Boredom Busters: 7 Free Posters (Customizable & 50+ Creative Ideas)

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Boredom busters are brilliant ways to keep your kids busy (and off screens).

This free printable set of posters has fantastic ideas plus styles that can be customized.

Find out more about these boredom busters for kids and how you can get started with your printable pack today!

These 7 free printable posters of boredom busters for kids have so many cool ideas for screen-free fun. Includes color and black-and-white styles!

Never Run Out of Ideas for Keeping Your Kids Busy

Well, never might be a bit of an overstatement 😉

If you get tired of hearing, "I'm bored!" and "I can't think of anything to do!", you're going to love this new free set printable posters full of ideas of boredom busters for kids.

I'm usually a pretty creative mama. I can think of clever ways to keep my boys engaged in an activity. And use things around our home to keep it frugal.

But, when I'm tired, distracted, or hangry, forget it. My creativity switch turns off - and the boys end up on screens more than I like.

With this self-knowledge, I try to be prepared with simple and fun activities for my kids, like brain breaks and fitness prompts.

And now I'm super excited to add these posters for fun boredom busters to our fun collection!

woman holding free printable poster of color boredom busters ideas wit black-and-white version with rainbow of markers and crayons and pencil on wood background

What You'll Find In This Free Pack of Posters for Boredom Busters

This free pack of posters featuring great boredom busters has 7 printable (PDF) pages:

  • Page 1 includes 42 boredom buster prompts in bright colors of green, yellow, orange, blue, purple, and pink
  • Page 2 is a blank template in those bright colors
  • Page 3 is another blank template in pastel version of those colors
  • Page 4 is also a blank template in greens and blues
  • Page 5 (a blank template) is in light pinks, blues, purples, and browns
  • Page 6 is a blank template in light pastels
  • Page 7 is a black-and-white template that your kids can color when prompts are complete (or even as a boredom buster!)

Your kids will have a blast with these prompts for frugal and fun activities.

On page one, you'll find 42 prompts, like:

Woman holding free printable color boredom buster poster with black-and-white version, rainbow of markers, crayons, and pencil on wood background

More Cools Ideas for Your Boredom Buster Posters

One of the best things about this free printable pack is that you can customize with your favorite boredom busters for your kids!

I suggest brainstorming some ideas and doing a bit of research (Pinterest is my favorite place for finding creative things to do with kids).

A few of the ideas that I've come up with to customize our boredom buster posters are:

color boredom buster posters for kids with ideas and you can customize

Tips & Tricks for Success with Boredom Busters for Kids

Before you give your younger kids and older kids these posters, chat about the boredom busters (if you're using the completed version). If you're going with one of the customizable styles, make a list of ideas and talk about them.

Make sure you have the supplies your kids will need for these boredom busters. There's nothing worse than getting excited about an activity and then realizing you don't have what you need. (Like when I get a craving for my nana's brownies and realize that my little hobbits have eaten all our chocolate chips - grr!)

Some suggestions are:

  • Crayons
  • Pencils
  • Markers
  • Color pencils
  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Glue
  • Yarn
  • Buttons
  • Stickers
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Construction paper

Get clear on your expectations. Use my free printable set to help you set rules and expectations for fun activities with kids.

Be open to your kids' suggestions. They might have creative takes on how to do a boredom buster. As long as it's safe, go for it!

Customize! Make these boredom busters work for you. Tweak where you need to and learn as you go.

woman holding free printable color boredom buster poster with black-and-white style in background, rainbow of markers, crayons, and pencil on wood background

Get Your Free Printable Set of Boredom Buster Posters

YES! You're on your way to inspiring your kids to enjoy fantastic fun with boredom busters.

This free printable set of boredom buster posters includes 7 PDF pages.

You may print as many of these posters as you'd like for your personal use, family, class, homeschool co-op, or community event. If you have a friend or co-worker who'd like to encourage their kids to enjoy screen-free fun, I ask that you please share this post with them. Thanks so much for your cooperation!

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Get your FREE pack of Boredom Buster Posters by tapping HERE or on the image below.

free printable boredom buster ideas posters

Wishing you and your kids tons of screen-free fun with boredom busters!

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