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Do you have a homeschool student who is reluctant in math? Anxious or resistant to completing math lessons? Find out how Teaching Textbooks has helped our homeschool family conquer math reluctance. Engaging and supportive, Teaching Textbooks can help your homeschool student enjoy math again.

If there is one subject area that I hear homeschool moms complain about the most, it is math. Either the moms did not have a positive experience as a child with math or their kids kick up a fuss when it is time to work with numbers. If you fall into either of these categories, you may wonder who you can effectively help your homeschool children with math-especially as they enter more advanced studies.

Fortunately, homeschoolers have a variety of options (and the freedom to choose!) when it comes to homeschool math. Better yet, we have technology that can make our math experiences manageable-even fun!

Disclaimer:  I received Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra for free for review. All opinions are 100% my own and a positive review was not required.

Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra is a fantastic way to help your math students work independently. Engaging and supportive, this homeschool math curriculum can transform your math experiences.

When my family of all boys began our homeschool adventures, the subject area that I was most excited to teach was math. Yes, you read that right-math! I adored math when I was a public school student. I was blessed with wonderful and supportive teachers who knew when to challenge and knew when to let me forge my own path in mathematics.

Naturally, I could not wait to begin our homeschool math studies. I naively thought that I could easily help my two older boys overcome their negative experiences with math from their time at public school. When the first tears hit their cheeks during a tough lesson, I wondered how I would be able to help my boys learn math-let alone find some type of enjoyment with it.

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I started to research our homeschool math options-and quickly became overwhelmed. I had absolutely no idea that so many approaches or options were out there. I knew that our selection would need to be affordable, engaging, and fun.  Also, my older boys would need to work independently, considering that I must also work with their three younger brothers.

After using a few free online math programs, my boys recognized that they preferred this method of learning math. This awareness helped me narrow down our homeschool math curriculum choices. A lovely homeschool friend let us borrow Teaching Textbooks 6 and our homeschool math has rocked ever since!

Teaching Textbooks is a great way to engage your reluctant math students.

Teaching Textbooks for Reluctant Homeschool Math Students

Captain (13) loved math as a toddler and preschooler. He enjoyed learning basic math concepts and doing hands-on projects to reinforce. At one point, he even said that he wanted to be an accountant!

After a few years in public school, his interest and confidence in math declined. When he came home and said that he hated math, I was dumbfounded. Apparently, a teacher told him that he would never learn multiplication because he got two problems wrong on a quiz. Sigh! That type of negative talk is just the thing that can set my already anxious child into a whirlwind of self-doubt. (I will refrain from going on my soapbox here. Needless to say, we started homeschooling shortly thereafter!)

Understandably, he carried these negative ideas about his math abilities into our homeschool. Not wanting to fail, Captain did not even want to try. I would feel exasperated at how to help my son rediscover his love for math.

I backed off with formal math studies. He needed a break and so did I. During that time, I talked with a homeschool friend who had run into a similar problem with her daughter. She suggested Teaching Textbooks-and I will be forever grateful for her recommendation!

When Captain started using Teaching Textbooks, I saw the first hint that he might be able to enjoy math again.  I actually saw him smile as he chose a Math Buddy and heard cool sound effects when he got a problem right. When he was given a tip on how to solve a difficult problem by his Math Buddy, Captain was hooked. "Mom, I can do this! I got it right!"

Teaching Textbooks homeschool math curriculum is an engaging way to get your reluctant math students excited about mathematics!

Why Teaching Textbooks Rocks!

I will try to keep this short. I could probably right a novel on why our family loves Teaching Textbooks. You are a busy homeschooler so I will keep it short with bullet points. Let me know in the comments section or via email (busyboysbrigade@gmail.com) if you have any questions about Teaching Textbooks!

  • Designed for homeschoolers:  This math curriculum was written with homeschool students in mind. I appreciate how we do not have to skip over large group assignments or the like.
  • Automated grading:  This feature is a life saver for this busy homeschool mama!

Teaching Textbooks

  • Helpful placement tests:  Free online placement tests allow you to find the right level to start your child with this curriculum.
  • Uses the review method:  Earlier lessons are reinforced. Reference numbers are provided to help your student find the earlier lesson if there is a need for review. My boys like Teaching Textbooks approach to review. It is subtle with only a few problems given. They have tried spiral approaches to math before and felt that too much time was spent on review. My boys never balk at doing review problems with Teaching Textbooks.
  • Awesome for different learning styles:  Captain is a audio/visual learner. Professor (11) is a visual learner. Both boys enjoy and benefit from using this math curriculum. The spiral workbook is great for reinforcing lessons and writing out answers.
  • Able to replay lesson (rewind and pause) as often as necessary:  My boys wear headphones when doing their Teaching Textbook lessons but little brothers can get a bit loud. We all appreciate having the function to rewind and replay.
  • Part of written work in book are highlighted for important messages and facts:  Great for students with visual and/or reading problems!
  • Instant feedback:  Automated responses to student answers lets them know if they are correct or need to retry problem. My boys like this feature because they can make sure they have actually learned the concept and apply correctly for the remaining problems, instead of proceeding and get the rest wrong.
  • Real world examples:  During the lecture and problem section, real life examples are given. This feature is particularly helpful for Captain who always wants to know why he has to learn something and if he is ever going to use it.
  • Engaging:  Animation and sound effects help make this math curriculum fun. Students can pick a math buddy (and switch multiple times) that encourage and support.
  • Hints for some problems:  Helpful tips are provided by math buddies to assist your student in arriving at solution.
  • Encourages independent learning:  Professor likes to have me work side-by-side with him for most subjects. As he gets older, I am helping him discover that he can do most of his work independently. Math with Teaching
    Textbooks has been the first subject area that Professor has tackled on his own.

 Teaching Textbooks

Teaching Textbooks  is available for grades 3 through Pre-Calculus on Windows or Mac. Customer support is fantastic! I had to call a few times due to set-up issues (user error on my end!) and always received friendly assistance. You can reuse the curriculum with other students and resell (new user simply needs to call and have serial number updated). Find out more details on Teaching Textbooks FAQs page.

You just can't go wrong with trying Teaching Textbooks for your homeschool math. You will discover that your math learning adventures can actually be painless and enjoyable.

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