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4th of July Mad Libs: Fun Ways to Celebrate the Holiday with Kids (Free)

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4th of July mad libs are fantastic activities to boost holiday fun with kids.

This free printable set makes it easy to celebrate Fourth of July and enjoy some giggles.

Find out more about these free printable mad libs and get creative ideas for using!

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Mock-up of 3 printable 4th of July Mad Libs.

Awesome Activities for 4th of July Fun for Kids

Need some simple yet super cool ways to celebrate Fourth of July with your kids? You'll love these printable mad libs activities. Such a great way to enjoy holiday fun with kids of all ages 🙂

My boys and I have celebrated 4th of July (Independence Day) in a variety of ways over the years. (Psst! You can find all of our 4th of July Fun on this page.) We've read books, enjoyed hands-on activities (like our 4th of July and Patriotic Hearts Perler Bead Crafts), played games, gone on a scavenger hunt , and more.

One of our favorite ways to have some fun (and share some chuckles) is Mad Libs (like our free Harry Potter and Dr. Seuss activities).

I thought it would be fun to share 4th of July-themed Mad Libs with my boys - and with you!

Some ways to have a blast with these Fourth of July printables are:

3 examples of 4th of July Mad Libs on blue chalkboard background.

Learn More About These 4th of July Mad Libs

This free printable pack of 4th of July Mad Libs includes 7 pages. You'll find 3 different Fourth of July themes plus 3 pages to write down your words (with a part of speech like noun, verb, adjective, etc.). There's also a terms of use page.

The 4th of July themes included in this set are:

  • A Parade to Remember (with red, white, and blue confetti decor)
  • A Family Picnic (with red, white, and blue stars)
  • A Spectacular Fourth of July (with American flag wand and blue balloon with white stars)
3 examples of 4th of July Mad Libs pages on red, white, and blue wood background.

How to Use & Enjoy These Patriotic Mad Libs

First, you'll need to download and print this free printable pack of 4th of July Mad Libs.

If you think that you'll be playing multiple times, you can certainly make extra copies. OR you can place your printable pages in dry erase sleeves (pockets) and use dry erase markers.

Grab a pencil or pen (we love these erasable pens!). My boys and I prefer to place the word list page on a clipboard to make it secure.

The person writing down the words lets the others know the title of the story (like A Spectacular Fourth of July) then says the prompts (like Adjective). The chosen word is jotted own. When the word list is complete, it's time for some holiday fun! The story is read-aloud in fill-in-the-blank style. And the results are often hilarious 🤣

You can find a step-by-step explanation on how to enjoy Mad Libs at WikiHow.

These silly stories are such fun activities for the whole family!

Want to take your 4th of July fun to the next level? Pair these activities with this Fireworks and Non-Newtonian Fluids Mini-Unit Study!

3 examples of 4th of July Mad Libs.

Get Your Free Pack of 4th of July Mad Libs

Hooray! You'll have a blast with these holiday activities for 4th of July fun! These DIY patriotic stories are sure to be a big hit.

This free printable pack of 4th of July Mad Libs includes 7 pages (6 pages for Mad Libs fun plus terms of use page).

And you may certainly print as many copies of these Fourth of July Mad Libs as you need to enjoy with your homeschool, classroom, or co-op. If you have co-workers or friends who'd enjoy these free printables, please share this postThank you for sharing - I appreciate your cooperation!

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Get your Free 4th of July Mad Libs Pack by tapping here or on the image below.

3 printable 4th of July Mad Libs.

Wishing you and your family a super fun 4th of July celebration!

3 printable 4th of July Mad Libs pages on red, white, and blue wood background.

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