Do you struggle with being "enough"? Plagued with worry, anxiety, or self-doubt as a homeschool mom? There is hope! Use these 7 helpful tips to trust in yourself & the homeschool process.


Worry.  Guilt.  Self-doubt.

Too often, I experience these negative thoughts and feelings in my homeschool process.

And I talk with other homeschool moms who struggle with the same negativity.

Personally, I put on a good act.  Pretend that all is well and just roll with the punches.  “Look at me!  I’m smiling!  I’m a fun homeschool mom!”

But, if I am being completely honest, I struggle with maintaining trust in the homeschool process.

Homeschool mamas, we are fighting an uphill battle.  One that is noble and worthwhile, for sure.  We have invaluable time with our kids as we witness precious moments of learning, inspiration, and creativity.  Glimpses of our children growing and reaching their potentials.

Yet, we have battles, don’t we?  External expectations rain down upon our homeschool parade.  Concerned family and friends pelt us with questions about our kids and their socialization, keeping up with peers, and academic progress.  Public school mentality is omnipresent,  permeating into even the smallest cracks of doubt.

Internal struggles abound with questions like, “Am I doing enough?” and “Are my kids doing enough?”.  It’s like a fill-in-the-blank response:  Am I/are we  _____ enough?  We fill in the blank with words like smart, patient, fun, and organized. We don’t even always fill in the blank, asking ourselves if we are enough period!

I want you to know that you are not alone in your struggles in trusting the homeschool process.  Moms deal with a lot of stress and guilt.  By nature, we want to do all that we can for our kids.  Homeschooling adds to these mom struggles.

My intention is not one of doom and gloom.  Never fear!  You have what it takes to homeschool your kids.  Sometimes, you just need a reminder.  And a big virtual smooch to help you know everything is okay:)

The right tools and support will also help you establish and maintain trust in the homeschool process.

Homeschool Process Defined

What do I mean by the “homeschool process”?  According to Amy of Rock Your Homeschool (that’s me!), it means:

The overall homeschool journey.  All that your child learns while in your home, from birth to adult.  The steps you take to teach your kids.  Learning that takes place during officical homeschool time, as well as education that naturally occurs due to the establishment of a positive learning environment.  Concerns academic, life skills, character education, extracurricular, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and family.

The homeschool process is basically your child’s cumulative experiences while being educated in your home. It is the big picture.  The whole enchilada.

How often do you find yourself worrying on a daily (even hourly) basis about the status of your homeschool?  Looking back on your homeschool week and fretting that it doesn’t feel like much was accomplished?

It is so easy to get caught up in the minutia, isn’t it?  To stress over small facts and figures that you can’t seem to get your child to memorize?  Or lessons skipped because, well, life happened?

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I want you to do me a favor now, will you?

Look back on your own education-homeschool or public.  How often do you use those little facts, figures, or lessons that were stressed about when you were in school?

What do you remember about your own education?

Do you recall all those tiny details?  Or are you more likely to think about how you felt when you mastered a new concept or skill?  Do you remember those amazing teachers who were supportive and understanding?

You started homeschooling for a reason.

You wanted something different for your kids.  You wanted a certain kind of learning environment or experience.  A love of learning.  Freedom to think outside the box.  Flexibility in learning concepts.

You can beat back those homeschool fears and doubts.  You can establish and maintain trust in the homeschool process.  You are doing something incredibly powerful and loving for your kids by homeschooling.  Use these tips to help you maintain your focus and rock your homeschool!

I chatted on Facebook Live during my weekday Homeschool Pep Talks with homeschool moms about this topic.  I have included those videos at the end of this post so you can discover their tips and ideas.

If you struggle with homeschool mom guilt, anxiety, or self-doubt, here are 7 useful tips to help you trust in yourself & the homeschool process.

7 Helpful Tips to Trust in the Homeschool Process

1. Daily Journal

Starting and maintaining a daily journal is an excellent practice for homeschool moms.  Use your journal, planner, or notebook to record exactly what happened in your homeschool that day or week.  Seeing in black and white the activities and accomplishments can be very powerful and therapeutic.  (Thanks to Nadine of Up Above the Rowan Tree for this fabulous reminder!)

2.  Reality Check

Take a step back and look at the big picture.  Look at what you and your kids have been working on in your homeschool and family life.  Remember, chores and errands count as life skills!

3.  Talk with Your Kids

Your kids probably have tremendous insights about your homeschool life.  Sit down and have a chat about your concerns.  Ask them if there are areas that require more attention.  Find out what is working and not working.

4.  Accountability Partner

Find someone you trust and explain your approach to homeschooling.  Tell them your reasons and goals for homeschooling. Your significant other or another homeschooling mom who understands your approach can be wonderful sounding boards for when you are struggling with trusting the homeschool process.

5.  Trust in Quality Resources

When you fill your homeschool with quality resources, you can trust that your kids are getting all that they need.  For example, our family uses Brave Writer Language Arts & Writing Curriculum.  By following a Brave Writer Lifestyle, I know that my boys will have a well-rounded, solid home education.

6.  Affirmations

You are enough.  Now, it’s time truly believe in those words.  How do you transform your negative thoughts into positive habits?  Homeschool affirmations!  Customize these free printable homeschool affirmations to help you practice and maintain trust in yourself-and the homeschool process.

If part of your struggle is dealing with kids who are struggling, use these affirmations for homeschool kids.  These printable cards will help your kids learn positive habits in thinking and doing.  And that can help you feel more secure in the homeschool process.

7.  Relaxation Techniques

Fill your cup, homeschool mama!  Select a few self-care practices to help you nurture and nourish your mind, body, and soul.

Self-guided relaxation is a fabulous way to release stress and anxiety.  I will be sharing more tips and techniques about relaxation for homeschool moms very soon:)


Take these tools and add them to your homeschool toolbox.  Consider each tip and how it could benefit your trust in the homeschool process.  Use these positive habits to help you and your kids grow in your homeschool journeys.



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