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10 Best Summer Outdoor Activities for Sensational Fun for Kids

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These summer outdoor activities will be outstanding ways to enjoy sensational fun with your kids.

My five boys and I have had a blast with these activities for making summer rock.

I hope these ideas help you have a fantastic time with your kids, too!

Enjoy the 10 best summer outdoor activities for sensational fun with your kids.

Make This Summer ROCK with Fun Outdoor Activities

This summer will be a season of celebration- I just know it! If you want to get in on the fun, then planning some awesome ways to get kids outside to do what they do best- playing- might be on your list of things to do. 

I wrote out some of the top toys to get your kids outside and help them make this summer full of awesome memories. The best part? All you need is a quick visit to Amazon and you’ll be able to get everything that you need. 

I wrote up a list of the absolute must-haves to have your kids playing outside to help you see exactly what you need. 

Curious to see what made the list? Keep reading...

Kids blowing bubbles outside & kids spraying hoses & playing in the water to feature the 10 best summer outdoor activities for sensational fun

Top 10 Summer Outdoor Activities for Fun with Kids

1. Yardzhee

This game is one of our FAVORITE ways to have summer outdoor fun. My boys and I have enjoyed this super fun game morning, afternoon, and night during the summer. It's also a fantastic way to practice math skills 😉

2. Sidewalk Chalk

There are SO many ways to enjoy summer fun activities with sidewalk chalk. A few ideas to enjoy with your kids include:

Boy blowing bubbles in cup & plastic horseshoe game to feature how you can enjoy these 10 best summer outdoor activities for sensational fun with your kids

3. Sandbox

Sandboxes are one the oldest and best activities for sensory play. Think about it- what childhood doesn’t involve a sandbox?

If you plan on having your kids play outside, this resource is the perfect addition to your backyard to keep them entertained for hours! Pretty neat, right?   

4. Beyond Outdoors Giant Connect 4 

For the most entertaining outdoor activity, this Giant Connect 4 Game is an excellent choice. For years to come, your family will beg you to pull out this game to play all afternoon long no matter their age. This super cool game that's perfect for outdoors is really a wonderful way to make special memories with your kids 🎉 

5. Water Guns

These water guns are perfect for the whole family. This special pack comes with 4 water guns and can lead to hours of fun in and out of the pool or yard. I love how they come in different colors and are perfect for chasing a kid (or 2). 

The bonus to these water guns is that you can take these activities just about anywhere on your trip, like the beach or on a hike. 

Make this summer extra special with your kids using these 10 best summer outdoor activities.

6. Slip N’ Slide

Remember how much fun slip n’ slides were when you were a kid? Well, I have news for you- it's still true. Slip n’ slides are one of the most fun things that you can get for your yard. And this rainbow slip n’ slide is no exception. Hook it up with the hose and watch as the kids (and maybe a few grownups) have fun all afternoon. 

Bonus tip- throw some dish soap on it and really watch them fly!

7. Big Bubbles Kit

This kit is just SO AWESOME that I couldn’t leave it off of the list! My boys and I have had so much fun with this kit 🎉This big bubbles kit makes gigantic bubbles and is one of the most fun ways to spend the afternoon. 

Imagine, the kids are playing in the pool or yard and you decide to set this up. You begin blowing giant bubbles over their heads as they're playing and it becomes one of their favorite memories. 

This is what outside memories are made of 😀

8. Rocket Launcher

I ❤️️ these rocket launchers. These toys are made of great quality so that the rocket shoots up to 100 feet in the air. It's so awesome and you could totally add a homeschool lesson in there about all of the science that goes into it!

My favorite part about this toy? The rocket launches by someone stomping on the pedal, making it completely air-powered. That means it doesn’t require any batteries or plugins - which means the kids can just set up and play!

9. Geometric Dome Climber

This geometric dome climber can help kids burn off every last ounce of energy that they have - and it works. They will climb, twist, and turn on this sturdy toy for hours while they make up game after game. It's awesome!

And this "toy" is awesome for adults, too! Don't be surprised if your significant other (or yourself) wants to join the fun.

10. Pretend Camping Set Up

This play camping kit comes with over 30 toys for kids who just want to camp all summer long. Set up the tent then let your kids reenact awesome camping adventures over and over again.

If you can, fill a cooler with snacks and water bottles to keep them hydrated and full.

More Ways to Enjoy Summer Outdoor Activities for Kids

Want some more fun and frugal ways to enjoy summer fun with your kids?

Check out these awesome activities with Dollar Tree resources that my boy and I have enjoyed for easy summer fun!

Oh, and you can always try a new activity - like fly fishing! Great way to explore interests and have fun 😊

There are plenty of ways to enjoy summer outside activities with kids. With a bit of planning ahead and getting organized, you'll have a variety of summer fun activities for your kids to enjoy!

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