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10 Simple Ways to Make Time for Summer Fun

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Don't let your summer days pass you by without fun!

With a little bit of preparation and forethought, you'll be able to make the most of the summer with your kids.  

Avoid the end of summer "Oh, I wish we would have..." and "Gosh, I can't believe summer flew by so fast!" type of regrets.  It's never a waste of time to plan for summer fun and special memories with your kids.

Make time for summer fun with these awesome tips for time management that works for you.

10 Ways to Make Time for Summer Fun

Although I love having fun with my boys, I am the type that needs plans and a bit of organization to make it happen.

Our family schedule gets crazy in a heartbeat. I've learned that if I don't plan for summer fun, it just doesn't happen.

Here are my tips to help you make time for summer fun:

1. Planning

My #1 tip for making time for summer fun is to make a game plan. I'll repeat what I said above: don't assume your ideas will just happen. When you get sucked up into summer activities, the days start to speed by and your happy ideas vanish into thin air.

Start jotting down ideas for summer fun now. Take out whatever planning system you use (paper or digital).

Look at available time slots and when you can actually do those ideas. Spread those ideas out, too. There's nothing worse than trying to cram in too many summer fun activities and not enjoying them because everyone is too exhausted.

Rock Your Homeschool's free homeschool fun calendars can be great places to start for your summer fun ideas.

2. Organization

Take some time to get your summer fun supplies organized. Look at your ideas list and gather them in one place. Your summer fun will be easier to accomplish when you have everything in one area that's easy to access.

3. Group Chores

Make more time for summer fun by getting chores and errands done together. Assign tasks to different family members to ease your burden.

Remind everyone that fun only happens when work is complete. Great motivator and it helps you relax, too!

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4. Learn to Say No

I am giving you permission to not do all the things. You do not have to agree to every summer activity, volunteer opportunity, or get-together.

Although all those events seem like fun, too much can be stressful and take away from your summer fun ideas. Choose wisely and know that it's okay to say no.

5. Make a Summer Bucket List

Take out your summer fun ideas list.

Sit down with your kids and make a bucket list of activities that each person wants to do. Make sure to do at least one summer fun activity for each individual. When everyone has been heard and planned for, family members are much more likely to cooperate and anticipate fun.

6. Simplify

Summer is a fantastic time to simplify. Meals do not have to be fancy. When the weather gets warm, it's a great time to slow down and make it easy.

If you homeschool year-round or have a non-traditional schedule, consider simplifying your lessons.

The easier it is for you, the more time you'll have for summer fun.

Don't let summer slip away! Use these 10 ways to make time for summer fun with your kids.

7. Decrease Expectations

Let it go, mama!  Your home and homeschool do not have to be perfect.

Fun does not have to be "perfect". Fun is what you make of it. Let go of anything holding you back from fully enjoying your time with your kids.

8. Ask for Help

If you have family in the area, ask for their help.

Perhaps they'd be willing to watch your little ones so you can get some cleaning done and have time for summer fun? Or maybe friends could watch your littles so you could take your older kids out for an age-appropriate activity?

It's okay to ask for help🙂

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9. Prioritize

Look at your to-do list. Prioritize what must get done. And cross off anything that is not required for survival!

If you have a list of ten items, do they all "have" to get done today?

Maybe you can get by with just your top three or top five? Of course, meals are essential but maybe vacuuming the curtains can wait for a day or two? (And if you vacuum your curtains, you deserve a gold star in my book!)

10. Decrease Negative Self-Talk

This tip can be tricky! How often do you trip yourself up with negative self-talk? With all of those "Oh, I could never do that!" or "I can't be fun because I have too much to do!".

Red light. Stop sign. Whatever visual it takes. Just stop yourself right there.

You can be a fun mom. That negative self-talk isn't doing anyone any good.

Check out these powerful mom mindset resources if you could use a bit of help in this area.

Make time for summer fun with kids! These 10 tips can help you get done what you need to do so you can relax & enjoy fun times.

Mama, don't let summer slip away.

Enjoy your amazing kids and make the most out of the time you have together. Hopefully, these tips will help you do just that.

What tips would you add to make time for summer fun?

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