An Intentional Approach To Large Family Homeschooling

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Learn about our intentional approach to large family homeschooling in a guest post shared over at Intentional In Life.


Do you ever wonder about how large family homeschooling works?  Trying to get your head around the idea of the dynamics of a large family and their approach to homeschool life?

I invite you to join me and other interested homeschoolers over at Intentional In Life. My sweet friend, Jess, launched her new blog last week. As she was telling me about her hopes and dreams for her site, I thought I could add these thoughts about my intentional approach to large family homeschooling.

With 5 boys, a puppy, a cockatiel, crested gecko, and Betta fish, I often feel more like I am a zoo keeper than a homeschool mom. Those zoo keeper skills come in handy as I navigate our ever-changing homeschool atmosphere.

An Intentional Approach To Large Family Homeschooling

In  How To Be Intentional In Large Family Homeschooling over at Intention In Life, I share:  

  • my tips and solutions to survive and enjoy large family homeschooling
  • more about our homeschooling experiences
  •  why I truly believe this calling has been one of the biggest blessings in my life.
  • my definition of "intentional"
  • factors that I consider essential to being successful in your intentionality with your homeschool, large or small.

I would love for you to visit Jess at Intentional In Life and read my suggestions for large family homeschoooling. Share how you strive to be intentional in your homeschool. Leave a comment with your inspiring and encouraging words on how to become more intentional in homeschooling.

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