Know Yourself Adventure Series 1: The 5 Senses & More!

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The Know Yourself Adventure Series 1 is a monthly subscription kit filled with STEAM-based learning resources. If you like to help your kids get engaged & excited in their homeschool learning, you must check out Know Yourself! Adventure Series 1 explores the 5 Senses and so much more! Find out how you can get this valuable resource now!What do you do when you find the perfect resource to add to your homeschool?

Text your hubby & share the good news? Crank up the tunes & do a happy dance with the kids? Sit back and watch the smiles on your kids faces as they become engaged and excited with your homeschool lessons?

When my boys and I started using Know Yourself Adventure Series 1: The 5 Senses, I can honestly answer yes, yes, and yes! There is nothing like seeing your kids' faces light up as they explore and learn new concepts. For me, the joy was multiplied because all the prep work was done! This busy momma loves to save time!

Join me as I share our learning journey with Know Yourself Adventure Series, a fabulous monthly subscription kit that addresses a variety of educational concepts in a fun way. There is so much covered in just one monthly kit! You can find out more about this excellent resource and how you can bring the learning fun to your homeschool here.

Introducing The Know Yourself Adventure Series-come learn with these engaging STEAM-based monthly kits!

Disclaimer:  I received product free for review. I was compensated for my time.
All opinions are 100% my own and a positive review was not required. 

What Makes Know Yourself Adventures Series 1 Unique?

What kid wouldn't love exploring history, science, and psychology via a cool, hands-on learning kit? Oh, and have it all tie together in an educational comic book?

In our modern age of technology, it is becoming harder and harder to capture the attention of many kids. Concerned parents, however, do not have to give up the fight for books over screens. Comic books and graphic novels can be fabulous ways to help kids put down the video game controllers and start reading again.

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The illustrations in the Know Yourself Adventure Series 1 entice readers to find out more. Also, early or struggling readers can benefit from the visual components that compliment the storyline.

The suggest age range for Know Yourself Adventure Series 1 is 7-12. My four older boys (ages 5, 7, 11, 13) all enjoyed the comic and activities. Older brothers helped younger brother, making for a wonderful multi-age, collaborative activity.

The Know Yourself Adventure Series 1: The 5 Senses is a monthly subscription kit that covers history, science, psychology, and more!
Xman testing the Ultra Violet pens.

The activities to explore the 5 Senses are unique and thought-provoking. The boys and I would read the material and make predictions on how our experiments would turn out. We would perform the steps and discuss our results. Often, one of the boys would scamper off in search of a related book in our homeschool library to further explore the concept.


Know Yourself Adventure Series 1 is a monthly subscription kit filled with fun ways to learn history, science, & more!
Captain doing a smell test with different spices.

Check Out All That Know Yourself Adventures Series 1 Includes!

The amount of materials in our first kit astounded us! We had everything we needed to complete all experiments (except ingredients for the 2 Greek food recipes). I love subscription kits and homeschool resources that save me prep time!

A monthly subscription kit with STEAM-based activities, Know Yourself Adventure Series is a fabulous way to engage your kids.
Greek recipes found in the Know Yourself Adventure Series 1 were a great way for the boys to learn more about this cuisine. Food always grabs their attention!

All the Know Your Self Adventure 1 activities and components come inside the Historator, a uniquely designed time traveling machine (such a great way to get kids imaginations going!). Included in the box are the following:

1. Time Skaters Comic, Issue 1: “Fangs of Philosophy” (40 pages)

Know Yourself Adventure Series includes fun learning resources to help your kids learn history, science, and more.
Professor reading Fangs of Philosophy comic book, part of Know Yourself Adventure Series 1.

2. Adventure Guide Booklet (28 pages)

3. Sticker Sheet

4. World Map Poster

5. Vials

6. Egg Shaker

The Know Yourself Adventure Series 1: The 5 Senses is full of hands-on learning fun.
Professor using the egg shaker to complete experiment for learning about the sense of hearing.

7. Secret Ultra-Violet Writing Pens

8. Notebook

9. Putty

Know Yourself Adventure Series is a monthly subscription kit that covers history, science, art, cooking, geography, & more!
We learned about the sense of touch using putty-a fascinating activity!

10. Magnifying Glass


The Know Yourself Adventures series is packed with materials and resources to capture your kid\'s attention and get them on the path to learning fun.
Cool demo of the UV light included in the Know Yourself Adventure
Series 1. Great way to learn about visible & invisible light!


All of these awesome learning fun goodies for only $29.99! I think that is an incredible price considering the fact that your kids are learning about history, science, psychology, art, geography, and cooking!

Here is what the creators of Know Yourself Adventure Series have to say:

Know Yourself is addressing one of the top challenges facing parents today: teaching their children how to be human in the face of addictive technology and overly stimulating diversions. Know Yourself has created an educational pathway to understanding human anatomy, physiology, psychology, and most importantly how they work together to move any person toward their full potential.


The boys have been revisiting their experiments and excitedly demonstrating their knowledge (Coach gets quite a show every night!). The most frequently used items from the Historator have been the UV Light Pens and mini-notebooks. Smiley and Bear have been leaving secret "messages" for each other, kind of like a treasure hunt. Great for practicing writing and art skills!

So much wonderful learning fun to be found in Know Yourself Adventure Series 1! Remember, you can find out more at Know Yourself. Make sure to follow on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

I can't wait to share about how the boys and I will be using Know Yourself Adventure Series 2:  The Skeletal System (it's set  in Russia!).

What part of this monthly subscription kit to you know would rock your homeschool?


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