10 Reasons CTC Math Is Fantastic For Large Families

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Read our 10 Reasons CTC Math Is Fantastic For Large Families. This online math program is an affordable and effective way to provide quality math education for your kids.


I am so excited to share CTC Math with you! I had been hearing about this online math program from homeschool friends on Periscope. When I had the opportunity to use and review this math curriculum for our large family, I jumped at the chance.

Try a free trial of CTC Math now & see for yourself why this online math program rocks!


Disclosure: I received this product for free and was compensated for my time. I was not require to give a positive review. All opinions are 100% my own.

CTC Math is a fantastic resource for large homeschool families.
Smiley completing a subtraction problem with CTC Math.

Teaching math in a large family is not an easy endeavor. Math is one of those subjects where typically all of your kids are on different levels. Combining this subject area (like I try to do for as many subjects as I can!) just isn't feasible for the learning growth and development of my five boys.

As much as I would love to spend one-on-one time with each of my boys during their math lessons, it just isn't possible if we are going to attend to other homeschool subjects, have a half-way clean home, or eat! To ensure my boys get a quality math homeschool education, I need outsource this subject area. I love teaching my boys math but I need to be realistic and do what is best for their overall learning.

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This year is the first time that I have homeschool plans for all five of my boys. Toddler Time with Xman (2) will be hands-on and interactive. This special time with my lil' man will be wonderful yet take up some of our homeschool day. Also, Bear (5) is technically at the Kindergarten level and will require more of my time (as all children do at younger learning levels).

My two older boys, Captain (13) and Professor (11) have used a few different online math programs with success. I believed that finding and using another online program would be best for Smiley (7) and Bear (5) to guarantee that they receive effective math lessons and work.

What is a homeschool mom of a large family to do for effective, quality math education?

CTC Math is an affordable online resource for large homeschool families. Find out more about this effective program here!
Bear sits in on Smiley's CTC Math subtraction lesson. My boys love CTC Math that they ask do to more & help each other!

10 Reasons We Love CTC Math For Our Large Family

1. Affordable

At $118.80 (that's 60% off!), you just can't beat CTC Math! For our family with five boys, that's only $23.76 for each child to get a quality homeschool math education! Say goodbye to homeschool math and budget worries!

2. Unlimited Access

Your entire family will have unlimited access to all lessons and grade levels. That is grades Kindergarten through Trigonometry!

Are you a large homeschool family looking for an affordable program for multiple grade levels? Check out why we love CTC Math!
Smiley navigating CTC Math. My boys are able to safely log on & start lessons on their own.

3. Easy To Use

CTC Math was super easy to set up (an extreme help for this tech challenged mom!). Also, Smiley and Bear are able to log in by themselves and get to work-such a time saver!

4. Progress Reports

You will be sent weekly emails with progress reports for each child. I love having these reminders that I can also print out and add to their homeschool portfolios! These detailed reports include summary, diagnostic tests, tasks, awards, and speed skills results.

CTC Math is an affordable & effective online math program that helps homeschool families provide a quality math education to their kids.

5. Kindergarten through Trigonometry!

Yes, that's right! CTC Math has all of these grade levels for your entire family. If your child is behind, on level, or ahead, you will not need to stress. Your kids will have access to the math lessons and work they need when they need it!

6. Customizable

You select how many practice problems that your kids need to do. Also, you are able to add more practice problems, if necessary. You get to set the passing percentage mark for each child. CTC Math allows you to set tasks each week with an easy to use scheduler to help you and your kids know what needs to be accomplished.

CTC Math is an excellent online math option for large homeschool families.
Bear watching a video lesson as part of his CTC Math program.

7. Video Lessons

My boys love to learn math through video lessons. The auditory and visual components really help the concepts sink in. We all love the Australian accents of the speakers, too. Smiley and Bear actually ask to do math with their "math friends"!

8. 24/7 Access

Having access to CTC Math at all hours is a blessing in our homeschool! My boys wake up at the crack of dawn and often like to get started with school work at uncommon hours like 6:30 in the morning. It is also a great feature if the boys haven't gotten to their math lessons until early evening. Flexibility is key when homeschooling a large family!

CTC Math is a great online program for pre- and early readers with the option to have problems & questions read aloud.
One of the best features of CTC Math is the option to have problems and question read aloud to your kids. Great for pre- and early readers!

9. Learn At Your Own Pace

Your kids can go as slow or as fast as they need to with CTC Math. My boys like to be able to do an extra lesson or two if they find one easy. They also like to take their time with a difficult concept.


I like to take a test ride of homeschool curriculum when I can, don't you? CTC Math offers a free trial that gives you the opportunity to see if your family will enjoy and benefit from using it.

You can find out more about this fabulous online math curriculum and sign up for your CTC Math membership now. Hop over to CTC Math now to discover how this affordable and effective online math can bless your homeschool no matter what size it is!

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Try a free trial of CTC Math now & see for yourself why this online math program rocks!


Click here to watch a Periscope where I give my review and tips for homeschoolers using CTC Math.


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