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The 15 Best Homeschooling Apps to Make the Most of Your Year

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Homeschooling apps are simple yet powerful ways to take your learn at-home adventures to the next level.

Over the years, my 5 boys and I have tried a lot of educational apps. Here are 15 of our favorite apps for making learning fun in your homeschool.

Enhance and Enrich with Homeschooling Apps

With technology today, there is very little that you can’t find an app for - and that includes education and homeschooling.

Using apps to enhance your homeschooling program makes it easy to expand your curriculum and also gives you the ability to get schoolwork done, even if you are on-the-go

I love having educational apps available for my boys to use as part of our homeschool. Some apps (like Starfall - one of our all time favorites!) were perfect for when the boys were younger. And now we have new ones to try and use as the boys get older!

Young boy wearing headphones and using tablet while sitting on couch to feature these homeschooling apps.

Our Top Picks for Homeschooling Apps

Life gets busy, especially as a homeschooling mom. Iff there are apps that can make it easier and make learning fun, why not take advantage of them, right?

Here are our 15 top picks for homeschooling apps to help you make the most of your homeschool year!

1. Khan Academy

If you’ve been homeschooling for a while, you may already know about Khan Academy. And if you haven't heard about it, you should definitely give it a try.

Khan Academy and Khan Academy Kids (for younger children) are completely free and have information on just about anything your kids want to learn about. 

 This app offers two different learning paths: one is an Adaptive Learning Path and the other is Independent learning. As the parent/educator, you can make the choice that fits your children’s learning style best.

You'll find videos, games, interactive lessons, books, and tools for parents to help you track progress. The Khan Academy apps are incredible learning resources for children and parents! 

2. Quizizz

Quizzes don’t have to be boring, especially if you use the Quizizz app.

This app is free for homeschoolers and teachers. The quizzes are interactive games that can help you to assess how well your students have mastered a concept. 

You can create your own quizzes, or use quizzes that have already been created in the app. Your students can connect with other homeschoolers and the app can be accessed on any device

3. Duolingo

If you are looking for an app to help your children learn a second language, then DuoLingo is an excellent choice! Duolingo is a free app with lessons that are short and build on each other. 

The app can teach your kids to read, write, and speak in another language. You can use the app on any device so your students can do their lessons and practice from anywhere.

There's also an app called Duolingo ABC to help kids 3-8 learn phonics and how to read. And there's another app called Duolingo Math to help children and adults improve their math skills

4. Prodigy

Prodigy is an app that helps your children learn about math and English by playing video games that make learning fun!

Prodigy math is for students in grades 1-8. As students answer math questions correctly, they'll win battles and can complete quests for more rewards. 

The English part of the app is for students in grades 1-6 and the game is similar to Minecraft. As your students answer questions correctly, they'll replenish their energy and earn more time for creating. Your kids can gather materials to create their own worlds, set daily and lifetime goals, and buy and sell outfits. Both the math and the English games have free and paid memberships

5. Tommy the Turtle

Tommy the Turtle is a coding app for young children featuring Tommy the friendly turtle. Your kids can learn how to make Tommy sing, dance, and move by following simple coding commands. 

This app will teach children who are learning how to code how sequences and loops work. There are some fun Tommy and friends challenges that your kids can complete, too. The app is available on all platforms and it’s free to use!  

6. CodinGame

For older kids and teens that want to learn more about coding, you can use the CodinGame app. It has tools and games to teach coding skills in different programming languages, including C++, HTML, Java, Python, Ruby, and Swift. Also, it has multiplayer games, coding battles, and even virtual escape rooms to help your students improve their coding skills. 

7. Science 360

Science 360 is an app from the National Science Foundation. It's an excellent science resource for your homeschool program. There are hundreds of science videos, pictures, and news articles. The site app is updated weekly with new content. 

There is also a Science Zone Roku channel also presented by the National Science Foundation. Here you'll find documentaries and science news videos about science, technology, and engineering. 

Smiling girl using smartphone to feature the best homeschooling apps.

8. New American History

New American History is an app for kids in 4th grade and up to learn about social studies that you can customize. Log in and select the topic, grade level, reading level, and learning strategy and you'll be presented with a selection of lessons to choose from. 

9. Belouga 

Belouga is a learning app that is for students in kindergarten through 12th grade that provides them with a lot of educational resources. There are lessons and resources for them to use, but they also get to learn collaboratively with students from around the world in real time. 

10. Cozi 

Cozi isn’t a learning app. It's an app to help keep the whole family organized. Each member of the family gets a color code so that you know who is involved in which activity like doctor’s appointments and sports practices. In addition to functioning as a family calendar, you can also use it to track chores, grocery lists, and more

Many homeschooling families use the app to assign school work and chores so that the kids know what's expected of them for the week. This app can help your children to learn how to be responsible for their schedules, chores, and assignments (and even for each member of the family for a more streamlined view). 

11. Brili 

Brili is an app designed for children and adults with ADHD, but you don’t have to have ADHD to use it. Brili is perfect for homeschooling families because you can use it to help your kids navigate their assignments and chores for the day in a fun way

The Brili app helps to keep your children on track and on task with visual and audio cues about what’s coming up next, or how much longer they have to complete their tasks. You can set the kid's schedule with pre-made tasks or customize your own.

There's a built-in rewards system and motivating graphics to keep the kids moving through their day. Give it a try for yourself - you might find that it makes you more productive too! 

12. FabuLingua

FabuLingua is not just an app. It’s a mobile game with deep linguistic expertise that has a patent based on modern language learning science.

With FabuLingua, your child becomes an explorer on a journey across FabuLingua Island. As your kid masters stories and levels up, they’ll unlock fantastical new locations to explore. 

13. Starfall

Starfall is an educational app with early literacy activities AND has expanded into math skills and lessons, reading, and seasonal fun for preK-3rd grade. There's a free version, as well as pro that opens up new levels and resources.

All 5 of my boys used and thrived with Starfall. It has been such a positive influence in our homeschool and life!

14. Quizlet

Our family has used Quizlet over the years and it's been a wonderful tool. We mostly use it for learning and practicing vocabulary words for a variety of homeschool subjects.

As I was researching this list of homeschooling apps, I discovered that Quizlet has a bunch of new features (like study tools and Q-Chat, an A.I. tutor), as well as features that will be shared soon (like Memory Score, Essay Starter, and Brain Beats).

You can sign up for an annual free trial and then there are monthly or annual subscription options.

15. News-O-Matic EDU

News-O-Matic EDU is an app-based news service for kids. There are 3 versions: News-O-Matic, News-O-Matic EDU, and News-O-Matic Schools. It's available on iOS, Android and Kindle Fire.

There's a 3 week free trial option to give it a try. You can learn more about News-O-Matic here.

Young girl smiling and wearing headphones as she sits on the floor using a tablet to feature the best homeschooling apps.

Make It Fun with Homeschooling Apps

These homeschooling apps can help you to give your kids an excellent education at home. They're easy to use on the go and can make screen-time educational time, too.

Most of these homeschooling apps are free to use, though they might offer additional features, or ad-free experiences for a subscription fee.

Which of these apps do you plan to incorporate into your homeschool this year? And what homeschooling apps would you add to this list? Please share your ideas in the comments area at the bottom of this post!

Young boy using tablet and wearing headphones while sitting on couch to feature these homeschooling apps.

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