Special Ways to Celebrate November Fun Days with Kids

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Enjoy special celebrations with your kids using these amazing ideas for November fun days with kids.

Julie Lavender shares her fantastic tips for making the most of these fun days.


Get great ideas & tips for enjoying November Fun Days with kids.


Wonderful Ways to Enjoy November Fun Days with Kids

Harvest sightings and cooler temperatures, coupled with autumn adornments, remind us that it’s
the month set aside to purposefully count our blessings.

A daily attitude of gratitude brings blessings to all. And the month of November is a good time to practice counting
blessings to encourage a grateful spirit beyond the end of this season.

Use each day to talk with family members about blessings. Talk about the things you’re grateful for in the car while
darting about, discuss blessings at mealtimes or playtime, and share thanksgivings at bedtime.

Spend lots of moments this month with a heart of thanksgiving and remember to tell those you
love just how special they are to you.

Choose to celebrate with some of the holidays below or create some unique family ones.


November in colorful felt letters hanging from colorful thread with gray canvas background and Thankful in gold glitter letters with pumpkin, leaves, and acorn paper cutouts on wood background for November fun days with kids

Great American Warm-Up Day – Check the closets to find gently-worn sweaters and coats that
no longer fit.

Gather some to donate and purchase matching scarves and mittens to share with
someone in need of warmth this season. Then, bundle up in blankets and sit on the front porch on
a cool evening and read some favorites, like:

Remember to pray tonight for those without warm clothes and warm homes for the coming winter season.


Celebrate Take a Hike Day with your kids as part of your November Fun Days activities.

Take a Hike Day – What better way to admire the beauty of the season than a family hike!

Even better, make several treks this month, at different times of the day to truly appreciate the splendor
of autumn.

Walk early in the morning and admire the sunrise, watch for Canadian geese and listen
for morning calls and songs of other winged creatures. Walk in the middle of the day, sans coats,
and collect fallen leaves of all shades and shapes to use for decorations at home.

Find a path to hike in the evening. Keep your eyes on the sky as the sunset paints magnificent hues of pinks and
purples and birds return to their roost. Find a time to hike at night when the harvest moon shines brightly to light the way.


Get great ideas for celebrating November fun days with kids, like Doll Day

Doll Collection Month – Check out these online sites to help with this fun celebration:

Gather the dolls and stuffed animals that reside in your home for a ttea party and reminisce how each one joined the

Then, make this fun doll craft using tassels.

  • Lay the tassel flat on a table
  • Pull a couple of strands of yarn on each side of the tassel upwards and lay them
  • Cut the strands shorter to form arms
  • Using a small strip of yarn or thin ribbon, tie a knot in the middle of the tassel strands, forming a waist
  • Leave the remaining strands hanging loose for a doll with a dress. Or split the strands in half and tie a knot almost at the end of each group of strands, forming legs and feet
  • Choose different colored tassels and make a collection of tassel dolls!


Find fantastic ideas for celebrating November Fun Days with your kids

Thanksgiving – Add a sweet potato bar to the Thanksgiving meal.

  • Share the tasks of washing and pricking with a fork enough sweet potatoes for the holiday company.
  • Place the sweet potatoes on a greased baking sheet.
  • Use your hands to rub a small amount of vegetable oil over the entire surface of each sweet potato.
  • Bake at 375 degrees for thirty minutes to an hour, according the size of the sweet potatoes. Check for doneness by pushing a knife into the top of a potato. Sweet potatoes are done when the knife easily glides all the way through the soft potato.
  • While the potatoes are baking, gather the topping offerings. Place seasonings on the buffet table,
    like, cinnamon, oregano, and basil. Also, add to the buffet selection some of these toppings: diced
    pecans and walnuts, sunflower seeds, dried fruits, dried tomatoes, raisins, roasted red peppers, an
    assortment of shredded cheeses, molasses, brown sugar, and miniature marshmallows.

Give thanks for the love of family, the fellowship of friends, and the feast of Thanksgiving dinner, and
take turns sharing the things you’re thankful for during the meal.


Find wonderful ideas & tips for celebrating November Fun Days with your kids, like Humane Society Day

Humane Society Anniversary – Looking for a new pet?

Consider adopting a dog from the humane society who needs a forever home. Or, think about fostering a four-legged feline.

If you can’t add another precious one to your own household just now, why not visit the local Humane Society’s website and make a donation.


Ponder and share thankful thoughts all month long as you celebrate these November fun days. Happy Thanksgiving!

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