Life of Fred Butterlies Lesson Extensions: Chapter 10

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Woohoo! Another fun learning adventure with Fred!

Chapter 10 from Life of Fred Butterflies is full of facts:  math, astronomy, time, and more.

Interested? Learn more about this lovable 5-year-old math professor who makes learning math fun here!

To add to our learning fun with Fred, I create lesson extensions to provide more hands-on activities, crafts, and snacks to expand upon concepts covered in each chapter.

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Life of Fred Elementary Set

Concepts covered in Life of Fred Butterflies Chapter 10-Orion Nebula include:

  • light years
  • Andromeda Galaxy
  • thousand, million, billion, trillion
  • the Alphabet game

If you are new to Life of Fred, you may be asking, " does this all fit with a math chapter?"

That's the beauty of this math series-it all does! Author Dr. Stanley F. Schmidt does a brilliant job of presenting math lessons in a fun fashion, all while incorporating other interesting educational facts!

What an opportunity to build upon the various concepts that are interwoven into each chapter! This homeschool momma, who just loves to tweak and enhance curriculum, just could not resist creating lesson extensions!

Here's what we did to continue the learning fun with Life of Fred!

1. Snack (always important in a house with boys!) Alphabet Fun!


2. Fill In Your Time Sheet!:  I was surprised at how much fun we had figuring out these time problems!


3. Galaxy Jar!:  This activity was hands-down the biggest hit!


4. DIY Binoculars:

5. A-Z Game:


6. Noodle Numbers: (see picture in #1)  Lots of fun with this activity! Create numbers, tally marks, and more!


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Thanks so much for joining us in our Life of Fred learning fun! Make sure to leave any questions or comments below!

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