Free June Doodle Prompts for Creative Fun with Kids

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Join the daily doodling fun! Free instant download of June Doodle Prompts for creative fun with kids. Great way to connect:)


Let's get ready for some super creative fun with kids this June! Here is a free instant download of doodle prompts that will help you easily add daily sparkle to your learning fun.

Daily doodle prompts are fantastic ways to inspire and encourage your kids to get their imaginations going. With just one or two words, your kids are given that gentle nudge to put pencil to paper and start doodling. There's nothing holding them back!

Doodling typically occurs when you are bored or listening to someone talk. It is often done without much thought. Daily doodle prompts tweak this natural occurrence a bit.

As awesome as doodling is for helping with fine motor skills and creative thinking, some kids become frozen when asked to doodle. Deer in headlights type of thing. "I can't think of anything to draw!" is heard.

Doodle prompts provide kids with a place to start. Simple topics are chosen to correspond with our free monthly homeschool fun calendars.

If a child still feels stuck, you can doodle the word yourself or check out examples in a book or online. The entire process is meant to stress-free and fun.


free printable June doodle prompts for kids


Free Instant Download of June Doodle Prompts

Here is your chance to get started with adding daily creative fun to your homeschool and family! Doodling only requires a piece of paper and a pencil. Some families like to add colored pencils, crayons, and markers to their doodling experience. Use whatever works for you and your family.

To access your free instant download of June Doodle Prompts, CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW!  Download, print, and get ready for some amazing creative fun with your kids! Because doodling isn't just for kids! Use this time to connect with your kids in a very special way.

thumbnail of June Daily Doodle Prompts

Our family uses these daily doodle prompts in our homeschool morning gathering time. When and how will you add these to your day?

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