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25 Easy Ways to Enjoy Fall Learning Fun in Your Homeschool

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Fall learning fun can be easy with kids!

Check out these 25 amazing ways to have Fall Learning Fun.

Fantastic ideas that will help you create an awesome Autumn of learning fun activities!

Enjoy these 25 easy Fall Learning Fun activities in your homeschool this year.

Get ready to enjoy some fantastic activities, crafts, art, and hands-on learning fun in your homeschool with your kids.

Fall is such a special time of year! Outstanding opportunities to weave in nature themes to your homeschool fun.

Prepare and plan for some awesome Fall learning fun in your homeschool with these 25 activities:

25 Ways to Have Fall Learning Fun in Your Homeschool

Chalk Pastels with Fall Themes

1. Fall Video Chalk Art Lessons

The chalk pastel art lessons from You Are An Artist! are simply delightful! This course contains step-by-step video tutorials for nine different Fall-themed art projects. You can sample a free lesson on drawing a pumpkin to get a taste for what to expect.
Fall Video Art Lessons for All Ages

2. Preschool Fall Video Art Lessons

Do you have younger kids who would like to get started with chalk pastels? These four video art lessons help your preschoolers learn how to use chalk pastels and draw Fall-themed objects. Here's a free lesson for preschoolers on how to draw a chalk pastel apple.
Fall Video Art Lessons for All Ages

Fall-Themed Printables

3. Pumpkins

Here's a Rock Your Homeschool exclusive! Free printable pack of pumpkin-themed coloring pages and more!    Includes printable pages for tracing, handwriting practice, and an adorable craft with a song.

4. Fall Learning Fun with Spiders

Another Rock Your Homeschool exclusive! Have some learning fun with these smart spiders! Free printable pack includes activities for coloring, handwriting practice, maze, and more.

5. Fall-Themed Playdough Mats

Enjoy these free printable playdough mats.  Includes six Fall themes that you can laminate and use with playdough or simply color!

6. Fall Scavenger Hunt

Go on a Fall scavenger hunt with this free printable list with visual prompts (great for all ages!).

7. Fall Dot Painting Printables

Here are eight free printable pages for dot painting (bingo daubers) with Fall themes. Great for all ages!

8. Free Homeschool Fall Bucket List for Family Fun

This homeschool fall bucket list includes fabulous ideas for Fall family fun. One of our favorite activities is the Candy Corn Estimate.

9. Question of the Day for Fall

Free printables for fun questions about fall (and lots of other topics) to chat about with your kids.

Crafts for Fall Learning Fun

10. Apple Coffee Filter Craft

Such a cute and easy craft to do with all ages! Younger kids can follow these directions. Older kids could include more details on an apple's anatomy.

11. STEAM Autumn Leaves

Teach your kids about absorption as they have Fall learning fun! This simple craft turns into a science lesson plus beautiful display.

12. Leaf Rubbing

For this craft, you need leaves, paper, and crayons. Simply put a leaf under the paper on a hard surface. Gently rub a crayon across the paper. Make a leaf rubbing collage! As you work on your leaf rubbing, identify the parts of a leaf.

Young boy in red shirt laying down with hands behind head & smiling with a leaf on his chest & leaves, pinecones, wreath, and apples on wood background for Fall learning fun

13. Fall Learning Fun for Leaf Printing

You will need leaves, paper, paint, and a flat bowl or pan. Lightly dip on side of a leaf into the paint. Remove excess paint from the leaf with a paper towel. Gently press leaf onto paper like a stamp.

14. 3D Construction Paper Apple Tree

This Fall craft only requires construction paper, scissors, and glue. This project could be great for all ages. Keep it simple for younger kids and help when necessary. Encourage older kids to add more details to their cuts and apple tree design.

15. Gorgeous Accordion Fold Fall Paper Leaf Banner

This Fall craft will require more prep work and help from mom or older siblings. If you don't have some of the materials (like liquid watercolors), use what you have! Create a beautiful leaf banner to adorn your homeschool area!

16. Textured Pumpkins Using Crayon Rubbings

This art activity gets you up and exploring your surroundings before you even begin. You will go on a texture hunt to use to create different colored textures on a pumpkin you draw (or use one of these free pumpkin coloring pages).

17. Apple Prints for Fall Learning Fun

Cut an apple in half and dip into yellow, green, or red paint. Use as a stamp on paper for fun apple prints.

Boy & girl with apples covering eyes & smiling laying on grass by pile of apples & gold leaves

Autumn Activities for Kids

18. Sew an Apple Fall Craft

Awesome hands-on activity that uses only a few materials! Great way to encourage kids to develop fine motor skills as they work on this lacing exercise.

19. Spider Races

Super fun activity that only uses small plastic spiders and straws. Each child gets one straw and one plastic spider. Designate a start and finish line. Establish ground rules for their safety and your sanity. Ask questions like, "How hard do you have to blow on your straw to get the spider to move?" and "What position do you need to place your straw to effectively move the spider?". Give plenty of time for practice!

20. Glow Necklace Pumpkin Ring Toss

This ring toss game will get glowing reviews! Make sure to use a pumpkin with a tall stem. See how far back you can stand and still get a ringer!

21. Leaf Matching

Gather a variety of leaves. Spread out leaves to examine and sort. Match like leaves. Once you have completed the matching process, identify the leaves.

22. Homeschool Fun Calendars for Fall Learning Fun

Keep up-to-date on special holidays and events to celebrate in your homeschool for Fall learning fun. Use your free printable homeschool fun calendars with weekly materials checklists to help you plan for fun.

23. Preserve Fall Leaves

Take your kids step-by-step through preserving Fall leaves and make a cute craft!

24. Fall Playdough Recipes

Here are four easy to make playdough recipes with Fall themes. Create great smelling playdough and use to make Fall-themed items like pumpkins, apples, leaves, spiders, and more.

25. Falling Leaves Math Activity

Use real or fake leaves for this fun hands-on math activity.

I hope these 25 Ways to Have Fall Learning Fun in Your Homeschool help you plan and prepare for some special moments with your kids this Autumn.

What are other ways that you like to add Fall learning fun to your homeschool?

Have some awesome Fall learning fun in your homeschool with these activities, crafts, & more!

Oh, and here are a few FREE learning fun packs with Fall themes:

Free Football Printables Pack Full of Coloring Pages and Fun Activities

Free Soccer Cootie Catcher

Learning Fun with Pumpkins (Free)

Fall leaves, pinecones, sticks, and acorns and girl looking into forest holding leaves to feature how you can use these 25 Fall fun activities for your homeschool

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