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Affordable Resource for Quality Self-Care Time for Moms

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You CAN have quality self-care time as a mom! Learn why I love this affordable resource that fits my schedule & budget.

Quality self-care time for moms.

Don't those five words sound so glorious together?

Self-care time for mom can be hard to come by. Moms struggle with finding time to do what needs to be done. Time for self? Ha!

Obstacles to self-care arise. Schedules get packed with activities and errands. Money is tight. You feel drained without an ounce of extra energy to spare.

So, what is a mom to do?

Whether you work, stay-at-home, homeschool, or combination of all three, you need quality self-care time.

Without quality self-care time, you will shrivel up and be of no good to anyone.

Worry that quality self-care time sounds expensive? Like a day at a spa or total makeover? (Those ideas sound marvelous but aren't quite what I'm talking about here. So, let's just chuck that concern to the curb!)

I cranking up the tunes and doing a major happy dance to share this affordable resource for quality self-care for moms. I am just blown away with how perfectly awesome this resource is for busy moms. Get ready to rock your self-care time!

Disclaimer:  I received a year membership to Skillshare in exchange for using and sharing my experiences. All opinions are 100% my own and I was not required to give a positive review.

Skillshare for Quality Self-Care Time for Moms

Have you heard of Skillshare? Yowzers! This site is ah-mazing!

Skillshare is your one-stop place to learn new things from professionals and people who are passionate about certain topics. Top-notch classes are available that help you learn, relax, and enjoy. Courses are presented in video format.

Before I share why I think Skillshare is just fabulous for moms, let me dazzle you with just a few of the classes from four categories:

1. Creative

Interested in learning more about Fine Arts? Always wanted to take a Photography course to capture amazing pictures of your family? Online classes are available on those topics plus Graphic Design, Writing, Illustration, Film Production, and more!

2. Business

Do you work from home or thinking about a career in direct sales? Skillshare has classes on Marketing, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Accounting, and more.

3. Technology

Another awesome feature of Skillshare is its Web Development, Game Design, and other technology-related courses.

4. Lifestyle

This category by itself is worth the price of Skillshare! Learn how to knit, make ceramics, and sew in one of the many Crafts classes. All my planner girls will love the Hand Lettering and Paper Crafts classes! Take Culinary classes at different skill levels with chefs. Health & Fitness are fabulous options with yoga, meditation, and six-pack abs videos.

Mama, you can have quality self-care time! Check out this affordable resource & why I think it is absolutely perfect for busy moms.

Why Skillshare Is Perfect for Quality Self-Care Time for Moms

Remember those common obstacles to quality self-care time for moms that I mentioned in the beginning? Yeah, Skillshare flattens those obstacles with these fabulous features:

  • You take the classes that you want when you want at YOUR convenience! No more running out the door in a frenzy because you want to make the last 15 minutes of a class.
  • Classes are constantly being added to the already huge list of courses.
  • Don't feel like changing out of your stained T-shirt and yoga pants? No problem! You watch the videos. That's it. You can even leave your hair in that messy bun and no one will every know.
  • Affordable. This reason is huge! Premium membership of Skillshare starts at only $8 a month. Only 8 bucks for access to thousands of classes that have no ads! Boom!

As a mom, you really can't ask for more. Quality, affordable self-care time by furthering your education and learning new ways to care for yourself.

Mother's Day is coming up soon, right? Or maybe you have a birthday or other special event? Might be just the perfect gift idea for someone special...like you!

Check out Skillshare and tell me what your #1 class would be for quality self-care time as a mom!

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