Young Readers Will Love These Amazing Animals Interactive Books

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These interactive books with cool features are sure to engage your young and older readers. Find out why are family loves this Scanorama: Amazing Animals by Silver Dolphin Books. Learn some extra ways to extend the learning fun with these books, too!

I love discovering new ways to engage and excite my boys in their learning adventures. With all the technology in our modern world, sometimes I wonder if I will be able to find effective resources that will capture their attention. At first glance, books can pale in comparison to sound effects and blinking lights.

My boys have always enjoyed our story times and family read alouds. But, like many kids their ages, they can be quickly distracted with the sound of a disc sliding into a video game machine. Even with tech time limits, technology seeps into their play with reenactments of T.V. shows or movies. I often think about how I can provide my boys with alternatives that will enchant and pull them away from their technological thoughts.

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I felt like a kid at Christmas when I opened our package containing this Scanorama: Amazing Animals book from Silver Dolphin Books. My boys came running when they heard me squeal with delight. This book is simply awesome! (And I shouldn't have squealed so loudly because the boys snatched the book and went running to the nearest couch for a closer look-see!)

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Scanorama are fun & interactive books that will engage your young readers.

What are Scanorama Books? Interactive Books For Families!

You may be wondering, "What exactly is a Scanorama Book?" As the book explains, it contains a special scanner designed to help its readers actually see inside selected animals. It is like having an X-ray machine right inside your book!

This special feature has been a great way to keep little hands busy during our reading time. Instead of playing with loud toys or touching a brother ("Mom, he's in my bubble!"), my younger boys gladly wait their turn to experience the x-ray scanner. We can actually read through this entire book without complaints, whines, or injuries (no small feat in a house full of boys!)

Scanorama books by Silver Dolphin Books are great ways to engage young readers.
Xman loves the interactive features of Scanorama: Amazing Animals. This book is durable-it withstands the use of our rough toddler!

There is a total of three interactive books in the Scanorama Books series:

  • Scanorama: Amazing Animals
  • Scanorama: Deadly Predators
  • Scanorama: Dinosaurs


Check out this panoramic picture of Scanorama: Amazing Animals. These interactive books are great for engaging young readers,

Scanorama: Amazing Animals

The boys and I had the pleasure of reading and reviewing Amazing Animals. This book is chock full of facts and illustrations that get your attention. We loved the bits of trivia thrown in here and there.

The layout of these interactive books makes it easy to navigate and focus on important discussion points. Smiley (7) and Bear (5) like having important words and phrases in bold print for easier reading. They also found it fun to have a ruler and tape measure near by to demonstrate the length measurements given for some animals.

Scanorama books are a fantastic way to excite young learners. This Amazing Animals books is filled with facts and pictures plus a cool feature-an x-ray scanner!
Smiley is fascinated the facts & figures presented in Scanorama: Amazing Animals.

A juicy conversation developed after we read the first few pages that address conservation efforts for threatened and endangered animals around the world. My boys are sensitive to this topic and like to read more about it. I love having resources that spark meaningful discussions.

By far, the biggest hit with Amazing Animals is the scanner! All of my boys enjoy sliding the 5 scanners back and forth over the animals. I must admit that I find it fun, too.

Your young readers will not want to put down their Scanorama books! Full of engaging images & features, these books rock!
Xman, Smiley, & Bear do not want to put down their Scanorama: Amazing Animals book!

Scanorama: Amazing Animals also contains some lift-the-flaps for hands-on reading and learning. The pictures in the book provide awesome reinforcement for concepts presented in text. My visual learners greatly benefit from that!

This book has been an excellent addition to our homeschool library. I plan on extending the learning fun with this book through further online research of selected animals. Also, each boy will choose an animal and create a poster with researched facts and figures to use to present a lesson to their brothers.

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Which of these interactive books would be your first choice? How will you use with your kids?

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