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Easy Way to Make Fun Happen in Your Homeschool Day

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Would you like to add fun to your homeschool day but have a few concerns? Find out how you can still enjoy the benefits of homeschool fun, even when you have a busy schedule.

Is It Okay to Make Fun Happen in Your Homeschool?

You may have a few questions or concerns about homeschool fun and if it's right for your family. Some common concerns are:

  • Fluff:  What's the point of adding fun to your homeschool? I answer those questions in adding fun to your homeschool
  • Loss of Control:  You may fear that fun will take over your homeschool day and nothing else will get done.
  • Lack of Focus:  What if you start the day with homeschool fun or use it as a break? How will you get your kids (and yourself) back to work?
  • Money:  Homeschool fun activities and projects sound expensive.
  • Mess:  When you think of homeschool fun, you think mess. And who has time for that?!?
  • Time:  You feel like you don't have time to get done all the work you need to do. How in the world can you have time for homeschool fun?

I totally understand these fears and concerns about adding fun to your homeschool. As a busy homeschool soccer mom to five boys, I know the challenges of homeschooling with an erratic schedule and getting #allthethings done. I do, however, also know the amazing benefits of homeschool fun.

One of my biggest fears about including homeschool fun activities into our day was that it was just fluff. Or that others would see it that way.

I had to learn to let all those negative thoughts go and focus on what our homeschool needed. My boys and I needed easy ways to connect, take breaks from our hard work, and have fun activities to look forward to.

And when I let go of my concerns and fears about adding fun to homeschooling, my boys began to thrive in their learning, family, and social lives. The easy-to-do and affordable homeschool fun activities gave our homeschool the boost it needed.

How do I make homeschool fun activities a natural and manageable part of our daily lives? With one simple solution 🙂


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Simple Solution to Make Fun Happen in Your Homeschool

To help you conquer some of those homeschool fun concerns and fears, I've got one simple solution for you. A Homeschool Fun Timer!

With a homeschool fun timer, you can still experience the benefits of homeschool fun but with more control and focus. A homeschool fun timer helps you:

  • Have a better sense of control
  • Focus your homeschool fun efforts
  • Know you're making fun happen, even when life is busy
  • Not stress about homeschool fun because you know it's not going to take over your day

How much time should you allot for homeschool fun? Well, that choice depends on your family. I typically set aside 20-30 minutes a day and use that time to connect with my boys. Some days, we're lucky to get in 5 minutes. Other days, it might be an hour. It really depends on our erratic schedule. Here are a few things to consider when determining how much time to set on your homeschool fun timer:

  • Number of kids
  • Ages of kids
  • Homeschool schedule/routine
  • Purpose of your homeschool fun activities (connection, break from each other, skill development, etc.)
  • Where you will be doing your homeschool fun activity (if you need to go outside or set up materials, factor that into your plans!)

Now, I'm not suggesting that you act like a drill sergeant or be robotic in your homeschool fun. Go with the flow and tweak when necessary 😉

I encourage you to use your homeschool fun timer as a guideline to keep you on track and let go of stress associated with homeschool fun. For example, if you decide to play this Harry Potter-Inspired Drawing Game and you're having tons of fun with your kids, you may choose to add five minutes to your homeschool fun timer if your schedule permits. Or decide to really dig in and focus on completing your homeschool work so you can get back to the fun game later.

Or maybe your kids are having a rough day. You usually set your homeschool fun timer to twenty minutes. Well, as a consequence to not cooperating, you may subtract five minutes from the time. Of course, you can always leave the option to earn back those minutes!


What To Use for Your Homeschool Fun Timer

A homeschool fun timer is an excellent tool for motivation and focus. For your kids and you 🙂

The timer you use doesn't have to be fancy. You can use a kitchen timer, like the one on a microwave or stove. Your phone may have an app with a timer feature. A device like Echo Dot or Google Home can work, too.

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More Tips to Make Fun Happen in Your Homeschool

So, a homeschool fun timer helps you manage your time and gives a bit of control. Homeschool Fun Rules and Expectations help you customize your homeschool fun activities in ways you feel comfortable and best fit the needs of your family. This free printable guides you in setting up your rules and expectations for homeschool fun.

K.I.S.S.:  Keep It Simple, Sweetie! Homeschool fun doesn't have to be complicated, expensive, nor messy. Easy-to-use resources (like the ones listed below) help you do that.

Homeschool Brain Breaks

Conversation Starters for Fun Chats with Kids

Celebrate Fun Holidays in Your Homeschool!

Virtual Field Trips (take the work and stress off you as you enjoy learning new things with your kids)


How can a homeschool fun timer help you make fun happen in your homeschool day?

You can enjoy your homeschool, even when life gets busy. Find out how this homeschool soccer mom of 5 boys makes homeschool fun happen every day!

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