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Free Thanksgiving Bingo Game for Special Holiday Fun

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This free printable Thanksgiving Bingo game is an easy way to add interactive fun to your classroom, library, homeschool, and family event.

Check it out and get your free printable bingo game with Thanksgiving themes today!


Enjoy holiday fun with kids using this free printable Thanksgiving Bingo game.

Why I Think It's Important to Make Thanksgiving Fun with Kids

Thanksgiving at school as a kid was kind of meh.

A styrofoam plate filled with barely warm turkey slices, instant mashed potatoes, canned corn, and box stuffing, all hidden under congealing gravy.

That's what I remember from Thanksgiving parties at school.

My teachers and room moms did great jobs trying to put together something special for our elementary classes.

Paper turkeys with tissue paper legs and essays about all we give thanks for filled bulletin boards.

Some years, we even got to make homemade butter by shaking heavy cream in a baby food jar until our arms felt like they were going to fall off.

And don't get me started on the yawn-inducing movie with a monotone voice-over about the Pilgrims and Indians. 


Thanksgiving bingo game card on white background and boys playing Thanksgiving Bingo Game with colorful wooden beads, calling cards, & glass bowl on granite surface

Let's Add Interactive Fun to the Holiday with Thanksgiving Bingo!

I'm not sure if adults were tired from all the Halloween celebrations-party, parade, costume contest-and thinking ahead to all the work for the Christmas extravaganza (Secret Santa gift exchanges, cookie exchanges, classroom parties, goody bags).

Poor Thanksgiving was just an after-thought. An "oh yeah! maybe we should do something to celebrate this day of giving thanks".

Flash forward to me being a mom and having kids myself. Now, kids are bombarded with goodies and treats for every little holiday. Party bags are crammed full of candy, toys, and gift cards. Almost a complete 180 from when I was a kid.

Yet, it still feels like something is missing. Great goody bags are definitely a step up from processed food covered in congealed gravy. But, what's the missing piece?

Interaction. Conversation. Time spent together.

Let's add some interactive fun to the holidays with kids using games and activities, like this free printable Thanksgiving Bingo game!


The free printable Thanksgiving Bingo game is an excellent way to have easy holiday fun with kids.

Get Your Free Thanksgiving Bingo Game for Special Holiday Fun

Holiday fun doesn't have to be hard. Or cost a lot of money. It even doesn't have to take a lot of time.

With a bit of planning and prep, you can make holiday fun happen with your kids.

Create special memories of giggling over how Uncle Bob did a happy dance when he called out BINGO! Or when Ms. Smith acted like a turkey when she won the game.

This free Thanksgiving Bingo game can be enjoyed by all ages. Using only pictures, it's great for pre- and early readers, as well as older kids.

A few fun ways to cover your Thanksgiving Bingo squares include:

Thanksgiving bingo game with calling cards and boy using his bingo card to feature how this free Thanksgiving bingo game can help you enjoy extra special fun this holiday


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Have special holiday fun with your kids using this free printable Thanksgiving game.

How will you enjoy this free printable Thanksgiving Bingo Game with your kids?


Thanksgiving bingo game with candy corn on orange dot background and two kids playing Thanksgiving Bingo using colorful wood beads on marble surface

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