How to Make Homeschool High School American History Interesting

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Homeschooling high school can be a challenge. Not only are the subjects more intense, but it can feel nearly impossible to find something that captures your teen's attention and keeps their interest.

Do you have a subject or two like that for your kids?

For our family, it's American History. My two older boys have different needs and desires when it comes to history. I was having a heck of a time finding something that would work for both boys so we could save time and money.

Disclaimer: I received product for free and was compensated for my time. All opinions are honest and I wasn't required to post a positive review.

I felt like I hit the jackpot when I heard about an American History I curriculum that could work with both my boys. Here's a bit more about our experiences with Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum (PAC) and how it is helping us rock our homeschool 🙂


Rising to the Occasion: Finding an American History I Curriculum to Fit Our Needs

American history presents our homeschool with a unique challenge. Captain, our oldest, tolerates history studies. He knows its a requirement for his homeschool portfolio and high school transcripts.

When Captain has to tolerate something, I find it best to find the most interesting and easy way to present the information 😉

And then we have Professor, our 12-year-old history buff. This tween collects history books and resources for fun. He constantly has at least one history book in his possession at all times, often two or more to cross-reference. Even in his soccer bag for "a bit of light reading" at soccer tournaments and games.

Professor has been craving a history curriculum that could challenge him while providing new facts and things to consider. Technically in seventh grade, he is eligible in our state to start earning homeschool high school credits this year. Combining Professor with Captain (ninth grade) was a no-brainer in our large family homeschool.

You can make homeschool high school American History interesting with Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum. Find out why my boys love their history lessons!

Making American History I Interesting for Our Homeschool

We have all been super impressed with PAC American History I! Each of us appreciates it for different reasons.

As a busy homeschool mom with five boys to plan for and teach, I have found the open-and-go format invaluable in saving precious time. I had been worried that making history interesting for my boys would consume much of my limited time. I've actually gained time because my boys will get the resources out and ready to go!

Also, I feel like my stress level has gone down a notch or two because I know we're using a quality curriculum that's effective. Figuring out high school transcript credits and preparing homeschool portfolios (we live in Pennsylvania where they are required) tends to make me want to bang my head against a concrete wall.

Now, I know that if my boys successfully complete American History I using PAC curriculum that they will have earned 1 high school history credit plus I can easily select their best work to include in their portfolios.The Activity Book with reproducible worksheets (you can make multiple copies for family use) makes this job easy peasy!

The text and activity books for American History from Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum will help you easily make it interesting & engaging.

Professor loves to point out the new facts and information that he's learned using PAC American History I. He continues his cross-referencing activities and has been pleasantly surprised to discover how this high school history curriculum has allowed him to advance in his studies. "You really feel like you're getting a better picture of what it was like to live in that period of history and find out so much more . Like, I had no idea that Captain John Smith had been a soldier-of-fortune!"

With a big grin, Professor adds, "I like that it's in black and white. That way, I'm not distracted by crazy colors or pictures. It's much easier to focus on what we're reading." That's my practical guy 😉 Don't be surprised if you find your teens reading history for fun! With Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum, American History comes to life!

Captain appreciates the unique format of PAC American History I. Instead of a large, intimidating textbook, chapters are presented in smaller sizes, kind of like a magazine. Captain feels like this presentation is less overwhelming and "feels like I can actually read all of it!". Chapters are broken down into sections which are broken down into topics. "It's not all smushed and jumbled together" but separated into easy-to-comprehend parts.

The clean layout of Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum's American History text makes it easy to read and use.


So, how do we use PAC's American History I and make it interesting? We take turns reading aloud. And we discuss it. Then, the boys complete their activity worksheets, quizzes, or extra study of materials in their Student Resource Kit.

PAC (Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum) will help you make homeschool high school American History interesting.
Here's Professor memorizing The Mayflower Compact. For extra credit and fun 🙂

Yeah, nothing earth-shattering or super creative. But, we've found it doesn't need to be. The information in the texts is engaging, full of fascinating facts and details. I figure if it ain't broke, why try to fix it 😉


Eureka! A Homeschool High School Curriculum for American History I That Works!

My boys and I are happy to report that our experiences with Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum's American History I have thus far been successful. In fact, my boys have surprised me by requesting to use more PAC resources for their homeschool high school studies.

They plan to continue their history studies with American History II next year and then World History. Another course that my boys will definitely be taking is PAC's Character and Skills for Home and Careers to help them be well-equipped for life in the real world.

A few other reasons why PAC American History has worked for our homeschool include:

  • Clear instructions are provided for completing the course and what to do if a student is struggling. These steps and tips are fabulous for homeschool families that would like a bit of guidance and support for their history studies.
  • Life Principles with relevant and inspirational quotes provided at the end each topic (great for conversation starters, too!)
  • Easy to read text that packs a punch! No time wasting here!
  • Vocabulary box for each topic. Makes it so much easier to comprehend and talk about the material with the definitions right there.

Ooh! More Good News about This American History I Curriculum! You can now get 40% off when single parents/guardian or combined group single order (shipped to a single location) of $2000 or more. (I'm thinking this would be great for a co-op!)

20% off - first-time PAC customers, policemen, firemen, EMT, EMS, other first-responders, farmers, ranchers, pastors, missionaries, wounded warriors, or combined group single order, shipped to a single location, of $1000 or more.

Customers can contact PAC to receive a discount code. Get the information you need at PAC Works Curriculum Discounts.

Which features of Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum's American History I would help you make homeschool history interesting?

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  1. I'm curious. I worked for PAC as the production manager, IT guy and whatever else Dr. Johnson needed. I worked there for 8+ years, and my wife worked 10. Do the books sold in the last couple of years have my name in the credits?

    H. Michael Young

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