Free May Doodle Prompts for Easy Fun for Kids

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It's time for more doodle prompts for easy fun for kids! Doodling is such an awesome way to help your kids grow their imagination and build creativity as they work on fine motor skills.

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My boys and I have been enjoying daily doodle prompts since the beginning of this year. I noticed that my boys loved to doodle during our read-alouds during our morning gathering time. I thought it would be fun to connect their doodling to our daily homeschool fun calendar activities.

What Makes Doodle Prompts So Special?

Doodling is just plain fun. Give your child (or yourself!) a pencil and some paper and watch creativity unfold. Right?

Well, not always...some kids get that deer-in-headlights stare when they look at a blank page. "I can't think of anything to doodle!"

Also, doodling can be a fantastic group activity! With one daily doodle prompt, you can see a variety of creations. Add to the learning fun by discussing each doodle and finding out why your child doodled the way that they did. (That reads like a tongue twister!)

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Free May Doodle Prompts for Easy Fun for Kids

I would love for you to join us in our daily doodle challenge! Just click on the image below for your instant download of May Doodle Prompts for Kids.

thumbnail of May Daily Doodle Prompts

You only need pencil and paper. Some kids like to use colored pencils, crayons, and markers.

Doodles can be as simple or complex as your child likes. That's another great thing about doodles-no stress! There is no right way to doodle! (Please remind your kids of that!)

How will you use these May Doodle Prompts with your kids?

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