How to Boost Learning at Home with Virtual Tech Camp Experiences

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Give your kids the amazing experience of virtual tech camp as you boost learning at home.

With unexpected extra time at home, my boys are thriving with their STEM classes and project-based learning. Discover why select virtual camps can help you provide your kids with essential enrichment that appeals to their interests.


Give your kids the amazing experience of virtual tech camp. Excellent ways to provide enrichment & more!


Disclaimer:  I received this Spring Virtual Kit by Code Changers for free and was compensated for my time. As always, I’m honestly sharing my opinions and experiences. I was not required to provide a positive review.


Why We're Using Virtual Camps to Boost Learning At Home

Well, this year certainly hasn't turned out the way we originally planned 😉

Our Spring schedule had so many color codes and scribbled notes of events, activities, and travel. All of that suddenly changed and we found ourselves having unexpected extra time at home.

Some good things came of it. The boys and I successfully wrapped up another homeschool year. We took a short break and started some fun school stuff with Harry Potter.

Lots of projects were started and finished. And we have quite a few more to add to the list.

But, our summer learning fun plans had come to an abrupt halt.

With all the uncertainty about scheduling camps and other in-person events, I realized that I was going to have to get creative when it came to summer enrichment experiences.


This Build Your Own Paper Flashlight project is included in the CodeChanger's Spring Virtual Kit.
Build Your Own Paper Flashlight is a fun hands-on project for kids.


After researching our options, we decided a virtual tech camp would be the way to go. A few of our reasons included:

  • Prevent summer brain drain (yes, we now do year-round homeschooling but our summer months are very relaxed.)
  • Provide summer enrichment
  • Give new challenges outside of our homeschool curriculum choices
  • Help my boys explore new interests and hobbies
  • Keep my boys busy so I can guard my sanity and get some work done (keeping it real!)


Materials from Spring Virtual Kit from CodeChangers & boy pointing at laptop and DIY drone with its kit to feature the amazing experiences your kids can have with virtual tech camp


What Is a Virtual Tech Camp?

Are you like I was and wondering what exactly is a virtual tech camp?

As I was doing my research for virtual summer enrichment experiences for my boys, I had the opportunity to chat with Garrett at CodeChangers. When I heard about the variety of projects and activities included in these virtual tech camps, I needed to know more!

A virtual tech camp from CodeChangers includes:

  • Project-based learning (25+ hours of projects of digital and physical projects)
  • Hands-on learning with kids
  • Pre-recorded instruction by CodeChangers staff (with options for live classes)
  • Flexible schedule completion
  • STEM activities and concepts
  • The perfect introduction to coding for kids-no previous experience with coding is necessary
  • Ongoing support via online chat, email, and phone

My boys and I love the fact that we have lifetime access to these lessons and instructions. We like to revisit fun stuff when we think of new ideas and things to test out 😉


This Spring Virtual Kit by CodeChangers contains all of these resources and more.
Our Spring Virtual Camp Kit included all of these amazing resources + backpack, notebooks, water bottle, & CodeChangers T-shirts!


Amazing Experiences with Virtual Camps

Smiley (11) could not wait to get started with CodeChangers. He jumped right into the lessons as soon as we had access to the camp and got our kit.

Although Smiley is familiar with computers and loves video games, he had no prior coding experience. Smiley had expressed an interest in learning but I couldn't find a resource that would give him a strong foundation in coding. (And I'm tech-challenged and have very little knowledge about it!)

Smiley got out our two Chromebooks (you don't need two but he wanted to speed up the process) and his fingers started flying over the keys. (He actually thanked me for his typing course that I made him take earlier this year!)

One of the most engaging parts of the Spring Virtual Kit from CodeChangers is learning how to code and play Blobbert.


I was working on a few other things with his younger brothers. After an hour, he called me over and I couldn't believe his progress.


Your kids will have a blast with the Spring Virtual Kit from CodeChangers.
Smiley is showing Xman his progress with coding the Blobbert game, part of CodeChanger's Spring Virtual Kit.


From only watching the lessons and following the instructions, Smiley coded a cute video game called Blobbert (one of CodeChangers most popular features). His face just glowed with a grin from ear to ear.

"Mom, I LOVE coding! This is the most fun I've had all year!"

I can safely say that Smiley now has a new obsession interest that's educational and fun 😉

Smiley and his two older brothers (Captain and Professor) plan to work on the Web Development I lessons together. These classes teach introductions to html, CSS, and Javascript. I'm looking forward to watching my boys collaborate on this project!

Boy smiling at DIY helicopter project and boy using micro:bit with laptop to feature the excellent ways your kids get enrichment & more with virtual tech camp


My Boys LOVE CodeChangers!

CodeChangers provides a brilliant balance between guiding the kids through a project and encouraging outside-the-box thinking. My boys have felt confident working on the projects with step-by-step instructions.

Once the project has been completed according to instructions, my boys love being able to think about new possibilities and ways to "mod" their work.

There's so much more than virtual learning experiences. The kits from CodeChangers are incredible. Your child will have everything they need to replicate the projects at home.

For example, the first lesson to the Spring Tech Camp included a brief introduction to the program, safety reminders, and encouragement to do two simple projects. My three younger boys collaborated and completed a paper flashlight and LCD helicopter. Such a cool way to launch their virtual tech camp experiences!


This paper helicopter project is an awesome way to get your kids excited about STEM and more.
Bear getting ready to test his LED helicopter (it worked!).


Oh my stars! Another terrific part of this Spring virtual kit was an introduction to coding with a micro:bit. The boys and I were blown away with all of the possibilities of what you can do with a micro:bit.


This virtual tech camp by CodeChangers includes amazing micro:bit lessons and projects.


I was tickled pink about the Web Story lesson. My boys are not big fans of writing. These exercises on storyboarding taught the boys an awesome way to breakdown and plan their writing process. By adding a computer and coding, this exercise made something that I've been trying to teach my boys for a while much easier to understand.


Your kids will be introduced to making a web story, a fantastic exercise that combines writing and coding.


And "the absolutely coolest part of all of this virtual tech camp stuff!" --> DIY drone!

If you want to put a smile on your kids' faces as they enjoying learning fun, this DIY drone kit and lessons are incredible.boy working on DIY drone made out of building bricks for virtual tech camp


My boys were blown away by the process of building their drone, learning how a drone works, proper ways to fly (and what not to do), and, of course, the actual flying of their very own drone.

(The boys kept thanking me for this experience. I kept telling them that it was CodeChangers-not me!)

Your kids get the experience of building and flying a drone with this virtual tech camp by CodeChangers.


Tips for a Successful Virtual Tech Camp with Your Kids

For any virtual camp, I suggest that you make sure you have the suggested web browser.

For example, CodeChangers runs best on Google Chrome Extension, making it perfect on a Chromebook or other computer with this feature. This simple step prevents frustration for your kids.

Also, read ahead in the lessons or instructions whenever possible. If you're using this time so you can get work done or enjoy a bit of self-care time, make sure that your kids have what they need to complete their online lessons. Like, do your kids need you to confirm a site through your email? Or should specific supplies be ready to work on during the lesson?

Although a virtual camp is a fantastic time for you to get a breather, I recommend staying in the room or nearby in your home. You'll be able to jump in and help, if necessary. You never know when there will be an issue with wifi or connectivity 😉


Your kids will love the project-based learning involved with virtual tech camp by CodeChangers.


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