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Free Football Printables Pack Full of Coloring Pages and Fun Activities

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This free football printables pack is a fantastic way to make learning fun. You’ll be able to kick off a wave of excitement for your kids. This set is a game changer!

Get your children excited about drawing, math, and coloring using these football activities. These printable pages are a winning play in using educational resources with kids.

When you want to encourage your children to get creative and help them practice numbers, tracing, and creative writing, these football activities are a must-have in your collection of learning fun printables. So, gear up for a touchdown of creativity and let the festivities begin!

Examples of free printable football activities for kids.

Score! These free printable football activities are awesome ways to engage kids in educational fun.

You'll feel like you made a field goal as you watch your students smile as they work on these cool printables with football themes.

Why Football Printables for Kids Are Such Fun

If your kids watch football on television or enjoy playing it at home, they’re going to naturally look forward to any work that has to do with the sport.

In other words, build on your kids' interest to easily make learning fun!

Football activities are also cool for seasonal fun. Great way to keep kids busy when a big game is on 😉

If you're getting ready for the start of the football season or celebrating the Super Bowl, these printables are smart ways to keep your kids entertained.

The goal behind this free football printables pack is to get kids excited and motivated to complete the pages, even if it’s little by little.

For instance, you can start with one page a day. Or just let your kids go!

These free football printable activities are fabulous for:

  • Homeschool brain breaks
  • Football-themed parties or events
  • Rainy day fun
  • Boredom busters
  • Morning time work
  • On-the-go learning fun (pop onto a clipboard and enjoy while waiting at appointments or in the car)
  • Game day fun for your football fans
Free football printables pack cover and football coloring pages to feature the fantastic ways to make learning fun with this set.

Bonus of Using These Printables: Extra Writing Practice

If your kids could use some extra practice with writing skills, these football activities will be super helpful.

The fun themes will make it not even seem like work!

You'll find tracing activities that work to improve fine motor skills (which makes writing easier).

The football-themed writing prompts will boost creative writing skills. Your kids will be encouraged to think about and formulate their response. They can stick with traditional ideas or think outside the box to customize their writing.

What Makes These Football Printables So Fun?

🏈 Football Coloring Pages

While the printable pack includes a math worksheet for practicing numbers and writing prompts for improving writing skills, it also comes with football coloring pages.

These coloring pages give children a break from educational activities. Instead, your kids can choose any colors they’d like to use to fill in the blank pages. Or they go with their favorite team colors!

🏈 Wide Variety of Football Activities 

The printable pack also includes a mix activities to give children something to look forward to doing.

For example, your kids can create their own football character, connect the dots to create additional images, and even practice cutting and pasting. You can turn the football character into DIY projects by printing on cardstock paper to make more durable.

These activities improve fine motor skills, keep children entertained, and provide learning experiences.

Free football printables and coloring pages to feature how you can use this free set for fantastic learning fun for your kids

4 Tips to Boost the Fun with This Free Football Printables Pack

Here are a few tips and tricks to consider to make the most of these fun football activities:

Complete the pages with your kids:

It’s that simple. You can lead by example, making sure to print out enough pages to have a set for each child and a set for yourself.

Sure, you already know math and writing, but it’s a great way to encourage your little ones to complete the activity. If your kids see you doing it, they’ll feel more inclined to complete the pages, too!

Let your kids pick which sheet to do first:

Instead of making the decision, let your children decide which printable they’d like to use. Even if it means starting with a coloring sheet, it’s okay.

When you give them the chance to choose, your kids will have more motivation to get things done. It’s a great way to encourage time away from the electronics and onto something that can genuinely make a difference.

Provide a variety of tools for your kids to pick from:

Make sure you have the proper tools provided to your children to use with their worksheets.

For example, I recommend having available some neatly sharpened pencils, a box of crayons, and safety scissors for the cutting process. Color pencils, markers, and watercolor paints are fun extras.

You won’t need much to make use of these printable activities, but it helps to have a few items that your children can put to good use.

Have fun with the activities:

Keep it light and relaxed! Play some music in the background (or put on a football game).

Consider it quality time spent with your little ones. Make jokes, tell stories, and share lots of laughter to have an enhanced experience. If you’re making it fun for your kids, they’ll love the activities - and willl look forward to doing more of them in the future.

Football printables pack cover with coloring pages, addition, and more to feature how you can use these activities to make learning fun

Use the Free Football Printables as a Learning Resource

WooHoo! You're on your way to having fantastic football fun with your kids!

This free football printables pack full of coloring pages and fun activities has 11 pages, including:

  • Draw Me! Football tracing activity
  • Football Addition
  • Football Maze
  • Parts of a Football Player (can be used as a poster, conversation starter, or writing prompt)
  • Draw Me! Foam Hand tracing activity
  • If I Were a Football Player... (writing and coloring activity)
  • Football Player coloring page (color and add jersey number)
  • What Comes Next? Football-themed patterns
  • Connect the Dots Football Trophy
  • 2 Football-Themed coloring pages

You can certainly print as many of these pages as you need to enjoy with your kids, for personal use, class, homeschool co-op, or library event. Want to share with a friend or co-worker? Cool! Please share the link to this post 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing!

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This free football printables pack is a fantastic way to make learning fun for kids. Includes football coloring pages and more!

How will you use these football printables? What other sports would your kids love to have for learning fun activities?

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