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Water Cycle Activities for Kids: 21 Fun Science Ideas

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These water cycle activities for kids are wonderful ways to take your science fun to the next level.

I've gathered some of our favorite ways to learn about the water cycle. My boys and I have had a blast with these hands-on activities, experiments, and printables. Such simple and creative ways to really dive into the water cycle and all of its parts!

Let's explore these outstanding ideas for water cycle fun and see how easy it is to boost your science time and more.

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Four examples of water cycle activities for kids with glass jar and sponge with blue water, plastic bag on leaf, green food coloring and salt, and plastic water bottle with blue water.

The Wonders of Water Cycle Fun

Need simple and creative ways to help your kids learn about how the water cycle works? If you're planning and preparing for water cycle lesson activities, you'll love these ideas and resources!

Whenever one of my boys gets to the water cycle part of their homeschool science fun, I give a little squeal. There are so many awesome ways to make these science concepts come to life.

I've discovered that it's helpful to have a variety of activities when it comes to teaching and exploring a new concept. This approach covers all learning styles plus makes it easier to really solidify concepts. Also, I believe it provides you and your children with opportunities to take your learning fun to the next level.

Before embarking on any educational activity with my boys, I like to have all of the supplies that we'll need ready. This step takes the stress out of running around looking for everything and allows us to jump into the learning fun.

To make it easier on you (and me!) to enjoy these water cycle activities, I've made this list of materials that will be smart to have gathered for your use:

  • White cardstock
  • Regular printer paper
  • Printer
  • Writing tools - like pencils and erasable pens
  • Coloring tools - like crayons, color pencils, and fine-tip markers
  • Clear plastic sandwich bags
  • Water
  • Blue food coloring
  • Bottles - plastic, glass
  • Bowl - clear glass
  • Black permanent marker
  • Paper plates
  • Scissors
  • Sponge
  • Salt
  • Shaving cream

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21 Water Cycle Activities for Kids

Ready for some water cycle fun? My boys and I consider these activities to be the best when it comes to learning about the water cycle:

Free printable pages and example of water cycle diorama kit.

Water Cycle Diorama for a Fun Science Project

This water cycle diorama kit is such a fun, hands-on learning activity to enjoy with your kids. This free printable set makes it easy to do a mess-free science project with fantastic visual tools. 

Examples of free printable pack of water cycle worksheets with drop of water.

Water Cycle Worksheets: Free Printable Pack of Science Fun Activities for Kids

These free water cycle worksheets are great for boosting your science fun! Your kids will have a blast with this assortment of activities in this printable pack. Get creative ideas for enjoying these activities and how you can get your free set of water cycle worksheets today.

Examples of this free printable water cycle learning pack.

Water Cycle Worksheet Learning Pack

This water cycle learning pack provides a comprehensive learning pack with worksheets to help your student learn and understand the water cycle.

Water cycle illustration and example of mini water cycle model.

Make a Mini Water Cycle Model

This mini water cycle project offers a creative guide to constructing a mini water cycle at home. Such a cool visual tool for kids!

Water cycle in a bag example with free printable.

Water Cycle In A Bag

Using this water cycle in a bag activity, you can illustrate a simple experiment to simulate the water cycle using a plastic bag. Includes free printable instructions and explanation of the science behind this activity!

Upside down plastic water bottle with blue food coloring to show this water cycle in a bottle science experiment.

Water Cycle in a Bottle Science Experiment

With the help of this science experiment, you can practice demonstrating the water cycle in a bottle. It's easy to do and only requires a few materials.

Person holding lid of glass bottle that is part of a water cycle in a bottle experiment.

Water Cycle in a Bottle

Here's another way to try the water cycle in a bottle experiment! This water cycle activity presents a fun, hands-on activity to understand the water cycle.

Glass bowl with water, ice, and plastic wrap for an easy water cycle science experiment.

Easy Working Indoor Water Cycle Science Experiment for Kids

This water cycle science activity proposes an engaging science activity visually explaining the water cycle. I love that it only uses a few supplies and is so easy to do!

Woman holding clear plastic bottle and using black permanent marker to draw the water cycle.

Water Cycle In A Bottle

Another bottle experiment to try and use to compare results! Using this water cycle discovery bottle, you’ll find all the details on creating a discovery bottle showcasing the water cycle.

Example of free printable water cycle worksheets with smiling rain drop.

FREE Printable Water Cycle Worksheets for Kids

Variety of free printable worksheets focused on the water cycle to help boost your science fun.

Bowl of ice on pot and condensation to show the water cycle.

All About Rain and The Water Cycle

In this lesson about rain and the water cycle, you’ll enjoy an in-depth exploration and experiment. It's perfect for young learners!

Examples of water cycle paper plate craft.

2 FUN, Hands-on Water Cycle Activities for Kids

Get two for one with this set of activities! These activities feature two interactive activities centered on the water cycle. One activity is another bottle experiment. The other activity helps you make an awesome visual tool of the water cycle on a paper plate.

Examples of water cycle activities based on the book the Little Raindrop.

Learning about the Water Cycle with Little Raindrop

Here are super super cute water cycle activities based on the book Little Raindrop. I love how you can customize these hands-on projects!

Free printable set of Learn All About It The Water Cycle for Kindergarten.

The Water Cycle for Kindergarten Activities

Teach your little ones about the water cycle with this easy lesson plan for kids! This set targets kindergarten learners with a tailored water cycle lesson.

Water cycle cartoon to feature this lesson, printable, and experiment.

Water Cycle Lesson

This lesson plan provides a well-structured water cycle lesson with a scientific approach

Sponge on top of glass jar with blue water being added to top.

Raining Sponge Activity

Using this raining sponge activity, you can use this project to illustrate a simple and fun raining sponge experiment related to the water cycle.

Variety of water and rain cycle science experiments and activities.

Water Cycle, Rain Cycle Science Experiments and Craftivity

Find a variety of science experiments, printables, and activities for demonstrating the water and rain cycles.

Bowl with water, salt, and green food coloring.

Learning About the Exciting Water Cycle with Salt

Use this water cycle salt experiment to explain the evaporation process to your students.

Glass bowl with shaving cream, water, and blue food coloring for a rain cloud experiment.

All About Rain and The Water Cycle

This post outlines a unit study on the water cycle with a special focus on a rain cloud experiment.

Examples of water cycle worksheets.

Water Cycle Worksheets (Free PDF)

These water cycle worksheets provide print-and-go ways to cover the water cycle in a fun and engaging way.

Child holding plastic bag that is secured over a leaf to learn about leaf transpiration and its role in the water cycle.

Leaf Transpiration Experiment

In this experiment, you’ll find a detailed guide to conducting a leaf transpiration experiment, a key part of the water cycle.

Water Cycle Science for the WIN!

Aren't these water cycle activities for kids absolutely wonderful? So many creative ideas and fantastic resources to try!

We would love to know which of these water cycle activities you will be trying first. Please share in the comment area at the bottom of the post!

Wishing you and your kids tons of water cycle fun!

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