U.S. Geography Homeschool Curriculum (Grades 4-6) that Makes Learning Fun

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This U.S. geography homeschool curriculum (for grades 4-6) is a gentle yet powerful way to make learning fun.

With fantastic literature, hands-on activities, and super cool Culinary Connections, this homeschool geography curriculum will help you take your learn at-home adventures to the next level.

Find out more about this geography curriculum (and get the discount code for free shipping!) plus take a sneak peek at how I'm enjoying it all with my two younger boys.

Boy using color pencil on map of the United States of America using atlas and woman holding teacher guide for U.S. Geography homeschool curriculum pack for grades 4-6 from Beautiful Feet Books.

Disclaimer: I received these products for free and was compensated for my time. As always, I’m sharing my honest opinions and was not required to provide a positive review.

Find out how I'm using Beautiful Feet Books Geography Through Literature Pack 4-6 to boost learning fun and more with my youngest boy - and how it can help you do the same 😊

Why Geography Continues To Be a Hit in Our Homeschool

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that one of my boys would say that geography is his favorite homeschool subject.

Well, you can guess how ecstatic I was when my youngest uttered those very words at our recent homeschool evaluation!

When I was in school, geography seemed so dry and boring. Staring at maps and memorizing state capitals were big yawn inducers.

My two older boys had similar experiences when they were in public school. When geography was even touched upon...

I was determined to change things up and make a positive impact on all of our approaches to geography. So, I did a bunch of research and found a brilliant way to enjoy geography by learning through literature with my younger boys!

Through Beautiful Feet Books and its fantastic resources, we've become geography enthusiasts. The experiences that my younger boys and I had with the Elementary level (K-3) were so powerful that we just had to move onto the next level of U.S. geography homeschool curriculum (grades 4-6)!

Boy working on United States map with color pencil and atlas, woman holding clay model of layers of Earth, and display of resources included in the U.S. geography homeschool curriculum pack for grades 4-6 from Beautiful Feet Books.

What You'll Find in This U.S. Geography Homeschool Curriculum (Grades 4-6)

I can't believe that my boys and I are having even more learning fun as we explore the 50 States of America with this package.

Before we began to learn about each state, the Teacher Guide led us through the an introduction to geography, as well as the fundamentals of mapping.

In our review of Geography Through Literature Pack (K-3) from Beautiful Feet Books, I shared highlights of each of the resources included in the curriculum package. I thought it would be helpful for you to take a closer look at what's part of this U.S. Geography Through Literature pack for grades 4-6:

Teacher Guide for U.S. geography homeschool curriculum for grades 4-6 from Beautiful Feet Books on wood background.

Teacher Guide

  • 37 weekly lessons -We are breaking it down into 2 lessons per week for a semester study. OR you may choose to do 1 lesson per week for a year of geography fun.
  • Dig Deeper - Recommended resources (books, websites, videos, and hands-on activities) to go down rabbit trails and expand the study of the topic.
  • Explore Your World - Ideas for exploring the area that you're studying.
  • Nature Journaling - Connect your studies while experiencing the outdoors.
  • Culinary Connection - (our favorite part!) Explore geography through food with suggested recipes (based on crops in the area or cultural history) are found in each section.
  • Section Projects - Cool hands-on ways to learn all about geography.
Large foldable map of United States of America.


  • large (36" by 24") foldable blank map of the 50 states of America with lots of space to color, add labels, compass rose, and legend

11 books - Lovely resources that make geography come to life!

Free Downloads: optional printable activities

  • Picture Packet
  • Bible Verse Memory Work
Woman holding teacher guide for U.S. geography homeschool curriculum for grades 4-6 from Beautiful Feet Books with resources from this pack, color pencils, and American flag and boy using color pencil to work on map with atlas.

Our Experiences with U.S. Geography Homeschool Curriculum (Grades 4-6)

Beautiful Feet Books has exceeded our expectations with this intermediate level of U.S. geography homeschool curriculum.

The books included in this curriculum pack are engaging and stunning. We love how this literature brings our geography fun to the next level.

Oh my stars - the Teacher Guide! 🤩 It makes it so easy to go through lessons and enjoy additional resources. In fact, we call these parts "bonuses". So many excellent videos and educational sites to enjoy!

My boys and I have been having a blast with the hands-on activities and projects. For example, the first activity combines a mnemonic device for cardinal directions (NESW - Never Eat Soggy Waffles) with Culinary Connection by making Never Soggy Cheddar and Cornbread Waffles. Such a powerful and yummy way to learn about the compass rose!

We had so much fun making the cornbread waffles and enjoying as a meal while chatting about what we learned in our U.S. geography homeschool curriculum that day with the rest of the family.

Cheddar and cornbread waffle on plate with corn meal and recipe in background.
These Never Soggy Cheddar and Cornbread Waffles (part of Culinary Connection) are yummy ways to make learning fun!

The best part is that we know these fun activities are only the tip of the iceberg. Based on our experiences with Geography Learning Through Literature (K-3), we'll be enjoying many more geography adventures together with this intermediate level pack.

Display of resources from U.S. geography homeschool curriculum for grades 4-6 from Beautiful Feet Books and boy using color pencil on map with atlas, and child holding clay model of layers of the Earth.

