Let's Chat About Homeschool Writing Curriculum

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Let's chat about homeschool writing is part of a blog & Periscope series dedicated to homeschoolers helping homeschoolers with curriculum choices. Find great recommendations and resources on homeschool writing here!


Writing has been the major sore spot in our homeschool experience. The mere utterance of the word "writing" sends my boys gnashing their teeth and rending at their clothes. What is a homeschool mom who herself loves to write to do?

Well, this homeschooling momma turns to her trusted friends!

Our homeschool writing was in a dark and dangerous place before this year. I felt like I had tried every trick up my sleeve to get my boys interested in writing. Workbooks, journals, and writing prompts from mom were just not cutting it.

My two older boys, Captain and Professor, did not have the best experience with writing during their public school days. Writing was forced and formulated with no room for creativity and imagination. Their early interest in writing stories and book reports (yes, they used to do their own cute modified versions of book reports at home when little!) went spiraling down like a pierced zeppelin.

One of my greatest hopes when we began our homeschool adventures was to turn these writing woes into writing glee. Writing has always been one of my favorite activities. I use it to record my thoughts and feelings, as well as in my planners to manage our busy lives. Of course, I wanted to pass down my passion for writing to my boys!

As a homeschool newbie, I had no idea where to find homeschool writing curriculum that would be effective for our family. I found a few workbooks and thought it would be enough. At first it was-the initial lessons were simple and straightforward. The lessons went from easy to complex which greatly frustrated the boys.

I tried to create my own rough version of a homeschool writing curriculum. It basically consisted of daily journal prompts. This approach worked well but I felt like it just wasn't enough. I wanted my boys to experience all the joys and pleasures in writing for others and oneself.

I began a search for homeschool writing curriculum that would help dig us out of our despair. We tried and like Creative Communications found through Catholic Heritage Curriculum. This valuable resource was helpful in directing us towards writing projects, presentations, and games. I still felt like I needed more guidance in how to teach my boys how to write.

Well, I am happy to report that my friends on Periscope and in Rock Your Homeschool Facebook Group have been amazing in helping my finally find a homeschool writing curriculum that works for our family! I am still tweaking as we go (because I do that with everything!) but we are all excited to start our homeschool writing this year. (I never thought that I would be able to say that! Brings tears of joy to my eyes!)

Let's chat about homeschool writing is part of a blog & Periscope series dedicated to homeschoolers helping homeschoolers. Find great homeschool writing curriculum resources and recommendations!

Homeschool Writing Curriculum Resources & Recommendations

IEW (Essentials In Writing):  This homeschool curriculum has been highly recommended to me several times. BrandyBJ mentioned this curriculum during Let's Chat About Homeschool Writing scope. Jenn ofChaotic Bliss Homeschoolinguses this with great success with her girls.

Ruth Beechick:  Lori of The End In Mind shared this author and her fantastic homeschool writing resources. I am looking to add How To Write Clearly: The Meaning Approach and The Three R's to our homeschool library.

Adventures In Writing:  I found this workbook on Carson Dellosa for a steal and will be using it as a supplement for Captain this year. I think it will provide us with a bit of structure that he needs.

Write Shop:  This incremental approach to homeschool writing is one of my new favorite sites to visit! Have you checked out Write Shop blog? Tons of great posts, plus free writing prompts and activities, to use with your kids. I am heavily investigating these resources and will be sure to add a few to our homeschool writing curriculum plans this year!

Brave Writer:  Founded by Julie Bogart, Brave Writer has been the answer to my homeschool prayers! The Writer's Jungle has been an invaluable resource for me as a homeschool mom. I have been able to break apart the chains of fear and unrealistic expectations that were holding me back from encouraging my boys to discover their inner writers.

As Melissa of Soaring Arrows and Dachelle of Hide The Chocolate so aptly put, The Writer's Jungle is more a philosophy of homeschooling. Julie encourages us to start where our child is and gently guide them as they forge their path towards writer's bliss (or at least tolerance!). I feel like I can release the pressure valve on our homeschool writing curriculum and allow room for my boys to experiment and grow in their writing.

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I would love to hear about your homeschool writing curriculum recommendations and resources! Please leave a comment and share for all to benefit!

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Let's Chat About Homeschool Art is part of a blog & Periscope series dedicated to homeschoolers helping homeschoolers.

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