How to Stay Positive in Your Homeschool

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Tired of getting sucked into negative? Want powerful ways to fight resistance? Here are 10 tips to help you stay positive as a homeschool mom.


"Keep a stiff upper lip!"

"Don't let them catch you with your guard down!"

"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!" ~Muhammad Ali

You are probably familiar with these suggestions. These popular tips are often given in boxing to new fighters.

You may have even heard variations of these ideas from well-meaning friends and family. Interesting, isn't it? Comparing homeschooling with boxing?

Think about it. How many times do you feel like you have to bob and weave during your homeschool day? Duck a few sucker punches? Feel so exhausted that you want to collapse to the mat before the bell has rung?


It's kind of hard to stay positive when you feel like you have to constantly keep on your toes. A cheerful smile can seem evasive when you are faced with resistance from your kids.

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Your kids may have the advantage of being younger, more energetic, and better sleep. But, you can have a few tricks that you can slip into your homeschool mom corner. Older and wiser, you can use these ideas and techniques to move from feeling like an opponent to being a coach/teacher.

Who wants to feel like a homeschool mom boxer? Yeah, no thanks! Not quite the vision you had when you started homeschooling, huh?

Tired of getting sucked into negative? Want powerful ways to fight resistance? Here are 10 tips to help you stay positive as a homeschool mom.

10 Ways to Stay Positive in Your Homeschool

1. It's not you, it's them!

Have you heard the line, "It's not you, it's me!" used in movies or real life by people looking to get out of relationships? Well, the opposite can be true in your homeschool. Your kids may just be having a bad day.  Or surge of hormones. Need a nap.

On those bad days, it's really not about you, it's about your kids. This small reminder to self can be incredibly powerful in helping you chill and adjust your mindset appropriately.

2. Hit the Pause Button

Take a brain break or have some homeschool fun. (Make sure to remind the kids that homeschool work will be resumed after your break!)  For your own sanity, take a mommy time out. After you have had some time to regroup from the blows, sit down and talk with your kids about what's going on. If your kids have rational and doable ideas, see if there is room for negotiation or adjustment to your plans.

3. Change of Scenery

Go outside. Make an appearance at the library. Just move to a different room. Sometimes, a simple change of scenery is all that it takes to help improve your kids' attitudes and help you stay positive!

4. Supplement

I don't mean with more homeschool curriculum! Thinks snacks and hydration. Perhaps your kids are #hangry.

Or maybe they need a bit of exercise to get the blood pumping? Have an impromptu dance party! Do some jumping jacks.

For you, dear homeschool mom:  brew a cup of tea or coffee. Have a bit of chocolate or tasty treat. Grab a fortifying snack and water to keep yourself hydrated, too. Heck, even looking forward to a glass of vino after a long day can keep ya smiling!

5. Sometimes, it is YOU!

Refer to #1, please. Now, reverse it back. Sometimes, it is actually you. Your kids may be a bit whiny or out of sorts. But, you have had it or woke up on the wrong side of the bed and just can't deal today. Stop, acknowledge your inner resistance, and consider any of these suggestions to get you over that bump.

Stop, acknowledge your inner resistance, and consider any of these suggestions to get you over that bump.

Also, when you feel rushed or under pressure, all that hustle and bustle can transfer to your kids. They get irritated and cranky. It's okay to slow down and just enjoy the moment.

6. Change Subjects

Does your child tend to put up resistance with certain subjects? Talk with them about what's going on. Agree to work for a few minutes then take a break. There are no rules that math must be finished within 30 minutes. (And even if there were, fuhgedaboutit!)

7. Logical Consequences

If your kids are absolutely refusing to cooperate and keep coming at you full force, throw those gloves down and retreat to your corner. It's just not worth it. Sure, you can have a battle royale of wills. But, why? You are an adult. You get to say when enough is enough.

Then, bring out the big guns.  Logical consequences.  Stay positive. Smile. Let them firmly know that they have now earned homeschool homework (yes, that exists!) and/or weekend work. Again, no hard rule about having to do homeschool work between certain hours or days. Do what you need to do to stay positive. And let your kids learn a valuable lesson.

8. Homeschool Affirmations

Positive self-statements are where it's at!  Use homeschool affirmations morning, noon, and night. Repeat these positive phrases and reminders to help you stay on track and not get sucked into negative. Get free printable homeschool mom affirmation cards here.

9. Cultivate Patience

We are not all born with patience. It is a habit that is learned and practiced.  With greater patience as a homeschool mom, you will be able to maintain a growth mindset and stay positive.

10. Trust the Process

Rome wasn't built in a day. Your homeschool certainly won't be either. It is very easy to slip into self-doubt and anxiety when your kids are resisting all of your homeschool tactics.

All will be well. Today is just one day in your homeschool journey. Know that you will be okay and so will your kids.

No positive growth or change occurs without some resistance. Reframe your kids' resistance as growing pains and steps towards becoming stronger, independent individuals.

You CAN stay positive in your homeschool. Use these 10 ideas to deliver a 1-2 power punch to homeschool resistance so you can throw down your gloves and get on with enjoying your homeschool!

How do YOU stay positive in your homeschool?



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