How to Use Evan-Moor Workbooks to Boost Your Homeschool Language Arts

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Evan-Moor workbooks are excellent ways to easily boost your homeschool language arts.

These remarkable resources make it simple for you to help your kids enjoy reading, writing, spelling, grammar, and more.

Find out why I'm using these Evan-Moor resources with my youngest and how these affordable workbooks are taking our learning fun to the next level.

If your homeschool language arts needs a boost, find out how these easy-to-use Evan-Moor workbooks and resources can help you make learning fun for your kids.

Disclaimer: I received these products for free and was compensated for my time. As always, I’m sharing my honest opinions and was not required to provide a positive review.

I'm sharing our experiences with Evan-Moor workbooks for Grade 3 language arts, writing, and spelling. As you read through our review (thank you!), I encourage you to consider your child's level and how you can use the amazing variety of Evan-Moor resources to boost your homeschool learning adventures.

My Mission for Improving Our Homeschool Language Arts

"Mom, I wish I was a better writer!"

My mama heart nearly broke when my youngest (Xman - age 8) came to me with this plea.

Writing has been a thorn in my side since we started our homeschool adventures over 10 years ago. Although I adore writing, it's been a major struggle for me to teach my 5 boys to love and appreciate the process.

I've researched, tried, and tossed out more homeschool writing curricula than I care to admit. Part of the issue is that each of my boys have needed different programs. The other part of the issue is that I simply haven't devoted enough time to the subject in our homeschool.

Sure, we do a bunch of writing in our other subjects, like history, geography, and science.

But, I realize that I've relied too much on the "sponge effect" in our homeschool when it comes to writing. Xman's older brothers just kind of naturally picked up on writing through other subjects. For Xman, it's different. And that's totally okay 😊

I became a mama on a mission to find the best way to help my baby (he'd cringe at that so let's go with youngest) enjoy an approach to writing (and overall language arts) that helps him feel like a better writer.

Young boy using blue pencil to work in a spelling skills workbooks with other Evan-Moor workbooks for language arts in the background

My Criteria for Language Arts Resources in Our Homeschool

As I began my research for finding ways to help my youngest improve his writing (and overall language arts education), I knew that I needed to keep these things in mind:

  • Open-and-go: I do NOT have a ton of time to be pouring over teacher manuals or prepping lessons.
  • Easy-to-use: And I also wanted something that Xman could start to use on his own for independent learning.
  • Affordable: Our homeschool budget is not huge so I needed resources that helped us get more bang for our buck 😉
  • Engaging: Xman needed to be willing to work on these lessons and not be turned off.
  • Focused: There is the potential for a lot of distractions in our homeschool. Brothers working on projects. Online lessons being read-aloud. Dog barking at the mail person or a leaf blowing across our yard. Simple, black-and-white pages work best for Xman.
  • Short-and-sweet: I'm not a big fan of busy work. And I prefer to have a resource that's effective and doesn't cause an outburst.
Young boy using blue pencil in spelling workbook with other Evan-Moor workbooks in background

Why I Chose Evan-Moor Workbooks for Boosting Our Homeschool Adventures

After a bit of online research and asking around in Facebook groups, I discovered resources from Evan-Moor that would work with our budget AND boost our learning fun.

I was delighted to discover that Evan-Moor has a variety of resources to use for homeschool language arts. In fact, I wasn't quite sure where to start or what to pick. I reached out via email to get a bit of direction and was so glad I did.

The Evan-Moor associate was extremely helpful in helping me narrow down my choices and find resources that would work for my son.

I decided to go with the print versions of workbooks. PDF looked appealing but I knew that I would only be using these resources with my youngest so I didn't really need the option to print more. (For grades 4-8, I will definitely be going with PDF because I can use with multiple ages in our homeschool!).

Evan-Moor flashcards and worbooks

Also, I wanted Xman to have a special experience of having his very own workbooks. As the youngest, he gets many things passed down - including homeschool stuff - so having something of his own makes it extra special 🙂

Oh, you may be wondering what Xman is using for his 3rd grade learning adventures with Evan-Moor workbooks! He'll be enjoying:

Xman dove right into the Spelling Skills workbook. He's had a blast with the spelling lists and exercises. I was pleasantly surprised that he's looked forward to the Dictations Sentences to practice his weekly spelling words.!

I wanted to ease into our experience with Evan-Moor workbooks in our homeschool. Now that he feels so comfortable with the spelling work (an area that he was struggling with), he has started Daily Writing and Language Fundamentals. So far, Xman has been all smiles 🙌

Young boy using blue pencil in spelling workbook with other Evan-Moor workbooks for language arts in the background on striped tablecloth

Excellent Evan-Moor Workbooks (& Resources) for Your Homeschool

Oh my stars! I really can't believe the progress I've seen in Xman's writing and overall confidence in our homeschool since he started using Evan-Moor workbooks. It's literally brought tears to my eyes!

AND I'm super excited that Evan-Moor has additional workbooks and resources to boost learning fun, like:

  • TeacherFileBox, Evan-Moor’s digital lesson library
    • This subscription offers affordable lessons and activities in every subject area for grades PreK-6 (with a few lessons for grades 7-8)
      *You can use TeacherFileBox for FREE for 14 days. No credit card required.
  • Full-color activity books for skill practice
    • Skill Sharpeners Grammar and Punctuation
    • Skill Sharpeners Science
    • Smart Start Beginning Coding
    • Heart and Mind Activities for Today’s Kids
  • Teaching resources for homeschooling
    • Daily Geography
    • Daily Science
    • Building Spelling Skills
    • History Pockets
    • Math Fundamentals
Daily practice titles from Evan-Moor, trusted by teachers and ideal for students

You can find resources for subjects in:

Most resources are for K-6 but you can also find amazing materials for preK and 7-8.

AND you can get Homeschool Curriculum Bundles for Grades preK-6 for 25% OFF!

Young boy using blue pencil in a spelling workbook with other Evan-Moor workbooks in the background on a striped tablecloth

Take Your Homeschool Language Arts (& More) to the Next Level with Evan-Moor Workbooks

High five! If you're looking to jumpstart your homeschool, especially language arts, you'll LOVE Evan-Moor workbooks and resources.

I have been so pleased with the overall progress with writing and language arts for Xman. These resources have been easy-to-use and enjoyable. The best part has been watching his confidence level soar.

You can help your kids feel good about their writing, reading, spelling, and more with Evan-Moor workbooks and resources.

⭐️ Give Evan-Moor a try with these FREE RESOURCES! ⭐️

If you have any questions about Evan-Moor and these resources, please let me know in the comments area below!

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    1. Fantastic question! For my youngest, he's wrapping up the red level of Learning Language Arts Through Literature and using Evan-Moor workbooks. He'll start Evan-Moor reading comprehension soon. We also enjoy silent reading time each day where he picks a variety of books. I hope that answers your question. We have a relaxed approach to homeschooling 🙂

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