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Free Growth Mindset Coloring Bookmarks for Kids

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Growth mindset coloring bookmarks are excellent ways to helps your kids practice and use these positive life skills.

Take a closer look at these coloring bookmarks for kids and discover creative ways to use these free printables for growth mindset activities.

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Woman holding growth mindset coloring bookmark with color pencils in background.

A Brief Look at Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

Growth mindset skills have become an important part of our homeschool and family.

As a former mental health therapist, I seek out new and better ways to help my boys naturally embrace these growth-oriented characteristics whenever I can. My goal is to cultivate a I-can-do-it attitude towards life.

Carol Dweck, a pioneer in growth mindset research, found that people have tendencies towards either a fixed or growth mindset. Her book, Mindset, provides an in-depth look at these concepts. I'll do my best to recap here:

Fixed mindset occurs when an individual believes certain traits or abilities are set and no amount of work or effort can improve them. For example, your child might think that he's not a very good writer so he'll never get any better-that's just the way it is. Or maybe you think you're not a natural singer so you'll never be good at it.

Fixed mindset holds you back. It prevents you from trying or getting better. You think you can't so you don't.

Growth mindset is the opposite. This attitude is more than just positive.

People with a growth mindset approach the world with curiousity, creativity, and courage.

For example, your child is learning how to play soccer. She trips over the ball a dozen times. Her kick barely moves the soccer ball a few feet.

But, she doesn't give up. Your child practices dribbling and shooting with persistence and passion. She doesn't let her initial failures get in the way of becoming the type of soccer player that she wants to be.

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Three examples of free printable growth mindset bookmarks to color with crayons.

Teach Your Kids About Growth Mindset

It's become a passion of mine to help my boys and myself practice growth mindset skills. Because having and using a growth mindset isn't a natural thing. It takes effort and patience.

As I continue learning about these practices, I've discovered that promoting a growth mindset is much more than providing superficial positive feedback like "You really tried hard!" or "Don't give up! You can do it!".

If you want to gift your kids with growth mindset skills, get specific. As Carol Dweck said in an interview for The Atlantic:  "Praise the effort that led to the outcome or learning progress; tie the praise to it. It’s not just effort, but strategy … so support the student in finding another strategy."

Instead of giving generic praise, break down what you saw your child to do reach their outcome (success or failure).

Invite your child to explain what they did and what they could do different next time to improve. This step gets your child thinking about new and creative ways to approach problems and reach solutions.

Also, another interesting thing is that a person can fluctuate between a growth mindset and fixed mindset, depending on the activity or skill. For example, you might believe you can do anything when it comes to math. But, you are SO not an artist! This type of thinking is quite common but you can do something about it 😉

Growth Mindset Activities Pack cover with pages from this printable set including Growth Mindset alphabet chart, introduction, tips and ideas, alphabet game, and planner page.

When you find fixed mindset triggers in your kids or yourself, you can gently stop that type of thinking and work on replacing with growth mindset thoughts.

Also, arm yourself with a variety of growth mindset books and activities. Your kids will be to relate to the examples and stories. Plus, you'll feel more confident in sharing this information.

I Can't Do That, YET: Growth Mindset (Growth Mindset Book Series)I Can't Do That, YET: Growth Mindset (Growth Mindset Book Series)Mindset: The New Psychology of SuccessMindset: The New Psychology of SuccessBubble Gum Brain: A Picture Book About Growth MindsetBubble Gum Brain: A Picture Book About Growth MindsetYour Fantastic Elastic Brain: A Growth Mindset Book for Kids to Stretch and Shape Their BrainsYour Fantastic Elastic Brain: A Growth Mindset Book for Kids to Stretch and Shape Their BrainsGood Night to Your Fantastic Elastic Brain: A Growth Mindset Bedtime Book for KidsGood Night to Your Fantastic Elastic Brain: A Growth Mindset Bedtime Book for KidsBeautiful Oops!Beautiful Oops!The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes: A Growth Mindset Book for Kids to Promote Self EsteemThe Girl Who Never Made Mistakes: A Growth Mindset Book for Kids to Promote Self EsteemMistakes That Worked: 40 Familiar Inventions & How They Came to BeMistakes That Worked: 40 Familiar Inventions & How They Came to Be


Three examples of free printable growth mindset bookmarks to color with markers.

Simple Reminders With Powerful Benefits

When you want to help your kids remember important facts and ideas, what do you do?

You give them little reminders to prompt their memory 😉

These types of reminders are helpful for studying, memorization, and doing chores. The tasks aren't necessarily difficult but might not be on the top of your kids' to-do lists.

With my five boys, I've found that these reminders work so much better when they're personalized and have a creative touch.

After using resources and materials to teach my boys about a growth mindset for kids, I want to provide them with gentle prompts to revisit these ideas.

I created these 9 free Growth Mindset Coloring Bookmarks to complement our growth mindset copywork activities and coloring pages. Since the boys love reading, I thought having special bookmarks with growth mindset quotes would be fantastic reminders.

Three examples of growth mindset coloring bookmarks with color pencils.

Growth Mindset Coloring Bookmarks for Kids

These simple growth mindset coloring bookmarks are brilliant ways to give your kids creative activities with positive reminders.

To jumpstart the growth mindset fun, you can:

  • Provide fun coloring utensils like crayons, markers, color pencils, and Kwik Stix. Your kids might enjoy using watercolor paints, too.
  • Read the growth mindset quotes with your kids. Talk about what this quote means to you and ask for their feedback.
  • Let the creativity flow! If your kids want to use a rainbow of colors, go for it!
  • Encourage your kids to use the back of their bookmarks to draw what the quote means to them. Or your kids can use the back of the bookmark as a mini-reading log to record books or minutes read.
  • Optionallaminate the bookmarks when complete to extend their use

If you'd like to more ways to cultivate a growth mindset for kids, you'll find a variety of free resources here at Rock Your Homeschool, like our Growth Mindset Copywork Mini-Book, Growth Mindset Quotes for Kids, and Growth Mindset Word Search.

Three colorful examples of growth mindset bookmarks to color with color pencils.

Get Your Free Growth Mindset Coloring Bookmarks for Kids

Ready for some growth mindset coloring and reading fun for your kids?

This free printable set includes 3 pages of 9 growth mindset coloring bookmarks (3 bookmarks per page).

You may certainly print out as many of these growth mindset coloring bookmarks as you need for your family, classroom, library, or co-op. I ask that you please share this post with any friend or co-worker who you think might enjoy this type of growth mindset fun with their kids.

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⭐ Get your FREE Growth Mindset Coloring Bookmarks HERE now! ⭐

These 9 free growth mindset coloring bookmarks are the perfect activities for teaching & practicing growth mindset in a creative way with kids.

I'd love to know how you're using these coloring bookmarks with your kids.
Please share your ideas and experiences in the comments area below!

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