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Free Poetry Teatime Planner to Enjoy the Celebration with Kids

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New to poetry teatime or want to start this lovely tradition with your kids?

This free printable poetry teatime planner will help you organize and prepare for a fantastic event that you can enjoy with your kids.

Enjoy a lovely poetry teatime with your kids! This free poetry teatime planner will help you organize & prepare for fantastic events that pair poetry with tea time.

Why We Use a Poetry Teatime Planner

This Poetry Teatime Planner has been extremely helpful for me to schedule and organize successful teatimes with my boys. Poetry teatime is one of the highlights of our week.

I created the Poetry Teatime Planner because I found myself unprepared for several teatimes. With an erratic schedule, my head was spinning and I was being pulled in a gazillion directions. I had no special treat nor plan of attack.

Sure, grabbing the nearest snack and opening to random poems worked. I shared a few of our favorite poetry book titles over at iHomeschool Network blog. My boys enjoyed listening to and discussing the wide variety of poems.

But, I felt a disconnect, an awkwardness that did not sit well. I was having a hard time relaxing and enjoying the moment because I felt so scattered and discombobulated.

I knew that if our homeschool was going to rock poetry teatime that we'd need to have a plan and get organized. And to make it really shine, I'd need to make it a collaborative effort with my boys.

Teatime is an excellent time to connect with your kids! Use this free printable teatime planner to organize successful poetry teatimes.

Poetry Teatime Planner: An Interactive Project with Your Kids!

My boys eagerly anticipate our Poetry Teatime events. I thought it would be fun to have them contribute their ideas and hopes for themed poetry teatimes.

We used one of our poetry teatimes to plan future events. I placed our Poetry Teatime Planner on a clipboard. After a few poems were read and discussed, we started brainstorming the types of poems to explore, as well as themes and fun extras.

Nature study and science have been two hot topics in our homeschool.

I was not surprised when Bear, our budding entomologist, requested insects. Professor and Smiley have been doing a bit of bird watching and asked to hear poems about birds. Captain, our pet manager (puppy, cockatiel, Betta fish), agreed that reading poems about animals would be cool. Bear also requested Nursery Rhymes, one of his forever favorite themes.

I jotted down their ideas. Later, I went through a few of our poetry books and recorded their pages for quick reference. And I found amazing inspiration from from Imagination Soup with this list of 50 Best Poetry Books for Children 😊

From those themes, we chatted about sweet treats and snacks, decor, and possible crafts. Poetry teatime with a party planning twist!

Green & white polka dot mugs with tea & yellow flowers & books & sugar cubes with spoons & decorative sugar cookies on linen

An Excellent Resource To Add To Your Poetry Teatime Planner

Our family has been so blessed by the work of Julie Bogart and her Brave Writer team. Her message has helped me find peace in our relaxed, eclectic homeschooling approach.

Naturally, I did a happy dance when I found out that Julie and Brave Writer writing coach, Nancy Graham, collaborated to bring us Poetry Teatime Companion: A Brave Writer Sampler of British and American Poems.  This resource is #1 in our poetry resource section!

Poetry Teatime Companion: A Brave Writer Sampler of British and American PoemsPoetry Teatime Companion: A Brave Writer Sampler of British and American Poems


We use the Poetry Teatime Companion as a spine for our celebrations. With nature and seasonal themes, the selected poems are perfect for our poetry teatime events.

Pretty tea cup on saucer with cookies and pinecone, purple flowers in white pot, and stack of books in the background to feature the special celebration you\'ll be able to enjoy with your kids using these tips, ideas, & free poetry teatime planner

Ready to get started with the awesome experience of poetry teatime with kids?

This simple poetry teatime planner is in black and white. I like to add my own decorations through coloring or stickers (when time permits).

To get your free printable Poetry Teatime Planner, simply subscribe to Rock Your Homeschool.

You can print out as many copies as you need. If you have a friend or co-worker who you think would enjoy this free printable activity, please share the link to this post with them.

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TAP HERE or on the image below to subscribe and get started preparing for awesome fun using this Poetry Teatime Planner!

Teatime Planner is a simple way to schedule & organize your homeschool teatimes. Use this free printable for homeschool teatime success!

If you still have concerns about how to make the most out of your poetry teatime experience with your kids, grab our Enjoying a Relaxed Poetry Teatime with Kids! This guide walks you through creating a relaxed and enjoyable poetry teatime so you can create precious memories 🙂

Discover the positive benefits of this interactive experience for your family. Enjoy a Relaxed Poetry Teatime with Kids is your guide to creating an atmosphere of growth & learning while sampling poetry and treats.

What questions or concerns do you have about using this Poetry Teatime Planner with your kids? Let me know in the comments area!

Pretty tea cup on saucer with spoon and cookies on pink gingham tablecloth with pink flowers & books in background to feature the special celebration you\'ll be able to enjoy with your kids using the tips, ideas, & free poetry teatime planner

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