Easy Way To Save Money on Your Homeschool Printables

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Find out how I am saving money in our homeschool by changing how I print them out! Super easy and affordable way to make sure you are actually printing & using all those fabulous freebies & homeschool printables!


I love finding ways to save money for our homeschool. As a modern homeschooler, I feel blessed that so many amazing resources are available to help me homeschool my boys. Free printables and incredible printable resources provide our family with invaluable tools to home educate.

The only problem that I have with all those printables is cost. Oy vey! The cost of printing can be pretty ridiculous! Black & white or color, ink is dang expensive.

I discovered that I could practically buy a brand new printer for the price it was going to cost me to purchase more ink. Say what?!?!? No, I'm not joking. And yes, that's just cray-cray!

Disclaimer:  I received a year's supply of HP Instant Ink for free. All opinions are 100% my own and a positive review was not required.

So, what are super awesome homeschool moms like us to do? How do we provide our homeschool with all those fabulous printables without going broke?

Happy dance time! Mama, I have found a solution that will make you break out your 80s mix tapes, dust off that tape player, and groove it on up!

Why I Needed to Find a Frugal Approach to Homeschool Printables

Our homeschool uses a lot of printables. I use printable planning pages to organize and map out our homeschool adventures. My boys use a variety of printable pages to learn and practice new concepts.

I create and use free printables with my boys. We loving use these resources to boost our learning fun!

Our family and homeschool follow Brave Writer Lifestyle. I am a huge fan of all Brave Writer Language Arts and Writing curriculum. Top notch homeschooling resources that must be printed out for my boys to get the ultimate benefit.

As a homeschool mom to five boys, I have a lot of resources to print out. Also, I have a titanic grocery bill! This mama needs to save money where ever I can in our homeschool.

Don\'t let all those awesome homeschool printables sit in your downloads folder! You CAN afford to print freebies and resources for your homeschool. Find out what I am using to help me save money & provide my homeschool with helpful printables.

Save Money on Your Homeschool Printables

I am thrilled to share my experience with HP Instant Ink! Switching to this resource has helped me:

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Finally, print all those awesome freebies and resources that I have collected over the years!

I was wasting so much time with our homeschool printables. Long story, but I couldn't print from our desktop without emailing myself the materials and hooking up my laptop to our old printer. Major waste of time!

With our new HP Instant Ink account, I can print from any of our devices! Phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop! Boom!

The amount of money that I was spending on ink for our old printer was ridiculous. To replace both color and black & white ink cartridges, I could have bought a brand new printer. That concept kept boggling my mind because it made absolutely no sense or cents. Terrible play on words there but I love homonyms!

Raise your hand if you can join me in admitting that you have downloaded a ton of free homeschool printables but never printed them out because of the cost?  No judgment here! Printing can be expensive-until now!

With HP Instant Ink, you must have a compliant printer. You sign up for Ink Replacement Service. Different levels are available, according to your printing needs.

Through your HP Instant Ink account, your printer sends an alert when you will need more ink according to your plan. Ink for your printer will be delivered when you need it. It is absolutely lovely! I don't have to run out in a mad rush to get new ink to make sure I have the printables that we need for our next day of homeschool.

Prices start as low as $2.99 per month. Depending on which plan you select, you could save as much as $672 per year!

Want to know something funny?  I ended buying a brand new printer just to participate in this program! When I discovered that I could actually save money by purchasing one of the compliant printers and using HP Instant Ink, I was all in! This mama was ready to say goodbye to overspending on printer ink!

I couldn't be more pleased with our experience with HP Instant Ink. Set-up was super easy (even for this tech-challenged mama!) and I got to printing right away!  Our ink arrived in plenty of time to switch out and keep printing.  Now, I have my homeschool printables nicely organized and ready to go when I need them-not sitting in my downloads folder being ignored.

Do you do a lot of printing for your homeschool? How would HP Instant Ink help you?




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