My Thoughts on Our Continued Geography Learning Through Literature

I've been pleasantly surprised at how this Intermediate (grades 4-6) curriculum has taken our geography learning fun to the next level.

The literature has been phenomenal. The books included in this curriculum set have been challenging enough to help my youngest grow but not too frustrating.

I gush about the Beautiful Feet Books Teacher Guide over on our Geography Learning Through Literature (K-3) Review. This teacher guide also gets a 5-star rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Hands-on activities (or projects as Xman prefers to call them) are more frequent and involved - perfect for this age range.

And Culinary Connection, of course, continues to be something that we all look forward to 😋

My #1 favorite thing about using Beautiful Feet Books U.S. Geography homeschool curriculum is that I don't have a lot of prep work. After acquainting myself with the stunning Teacher Guide, it feels so open-and-go to me.

Xman (9) and I also like that we can involve Bear (12) in our geography fun. These resources have tempted him more and more to join our U.S. geography adventures. In fact, Bear was so intrigued by our Layers of the Earth Activity that he just had to join in the learning fun - and asked to continue doing U.S. geography with us!

Laptop with teacher guide for U.S. geography homeschool curriculum for grades 4-6 from Beautiful Feet Books and mom and boys holding clay models of earth with dental floss and example of layers of the earth with clay model.
Learning about layers of the Earth and biome is so much fun with these activities!

Oh, and we've had such a boost in our mapwork! To me, it seems that Xman has taken all that he learn from our Geography Learning Through Literature (K-3) and exponentially added to it. I can't help but smile when I see his geography growth.

FAQs about This U.S. Geography Homeschool Curriculum (Grades 4-6)

Do you also like to read the highlights and bullet points of homeschool curriculum reviews to get to the juicy stuff? Me too! You can find out more about U.S. Geography Homeschool Curriculum Pack for Grades 4-6 (and Beautiful Feet Books) HERE.

Here are some things that I'd want to know when researching a learning through literature approach to geography:

⭐️ What if I have some of these books? Or want to get them out of my local library? Do I have to get the whole package?

Nope! You can customize your pack. After the product description, you'll see two buttons. The top option says "View Included Books". I suggest that you look at each book to make sure you'll have the recommended edition available to you. The bottom option says "Customize Your Pack Here". After picking that button, you can select/deselect books in your pack.

⭐️ How much time does each lesson usually take?

That completely depends on how long you would like it to take!
You can spread out a lesson over an entire week, spending about 15-20 minutes per day. Or you can do an entire lesson in one day.
The length of lesson depends on your child's age and how much you choose to do.
For example, if you're having a busy week, you may not get to the Culinary Connection. Totally okay! Either revisit the recipe(s) later or just skip it.

⭐️ Is it possible to use this geography curriculum pack with multiple kids?

YES! In fact, Bear (12) has asked to join our lessons. He's drawn to the good books and hands-on learning opportunities.
The consumable items are the large blank map and The United States Activity and Fact Book. If your kids don't mind working together on the map, you'd only need one. I would suggest customizing your pack with extra copies of the activity and fact book if more than one child will be participating in your lessons.

⭐️ How much does this pack cost?

Fantastic question! You'll find all the details here on the Beautiful Feet Books site.
Currently, the U.S. Geography Through Literature pack is $150.95. When you break that down over 37 lessons, it's only $4.08 per lesson - less than a fancy coffee!

If you have any questions about this learning through literature approach for geography fun, please let me know in the comments area below. Of course, the best place to go is Beautiful Feet Books 😉

Oh, and you can join Beautiful Feet Books subscriber list to keep up with all their latest and greatest PLUS sales!

Woman holding teacher's guide for U.S. geography homeschool curriculum with other resources from pack in background for grades 4-6 from Beautiful Feet Books and homemade cheddar cheese corn waffles and boy working on map with color pencils and atlas.

Make Your Geography Fun by Learning Through Literature!

WooHoo! I think it's awesome that you want to make geography fun and engaging for your kids.

I know that this U.S. Geography Homeschool Curriculum for Grades 4-6 will once again be one of Xman's favorite parts of our homeschool year. He's been sharing all about it with our family and friends. Xman still mentions becoming a cartographer (map maker - one of the terms from our first lesson - he thinks it would be so cool!).

Pop on over to Beautiful Feet Books and get the nitty-gritty on this package. Those resources are phenomenal!

Ooh! And you can get FREE shipping for all orders $150+. First-time customers can use promo code IgniteWonder for free shipping on first order of any size. 

While you're there, make sure to explore their other packages. I have these learning through literature packs on my homeschool wishlist:

Let me know if you have any questions about U.S. Geography Through Literature Pack (Grades 4-6). Sending you tons of geography fun vibes!

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  1. Where this is learning geography through literature, would it work for my literature curriculum? Or is it more of a social studies?

    1. (Sorry - just seeing this!) I think with the literature recommendations included in the Teacher's Guide that you could use it as a literature curriculum. It's hard to say without knowing what age/grade you're working with (or your homeschooling approach).

  2. Hi! Thanks for your review. My kids are 7 and 9 and I am considering doing BFB US Geography packs k-3 and 4-6 together. In your experience, would they go well together? TIA!

    1. Hey there! Yes, I think they'd go very well together 🙂 I often combine my 2 younger boys for geography. We first went through the K-3 and now the 4-6. Hope you have tons of geography fun - I'd love updates!!

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