Trekking Through History: One of the Best Board Games for Learning in Your Homeschool

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Trekking Through History is a fantastic way to boost your homeschool learning adventures.

With a cool mix of strategy and interactive fun, you'll have a blast as you go back in time and discover amazing facts about historical events, figures, and more.

Take a sneak peek at how my boys and I are enjoying this educational board game in our homeschool and find out why it could be a smart pick for your family, too.

Trekking Through History is an exceptional educational board game that can help you take your learning fun to the next level. It's such a fun way to go back in time, learn facts, and connect with your kids.

Disclaimer: I received this product for free and was compensated for my time. As always, I’m sharing my honest opinions and was not required to provide a positive review.

My boys and I are having a blast with Trekking Through History, an educational board game that takes you back through time and sneaks in so much learning fun. Hope you enjoy our review - and please let us know if you have any questions!

Why We're Using Educational Games to Connect in Our Homeschool

As my boys and I embark on a new homeschool year, I find myself thinking about our current status and how to make the most of our special time together.

Our homeschool is evolving. The boys are getting older and tackling more challenging subjects. And each of the 4 boys that I'm actively teaching (my oldest graduated from our homeschool high school in 2021) have different interests, extracurricular activities, and enrichment choices.

In our year-round homeschool, we've successfully pivoted with our homeschool morning time for my 3 younger boys by adding BrainPop and selecting read alouds to complement our geography and history curriculum.

Overall, the start of our 2022-2023 homeschool year has gone well. But, my boys and I were feeling like something was missing.

As I was listening to my boys play a card game one weekend, it hit me. We needed to get back on the gameschool train!

We're not hard core gameschoolers but we do enjoy adding educational board games into our relaxed, eclectic homeschool mix whenever we can.

It's been challenging to find games that everyone is interested in and at appropriate age levels. When we heard about Trekking Through History, we knew that we had to give this history-based board game a try. And I'm SO glad that we did!

Woman holding Trekking Through History board game and 4 boys playing this educational board game on carpet

All About Trekking Through History

If you're looking for a fun educational board game to add to your homeschool, Trekking Through History is a fantastic choice.

To be completely transparent, I'm not that good at figuring out new board games. I hand that over to the boys and let them get it all sorted then explain it to me. They get a big kick out of teaching mom and I love hearing how they break it down and simplify the process 😊

I'm sharing my boys' take on the game as I highlight the overall concept. They've played the game several times and have found it more enjoyable with each experience.

Smiley (13) summarizes Trekking Through History as, "You're basically going on a time travel vacation that lasts for 3 days. You get to go in a time machine that lets you pop into different events and meet different people. It's pretty cool how you move through rounds and earn points."

Trekking Through History is suggested for 2-4 players (although there is a Solo Mode option!) and takes approximately 30-60 minutes to complete. The recommended age is 10+ but my youngest (8) was able to play with his older brothers.

This board game includes:

  • 108 History cards
  • 12 Ancestor cards
  • 1 clock (cardboard)
  • 1 playmat
  • 4 Pocket Watches
  • 4 Player Point markers
  • 84 Experience tokens (20 Person, 18 Event, 16 Innovation, 16 Progress, 14 Wild)
  • 20 Time Crystals
  • 4 Crystal Tanks
  • 24 Itineraries
  • 4 Reference Cards
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Date index
  • 24 Time Warp cards
  • 4 Time Warp markers
  • 1 Time Warp rulebook

Bear (11) has been pouring over the 108 History cards. He's a huge fan of nonfiction books and finds these cards "full of fascinating facts".

Professor (17) is our resident history buff and gives this board game a 5 star rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ He appreciates that the games goes back to 37000 BCE and covers up to 1994.

Xman (8) is technically a bit young for this game but he's used to stepping it up and playing with big brothers. He's had a great time and loves the challenge.

Woman holding Trekking Through History board game with dog interested in it and 4 boys in background relaxing as they play the game on a carpet

Creative Ideas for Enjoying Trekking Through History In Your Homeschool

I've been pleasantly surprised with all the different ways that my boys have been able to enjoy this board game for learning fun in our homeschool.

Professor will challenge his younger brothers to get done all of their independent work and play a match as a fun reward. Such awesome motivation!

The boys have also picked Trekking Through History for 4 Fun Fridays in a row. (Fun Fridays are when celebrate the end of our homeschool week and have at least 1 special way to chill and enjoy a special activity together). That's a pretty big deal because my boys usually like to change activities up!

Speaking of changing things up...Trekking Through History is going to be part of how we keep our homeschool history fresh this year. Instead of trudging through curriculum and checking off boxes, we're going to play this board game whenever we need a break.

Personally, I LOVE the History cards! These cards are educational tools for hands-on timeline activities that are great for reinforcement and helping us visualize how these historical events and figures flow.

FAQs about Trekking Through History

Here are a few questions that I would have as homeschooler who's considering Trekking Through History for our learning fun. Please add your questions to the comments area at the bottom of this post and I'll make sure to include here!

Is Trekking Through History hard to figure out how to play?

If you're like me and struggle with figuring out board games, it can be a challenge. But, the rulebook guides you step-by-step on how to play. Also, there's a super helpful video with demonstration of how to get started and enjoy.

I prefer educational board games that we can play again and again. Is Trekking Through History a good fit?

Absolutely! There are so many different combinations of History cards that you can experience of the 3 days (rounds). You'll probably find that none of your matches are the same - which leads to more learning and fun!

This game looks so cool! Where can I learn more about Trekking Through History?

You can take a sneak peek at Trekking Through History over on Amazon and on Instagram (@_underdoggames_). Of course, you can pop over to Underdog Games and find out more there.

Woman holding Trekking Through History board game with 4 boys playing it in the background on a carpet

Take Your Gameschooling to The Next Level with Trekking Through History

High five! I think it's awesome that you're looking for a new way to take your homeschool fun to the next level.

Trekking Through History is a strategy game for adults and families that provides you with engaging and creative ways to spend time together and make learning fun. It's an excellent addition to your gameschool, family fun night, and more!

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