9 Resources For Teaching Kids How To Say Sorry

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Teaching kids how to say sorry is not easy. Here are nine valuable resources for helping parents and loved ones teach children how to apologize-and mean it!

Teaching kids how to say sorry (and mean it!) is not always an easy task. As parents, it is our task to help our children learn the importance of true remorse and genuine apology. Here are  resources that I have found helpful in teaching my boys and other children that I have worked as a mental health therapist and volunteer) how to say sorry.

4 Helpful Books For Teaching Kids How To Say Sorry

  1.  Words Are Not For HurtingThis book is part of a series of books by Elizabeth Verdick. These books are particularly helpful for teaching younger kids valuable life lessons. I encourage you to check out the entire series!

2. Manners Time:  Another helpful title, for teaching about apologizing and other important life skills, found in the series by Verdick.

3. Zach Apologizes:  This book breaks down saying sorry into simple steps. A great resource recommended for ages preschool through grade 3.

4. Franklin Says Sorry:  Sometimes it is easier for kids to related to favorite characters from a book or TV show. Here's a great example of why it is important to say  sorry to our friends.

Helpful Sites For Teaching Kids How To Say Sorry

  1. How To Teach Kids To Say Sorry on Positive Parenting Solutions gives a short overview of reasons and tips on helping your kids learn to give a sincere apology.
  2. 5 Ways To Teach Children To Apologize by Dr. Sears provides great reminders and ideas for helping you teach your kids how to genuinely say sorry.
  3. Parenting Help:  How To Teach Your Child To Say "I'm Sorry" by Lily Rose over on Hub Pages contains some fantastic resources for parents on teaching your child to say sorry.
  4. Teaching Kids To Say Sorry-And Mean It! written by Christa Melnyk Hines for Calgary's Child provides more insightful tips and ideas on how to teach about remorse and apology.

I shared I Screwed Up! Why Saying Sorry To Your Kids Can Help for helping parents see the importance of apologizing to kids. I give reasons and tips for helping you practice what you preach!

There are numerous points of view on saying sorry. Some parents are insistent on making their kids apologize. Other parents believe that pushing a child to say sorry when the child doesn't understand or truly mean it is wrong.

Where do your opinions fall along the continuum for saying sorry-for adults and for kids?

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