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15 Fun Learning Websites for Kids That Will Boost Your Homeschool

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Would you like easy ways to boost your homeschool learning fun? These 15 learning websites for kids will help you simply yet effectively provide engaging ways to learn at home and on-the-go.

These educational sites have been amazing resources for our homeschool with five boys. And I know that your kids can benefit from them, too 🙂


Easily boost your homeschool with these 15 fun learning websites for kids.


How Learning Websites for Kids Can Help You Rock Your Homeschool 

Homeschooling can be a very rewarding experience for you and your child. But, it can also feel overwhelming!

When you need a break but want to keep your kids engaged, learning websites for kids are extremely helpful. These educational sites are also fabulous for brain breaks and special rewards for getting assigned work done.

One of the big advantages to homeschooling is that you can customize your child's education to fit their needs. For many kids, the best way to learn and remember is to enjoy learning through play.

To take full advantage of your child's ability to learn and retain information through play, use technology to your advantage. These online game websites can help teach your child and get them excited about learning.

Tip:  Try these learning websites for kids and bookmark your favorites! You'll be able to easily access these sites whenever you need them 🙂


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1. PBS KIDS Games

These online learning games use popular children's television shows to teach kids in a fun and interactive way. Explore with The Cat in the Hat, wonder down Sesame Street, and stir up some mischief with Curious George. PBS KIDS Games teaches math, science, and literacy in fun games that young kids love to play.


2. Starfall

All five of my boys have loved learning with Starfall! It is our #1 site for preK-grade 3. Your kids will have a blast playing the interactive games and lessons for letters, numbers, reading, and more. 

Recently, I used Starfall's Learn to Read series with our youngest, Xman. Along with the fun videos, these lessons truly helped learning how to read fun and enjoyable.


3. National Geographic Kids

These games are designed to hold your child's interest while exploring the world around them in a new and exciting way. National Geographic Kids offers over 100 games providing kids with interactive science, action, adventure, geography, quiz, and puzzle games that can be used as a perfect addition to your homeschool curriculum.


4. Funbrain

Funbrain is packed with games to help your child work on math, reading, and literacy. With over 100 games designed for preschool to 8th-grade kids can enjoy over 100 interactive games, as well as reading childhood favorites like Diary of a Wimpy Kid.


5. ABCYa.com

ABCYa.com is packed with educational games for elementary schoolers teaching basics of math and literacy using fun online games kids enjoy. These games can make a great way to keep kids busy while you work with another child one-on-one.


Smiling boy wearing colorful striped shirt is holding phone and smiling twin sisters with bright shirts learning against white siding of house as they use tablets for learning fun


6. Highlights Kids

My boys have loved the Highlights magazine over the years. When we found this site, we were super excited! 

This learning fun site has so many wonderful ways to engage kids, like activities, games, jokes, and Hidden Pictures Digital Play. There are also polls for your kids to participate in, tongue twisters, and craft ideas. Highlight Kids is awesome for brain breaks and rainy day fun, too.


7. Teach Your Monster To Read

Teach Your Monster To Read is one of the most popular game-based reading programs. This interactive game teaches elementary-age students basic reading skills in 3 levels that grow with your child. The computer version of this reading game is free! (If you'd like to use the app with your kids, the cost is $4.99. Great if you do a lot of homeschooling on-the-go or have an erratic schedule.)


8. Fuel the Brain

Fuel the Brain is full of educational games and printables you can use in your homeschool. You'll find games for math, literacy, and science for elementary to early middle school children. Be sure to take advantage of the teacher resources to help you with your homeschool teaching journey.


9. GameUp

GameUp is a collection of free educational games from BrainBop, the K12 curriculum used by parents and teachers. These games are designed to supplement curriculum. These games are great for kids to work on basic skills and are aligned to common core and most state standards so you can use it as part of state homeschool requirements.

You'll find amazing learning games for science, social studies, English, math, arts & music, health, and engineering & tech. 


10. NASA Kids

Hop on over to the NASA website and visit the kid's section for great STEM games and activities. NASA Kids games are a great way to get kids excited about space

Your kids will have a blast with awesome activities like ABC's of NASA, driving a rover on Mars, and STEM fun.


11. Khan Academy

We've been using Khan Academy to supplement our homeschool curriculum for several years. The boys love having easy to use and understand videos to explain concepts. And I love having the help and simple ways to give the boys extra practice!

You'll find lessons, videos, and practice for math, science & engineering, test prep, arts & humanities, computing, and economics & finance. My older boys are using the Careers resources to discover what they might like to study and do. 


12. Brainscape

Fun online practice with flashcards! My two high school boys are using Mango Languages this year to learn German. They're using German flashcards on this site as a fun supplement.

There are flashcards available for a variety of subjects and foreign languages. And if you don't find what you need for your homeschool, you can make your own!


13. Google Earth

My boys and I have such fun looking up different places that we've visited or hope to visit someday. Great conversation starters and sparks for researching new areas around the world 🙂

You'll be able to "visit" national parks, learn about different cultures, and play games. Just go to the Voyager section on the site to check out all the learning fun possibilities!


14. Typing Fun

Add some fun typing games to your homeschool with these amazing sites! KidzType is a free online typing game filled with games and activities to help your kids learn how to type. 

Typesy is our homeschool's #1 choice for typing! My boys absolutely love these videos, lessons, and practice. And I've enjoyed watching their typing skills soar!


15. Steve Spangler Science

Find fantastic experiments and other fun science activities to try with your kids. The experiments have step-by-step instructions plus helpful pictures. Also, you'll be able to order supplies right from the site if you'd like to replicate the science fun at home.


What other fun learning websites for kids would you add to this list?
Please share your recommendations and experiences in the comments area below




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  1. Thank you for sharing these websites for learning. It wasn't until the pandemic that I had learned more about these other educational websites to teach my students at home.

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