How To Make Beeswax Candles With Kids

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Beeswax candles on wood background

Are you looking for a fun and easy project to do with kids? Check out how to make beeswax candles with kids! This simple activity is fabulous for families with home decor, gifts, and art projects.


Learning Fun with Kids:  Making Beeswax Candles

We are always looking for fun ways to incorporate hands-on learning (while preserving Mommy's sanity!). I had an organic soy candle business for a few years and was familiar with creating hand-poured candles. I love beeswax candles and wanted to venture into this part of the world of candles with my boys.

Captain (my oldest) is quite the crafter. Once he is involved in a project, I can usually count on the other boys to pop up and beg to participate. When I considered making beeswax candles with the boys, I knew if I got Captain on board that it would be smooth sailing.

Before we began our project, the boys and I enjoyed learning about the life of bees, especially how important these critters are to our environment. We found such wonderful information and ideas for what we can do to help preserve bees at GloryBee


 Beeswax Candle Making Prep

I found our beeswax candle making supplies on Amazon. We started with the sampler of beeswax sheets because:

  1.  rolling candles is fun and even X man could participate
  2. variety of colors
  3. I wanted to see if they had any interest in candle making before slapping down more money!


Materials to use when making fun and easy beeswax candles with kids.

The boys were ecstatic when the supplies arrived! After doing a candle making happy dance, Bear wanted to make a pig candle and Smiley wanted a panda.

Materials used for our project included:

  • beeswax sheets
  • square wick
  • blow dryer (very handy in slightly warming up sheets to make them easier to work with!)
  • scissors
  • ruler

When you make beewax candles with your kids, have a clean working space and enough room for each person to roll their candles. Each boy picked the color of beeswax sheet they wanted to work with and started to get a feel for what the beeswax sheet felt like and how to manipulate it.


How To Make Beeswax Candles With Kids!

The instructions were easy to follow and complete. Captain took the lead and showed the others how to measure and cut the beeswax sheets in half.

Then, he helped each boy measure wick (leave ½" space at bottom of wick & ½" wick at the top to burn).

Next, Captain demonstrated how to place wick near one edge of beeswax and carefully roll to establish even size.

Once the candle was completely rolled, he showed how to firmly press the edge into the side and blend it into the candle.

Up close look at how kids can roll their own beeswax candles for fun and easy projects.

How to make beeswax candles with kids-a simple and fun way for families to make decor and gifts.

Professor went a little crazy with adding cranberry stripes to his larger green beeswax candle (it can get downright wild here!). The lit candle in the middle is the one seen above being rolled by Captain.  It burns very well-clean and natural scent!

The boys had tons of fun making these beeswax candles. The smell has been delightful-while we were making them and using them. The benefits that I saw with this project include:

  1. teamwork
  2. patience
  3. listening skills
  4. math-measuring, visual-spatial, counting
  5. fine motor
  6. creativity/imagination
  7. a sense of pride & accomplishment with a task well-done!

We used some beeswax candles as gifts for Mother's Day for grandmas & aunts 🙂

Have you made beeswax candles with kids? How did it go? Any tips or suggestions? Please share your experiences in the comments area below!


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