics. I’ve discovered some fun gymnastics skills that are fantastic for fitness.

Gymnastics is exciting because it teaches children to roll, jump, and manipulate their body weight in all sorts of different directions.

Learning the cartwheel is a great skill to include in your introduction to gymnastics for homeschool PE. You may find it helpful to use this cartwheel mat, to help kids more easily learn the correct hand and foot positions.

In gymnastics, you can do many exercises using your own bodyweight that don’t require any equipment. It's also possible to buy gymnastics equipment, if your kids are really interested in these activities and want to try out some more advanced gymnastics skills.

Hand Balancing skills for Homeschool Physical Education

Hand balancing is all about using your body weight to balance on your hands, head, and other body parts.

There are many different bodyweight exercises but I always have kids begin by learning the headstand which looks really cool and is actually very easy and fun to do.

The headstand looks like it requires a lot of strength but it is actually much more about finding the point of balance on your head and adjusting the position of your hands to keep upright.

Being upside-down can be exciting. Once you can shift your weight easily onto your head, you don’t need much arm strength.

Adjusting your position and staying upright is easiest if you're close enough to a wall so you can touch it with your feet to adjust your balance if you begin to fall.

Find a good program to help your home students learn how to progress and build their physical strength to advance from a headstand towards being able to support their weight holding a handstand or doing other calisthenics skills.

Amazon Prime Video has this free video (A Kids Beginner Gymnastics) you can use. PsycheTruth has some cool introduction to gymnastics videos on YouTube.

Your kids will have a blast with these 9 fantastic ways to make homeschool physical education fun.

Circus Skills for Homeschool PE

It’s always fun visiting the circus! Why not earn some basic juggling skills as part of your home school physical education lessons?

Juggling surprisingly burns as many calories as walking while also toning your upper body. Juggling is a great exercise and also helps with the development of hand-eye coordination.

Spinning a hula hoop around your waist and trying to keep the momentum going for as long as possible is another fun circus-type skill that makes homeschool PE fun.

You can even use this fun colorful detachable hula hoop that can easily be stored away and carried with you wherever you go.

Backyard PE Team Sports

It’s more difficult to play team sports in your homeschool (unless you've got a large family!). But, there are lots of fun drills and sports equipment you can use to learn team sports skills in your own backyard.

I love to play football (soccer) so doing keepy ups is a lot of fun. If you're a soccer dad or mom, you’ll enjoy this chance to have a kick-about in the yeard.

You can use this soccer rebounder that returns the ball back to you, allowing kids to practice controlling the ball and get more touches on the ball.

Homeschool Physical Education for Individual Sports

Individual sports are perfect for homeschool PE lessons because you don’t need a group of players to be able to practice and play the sport.

Golf is an incredible individual sport. Kids love to play mini-golf so a putting mat offers the closest experience to a round of it. Golf also helps improve hand-eye coordination and is practicing patience, resilience, and building self-confidence.

Flying a stunt kite is another great individual activity that gives your kids lots of homeschool PE exercise by running around. It also builds up strength and core stability while your child keeps control of powerful stunt kites.

Flying a kite also helps educate children about weather conditions. They can learn to see how the wind affects flight and how a kite can be adjusted and controlled to change direction plus perform aerobatics in the wind.

Fitness Apps -  Using Technology for Homeschool PE

There are many apps available that offer fitness courses, tracking, and guidance. Some of these apps are free and can track your children's step count, heart rate, and even record many different physical activities.

A few fantastic fitness apps include Super Stretch Yoga and GoNoodle!.

Dancing for Homeschool PE Fun

Dancing is a lot of fun and also a fantastic way to inspire your children to jump up and down and spin around.

Play some music and let your kids express themselves through whatever dance style movements that want to try.

If you'd like a bit of structure, try a fun game, like Just Dance which has set moves to follow and awards you with scores.

Are you excited to use these homeschool physical education activities with your kids?
Which of these activities will you try first?

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